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marcellina di savoia
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Birthday August 27
Age 27
Pronunciation marr-che-LEE-na dee sah-VOY-ya
Family Di Savoias
Gender Female
Pronouns she/her/hers
Orientation Homosexual
Relationship Single
Nationality Italian
Languages Italian, English, French, Spanish, German
Residence Castello Reale di Moncaliero, Hillcrest Ridge
Religion Catholic
Handedness Right
Roleplayer Red
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Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'11"
Style Formal
Faceclaim Giulia Maenza

While she is more similar to her father personality-wise, Marcellina truly takes after her mother Giselle in terms of looks. She has dark blonde hair that falls down to her shoulders and striking blue eyes. Her entire appearance really does scream 'princess!', if it was not already evident by her sense of fashion (which always seems to be a bit too formal) and the way she carries herself. Standing tall at 5'11", she is almost always towering over her other girl friends, especially since she has such a perfect posture.


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Marcellina likes to pride herself on knowing everything that's ever happened in regards to her family, but even she gets confused trying to recount recent events in the House of Savoy history, so let's focus on her branch of it all. She is the second child of Prince Salvatore and Princess Giselle, second to Venetia. Salvatore took his royal responsibilities to heart more than his other siblings did, and exhorted all his children to do the same. If anyone was suspected of wishing the Crown rested on their head instead, it was Prince Salvatore. Marcellina did not share such apparent aspirations for the throne, instead perfectly content to play the role of princess and do good by her family. Even her first sign of magic, when she was six, happened after one of her younger cousins had made a mess of the living room in one of the palaces, and she magically cleaned everything up.

However humble and kind Salvatore was, he’s a lot like his father Stefano; he’s a little more distant to his children, preferring to embark on royal tours of Italian cities and engage with the populace than his family. Marcellina grew up without her parents to rely on, though she does not resent them for it. She understands they had more pressing responsibilities to attend to, and she came out of more independent and closer to her sister, Venetia. Determined to make her parents proud nevertheless, Marcellina grew up excelling in most aspects of her life (thanks to a series of private tutors) and would soon grow into the role of one of Italy's most beloved socialites.

After the death of Princess Margherita, the House of Savoy fell into a bit of a commotion. Conspiracists claim it was a ploy by the abdicated Prince Amedeo, who felt wronged by the monarchy for not approving of his marriage to former Dark Arts practitioner Maria Cittadini. Some have gone as far as to claim he worked with Princess Clotilde, who they say felt envious of her sister for overshadowing her coming out and subsequent marriage to her lady-in-waiting Emilia Bellesini. All claims are equally ridiculous, but many are adamant in “uncovering the truth”. Regardless of their commitment to making such discoveries, it leaves her oldest son — Pietro, Prince of Piedmont, now — as the heir apparent of a Queen whose health seems to be declining further with every passing day.

Though the sudden change in the line of succession (and the loss of a dear family member) definitely hit Marcellina hard, she is determined to support one of her favorite cousins and help him ascend to the throne. Pietro deserves it, after all.


Marcellina is a bit... uptight, to say the least. She is wound very tightly and it takes a lot to get her to relax, though at the same time she is the very definition of grace under pressure. It is actually quite amazing to people just how much she seems to have her life together. She attributes it to her stellar management and planning skills, but this is a double-edged sword as she reacts quite poorly to change and unexpected situations. Still determined to be the very image of elegance and civility, her 'meltdowns' are never as melodramatic as one would think – rather, she just becomes a bit more catty, something unusual for the princess who seems to have a picture-perfect smile forever etched on her face.

It is very apparent to everyone that Marcellina is her father's daughter. They both have the same extreme sense of duty to their royal responsibilities, and it is everything to Lina that she does nothing to bring her family shame. Both her parents were distant during her childhood so she did everything she could to excel in order for them to pay her more mind. She is confident, now, that she is a daughter they can be proud of and hopes to continue putting forth this persona. The last thing she wants is to be a disappointment.

On that note, Marcellina's sense of duty may perhaps be her downfall. She is so concerned about what her family might think and what the public might think that she often neglects her own personal needs and ambitions. She claims that her desires fully align with those of the House of Savoy, but even she knows she is lying to herself and longs for some sort of autonomy from them. She believes that the mature and correct thing to do, though, is to not act on these desires. There is not a single rebellious bone in her whole body.

Truly, Lina feels that she was made to be a princess. Everything about it suits her perfectly, and she has done an excellent job in her position. She is well-beloved by her cousins and her peers, and is a good person to go to for advice. She is the kind of person anyone would want in a crisis, though Lina is determined to micromanage enough to the point that no such dilemmas arise.


Interests Party-planning, interior design, baking
Habits Excessive planning
Pet Peeves Bad manners
Goals Have a good reputation
Enneagram 4w3
Star Sign Virgo
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Love Language Words of Affirmation

Magical Characteristics

Wand Pear, unicorn hair, 9 inches
Amortentia Freshly baked bread
Patronus Swan
Patronus Memory Her debutante ball
Boggart Her family in ruin
Blood Status Pure-blood
Peculiar N/A


Song If It Wasn't For The Nights - ABBA
TV Show Dickinson
Book Emma
Movie Carol
Color Sky blue

*She is typically the cousin in charge of planning the family balls.
*Marcellina prefers being called by her full name, but it is a bit of a mouthful. Lina will do.
*She has a pet beagle named Gelato that is everything to her.
*Lina identifies as bisexual, though she is self-aware enough to know she is more attracted to girls. She has only come out of the closet to her aunt, Evangeline, and is afraid of coming out to anyone else.
*Since she was sixteen, Marcellina almost never not been in a relationship. She's been in four long term ones with various Italian socialites that each lasted years, but now she is trying to enjoy single life before she is arranged to be married.
*If there is something you need to know, it is likely Marcellina who will have the information. She has so many connections and is easy to open up to – she likes knowing every side to every story.

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marcellina di savoia
walking on sunshine