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Marcellete Michaud
(Character roleplayed by Sugar)
Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Marcellette Michaud
Biographical information

February 14th, 2013

Blood status


Also known as

Mademoiselle Michaud

Marcellette Michaud signature
Physical information



5' 1"

Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour

Light Medium

Family information
Family members

  • Lucas Michaud
  • Victoria Michaud
  • Amarante Michaud
  • Valentin Michaud
  • Ronan Michaud
  • Louna Michaud
  • Solange Michaud

Magical characteristics

Lucas Michaud


7⅜" Elm, Veela hair




M.o.M. employee


  • Michaud family
  • Debon family
  • Bazin family
  • Colas family
  • Peck family
  • Beauxbatons

Marcellette Michaud is a half-blood (part-Veela) witch the daughter of Victoria Debon and Lucas Michaud. She is a middle child in a family of six children. She has three sisters; Amarante, Louna and Solange, in addition she has two brothers; Ronan and Valentin. Her godmother is her aunt Charlotte Magnat-Michaud.

She was named for her maternal great great grandfather Marcellus Fatiman, a Haitian Vodou priest. She began attending Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in 2024.


Perfection of character is this: to live each day as if it were your last, without frenzy, without apathy, without pretense.

– Marcus Aurelius

Early childhood[]

Marcellette Michaud was born in 2013, to Victoria Debon and Lucas Michaud. She is a middle child in a family of six children. She has three sisters; Amarante, Louna and Solange, in addition she has two brothers; Ronan and Valentin. Her parents marriage began to fall apart before she was born. It took her family from their highest of highs to the very lowest of the lows. Victoria wasn't born into the same wealth as Lucas. After the divorce he forced Victoria from the home, she took the kids back to Haiti. The custody battle was still ongoing by the time Marcellette was four years old, in such time her mother went on to get pregnant with another child, her younger sister Solange.

She grew up poor and she wouldn't have known it if her siblings didn't constantly remind them life could be better. She and her younger sister Solange were forced together due to their closeness in age, they were merely four years apart. The rest of their siblings were a decade older with Amarante only a year older than Valentin and Ronan a year older than Louna. Her eldest sister Amarante inspired little Marcellette to want to be smarter than the average person. Her elder sister Louna inadvertently taught her to be quite bitter. The behavior the both share unfortunately resulted in the two sisters having a similarity that ultimately drove them apart.

In 2019 after begging for a pet of their own a young Solange and Marcellette were gifted with a small creature. Victoria had to work hard to scrounge up enough money to pay rent, even with the support she given per child it wasn't enough to feed and clothe them all. She ended up getting the hamster from a store as a free gift when someone overheard her telling them how her daughters wanted one. It wasn't the pet they imagined but it was theirs, a hamster that Macellette named Basil. While playing with their new pet hamster, Basil. Solange didn't want a hamster and she didn't want to share her pet with her sister. She wanted a pet of her own. After Basil the hamster bit her she tried to throw him against a wall. Marcellette was able to stop Basil the hamster from slamming against the wall to the surprise of herself and her younger sister Solange.

Beauxbatons Years (2024-2031)[]

Marcellete Michaud began her magical education at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in 2024.

First year[]

In 2024 she met her fellow first years; Lucie Gosselin, Abel Acosta, Candela Montagne, Bartolomeu Thayer and Eugenia Vidal.

She started a lifelong friendship with Abel Acosta.

Second year[]

In 2025 her father Lucas re-established his relationship with her older siblings. He tried to do the same with her and failed, he succeed with Solange and the children all returned to France.

Third year[]

In 2026 she was invited by Abel Acosta to go on a group outing to a ski resort in Andorra during winter break. She thinks it was done out of pity since she spent last winter at the palace.

Fourth year[]

In 2027 she joined The Poets Society, an old club at Beauxbatons so secret its rumored to have never existed. She found out that Abel Acosta vouched for her and got her into the club.

Fifth year[]

In 2028 she ended her relationship with Abel Acosta when she found out about his betrothal to a pure-born girl from Madagascar. In five years he never told her he was promised to someone else.

Sixth year[]

In 2029 she had remarkable scores on her exams, she received some of the highest marks in Beauxbatons history. She earned them through focus having no idea what to do with her energy.

Seventh year[]

In 2030 she took GED exams to earn her marks for a proper transcript. She was encouraged by her siblings to do so as it would would allow her to get a Muggle education at a good college.

Adult Life[]

After Beauxbatons she immediately went to work at the French Ministry of Magic. She was young and had little experience, her interviewer could see she was eager to learn and grow in whichever position she was accepted to. She was excellent with tasks assigned to her in Wizengamot Administration Services during her probationary period. In 2032 she began her career as a research assistant in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes. She showed astounding charisma working under various deputy heads of staff. She worked her way up to head research assistant for the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee and the Muggle Liaison Office in record time. Making use of her down time she enrolled in and took online courses at Columbia University in 2034. In the middle of her focus on her Muggle education she was promoted to interim deputy head of the Department of Magical Transportation. Prior to a second her promotion to Department Head she earned her Master's in Social Work (MSW) in 2038. During a routine interdepartmental evaluation, one which she passed with flying colors after overseeing three subdivisions simultaneously, she was given a promotion to department head of her choice. She chose instead to leave the French Ministry in hopes of receiving more respect among the British.

Physical description[]

Species: Human/Witch (part-Veela)

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 1"

Hair colour: Brown

Eye colour: Hazel

Skin colour: Light Medium

Personality and traits[]

Marcellette impatient and uptight, has impossible standards and sky-high expectations. She's a firm believer in the Einstein quote "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." She doesn't tolerate multiple mistakes and she hates too be asked many similar questions about the same topic. She has yet to be medically diagnosed with a mental disorder, though she has long shown symptoms of Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD). She's frusteratingly neat and without exception she can be seen correcting something she's seen that is misaligned. She prides herself on her irreproachability, she'll go the extra mile to appear unblemished. She is a bit of a seductress, ever the shameless flirt, despite the fact that she's constantly putting her most elegant and lady like foot forward. She'll bat her eyes and smile coyly in more public settings, in a complete shift of expectation she can and she will say things that could shock even the toughest SOB. She will only utter such twists of phrase in the most hushed tones, of course.

Magical abilities and skills[]

  • Social Work
  • Anthropology
  • Religious Studies


  • Wand: Marcellette's wand is made from Elm, produces the fewest accidents, the least foolish errors, and the most elegant charms and spells; these are sophisticated wands, capable of highly advanced magic in the right hands. Her wand wood is made from Veela hair, regarded as a potentially volatile core, if not the most difficult substance to use in wand making.

  • Owl: Hazel Screech Owl



Michaud Family[]

Marcellette's family members keep one another at a distance that is most comfortable to them individual. Her parents divorced before she was born, her mother won sole custody and it put in a hard spot financially. Her father wasn't abad person, her was absent and that had a lasting effect on Marcellette. Her sisters Louna and Solange got along as if they were twins although they were more than ten years apart. Her brothers Ronan and Valentin fought viciously leading one of them to self-estrangement.


  • Marcellette: Pet form of French Marcelle, meaning "defense" or "of the sea".
  • Michaud: Derived from the ancient given name Michael, meaning "one who is like God".