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Mara Monday.

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Mara Monday
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Mara Monday is a 4th Year Hufflepuff Student, being raised by the ghosts of her dead parents when not in school.

Mara 4th Year


Mara Vivian Monday is the first born, and only, daughter of Tristan and Mallory Monday. Mara was born on October 4th, 2023; the first eight years of her life brought great joy. Tristan and Mallory were experimental potioneers. Both of them weren't interesting in joining up with the Ministry, feeling that the government would only inhibit their creativity. Along with their experimental potions, they made regular potions that the average person would need, and sold those to various distributors to make money. They lived a modest life, and as such, the Mondays knew they wanted a small family so they could shower all of life's blessings on one child, rather than worry about favoritism among siblings. Being parents (and potioneers) was all they knew, and Mara never wanted for love, affection, or material possessions. Life was perhaps a little lonely sometimes, without siblings, but it never bothered her that much.

The Mondays lived on the edge of a small wooded area, where berry bushes and other herbs for potion-making flourished. On Saturday May 8th, 2032, Mara had woken to find both her parents weren't around. That wasn't unusual-- her parents would sometimes spend Saturday mornings downstairs working on potions. And Mara knew she was strictly forbidden from ever going down there, so she just made herself some cereal and went about her morning, knowing that her parents would resurface soon enough. And they did... but they looked quite different. Her parents had turned silvery-white, and they floated above the floor a few inches. But they both looked... normal, aside from that. Mara was told by her parents, who's voices also sounded different now, that they loved her, and that a potion they'd been testing went wrong after they'd tried it-- and that this is what they looked like now. And she was still strictly forbidden from entering the basement, now more than ever. Eight years old isn't quite old enough to question the authority of her parents, and their reasons seemed plausible... so Mara went along with it. It was later that year, just before her birthday, that her first signs of magic manifested. She'd been trying to make a pie crust, and it wasn't evenly spreading across the pie tin in the way she wanted. Out of frustration, she threw her hands up in the air, and looked down at a pie crust burnt to a crisp. She took this as the world telling her that today was not the day for apple pie.

Mara's parents died that day in May. The potion they'd tried was something experimental, and had proved instantly fatal. Their love for their daughter was so strong that they came back as ghosts, determined to raise their daughter in the way they'd always wanted. Mara didn't know the difference, and always ignored the strange looks she got when she was accompanied by ghosts wherever she went. Her parents always told her to just ignore what people said, too-- that people will always been judgmental, and you can't let it get to you. Mara's life didn't change much after that, except that the house was always so much colder now. When Mara turned eleven her parents celebrated with her, and she went off to Hogwarts. She was sorted into Hufflepuff. Her first two years passed with little excitement-- just Mara getting comfortable with school, and her classes. She's been fascinated with the people who look just like her parents (the other ghosts) but has yet to pluck up the courage to ask any of them what they are.

Mara is a pretty careful rule-follower. Her parents enforced the rules when they were alive... and essentially even more now that they're dead. Her parents seem to have worse tempers in the last few years, so she treads carefully around them (and everyone), constantly trying to be a people pleaser. Her people-pleasing nature leaves her rather gullible. She'll believe nearly anything anyone says, if she's hearing it for the first time. She'll take their word for it, and won't argue about it, for the sake of keeping the peace. What will happen when she starts to think and reason for herself, the older she gets, is unclear.

Mara is very resourceful. She has to learn from a young age how to cook, since now her parents can't... and never seem to want any of what she's made, she had to buy clothes for herself (which doesn't happen much)... she's had to do many things for herself over the years (and now summers) that your average preteen doesn't have to do. But it's made her independent, and proud of where she is. How many other kids her age can say they could cook with the best of them, and that it tastes good? She's got an incredible work ethic, which she inherited from her parents and is now only being bolstered by her living situation. She's never had to resort to stealing anything yet, but if she had to, she probably could.

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First name means: bitter or sorrow
Middle name means: full of life


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