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Marco Antonio


His life, at he beginning, was pretty mundane. His parents met while they were attending Castelobruxo, a wizarding school in South America, and married soon after graduation. A year later Marco Antonio Colocho-Sifuentes was born in southern Colombia to parents who loved him dearly. Only for his sister, María Elena, to follow a couple of years later completing the family. As he grew up, he didn't get along too well with his younger sibling, due to the fact that his parents gave her more attention than they did to him. This caused jealousy to blossom as they grew up and a divide to grow between him and his sister. It wasn't noticeable at first, he was a loving brother until he was around 7 and it was Christmas. A Christmas he'd very much like to forget.

That Christmas, his parents had gone shopping and gotten his sister everything she had wanted and more while he got something's he wasn't really interested in. They were all things he wouldn't ever use and it upset him a great deal to the point he ended up acting out. Which was something that was totally out of character for him. In his anger he set the christmas tree ablaze, something he didn't mean to do to this day. Despite what was happening it was also the first time he showed a sign of magic and This should og upset his parents. For a single moment it did, but it also made them extremely happy seeing him do magic. He was still punished for causing the tree to burn and his sister to cry. He was only grounded for a single week and to him that was the worst punishment of all.

When he was around the age of 11 he received a letter inviting him to come to school at Castelobruxo, but his parents told him no. The reason being that they had wanted to teach him themselves, what with having graduated there already. Plus they wanted to do a bit of traveling and teach as they went. After all they assumed that it was better to do rather than to just learn the how and fundamentals behind it. This would prove bad for the boy, considering he didn't really learn anything from them. This proved to be even truer when he was 14 and he couldn't even perform a spell someone would learn when they're at the age of 11. His parents hadn't taught him anything other than what it was like to travel and move from place to place. That is until they came to England to visit one of his mother's half sisters.

The sister had attended Hogwarts, what with her mother residing in England and living there her whole life. She ended up telling him stories about the school most of which piqued his interest and made him want to stay. He begged his mother and father. Even had his aunt talk to them after having said yes to his request. After days of badgering his parents relented and allowed him to stay, but on the condition he'd write everyday. Of course he agreed and all of his things were brought to his aunts, where she started connecting people to get him into school, where he'd have a proper education.

He started school at the age of 13 in year 1, which is much older than his peers


Sweet and caring are things people would say describe Marco and he's the type to agree with such an statement. Getting to know him is a rather easy task. This is due to him treating everyone as a friend even when he speaks to them for the first time. Unless he dislikes the person he is speaking to, which is a rather hard feat in it's own. If you're among those he won't have an ounce of kindness to share and his lack of forgiveness will show. The lack of forgiveness isn't something he's proud of, but everytime he sees someone he's had issues with, Marco tends to get upset and hold onto what they did and instead of what they've done to fix the situation. This causes some people to distance and even cut him off altogether and he doesn't blame them considering he hasn't been able to change this about himself.

His anger is almost nonexistent, due to there being very little that upsets him. That is unless someone decides to press his buttons, as in annoy him when he's attempting to get things done and this usually when his anger simmers over. Honesty? Now that's something he thinks is necessary, but only when it benefits or solves a situation. Lying? He'd do that if it meant someone wasn't hurt in the process or if it caused a situation to simmer down. He knows that lying isn't good, but he likes to think it's good in some instances. Has this gotten him into trouble? The answer is yes it has, because he has lied about big things before, something's that actually ended hurting other people. Does he like that? No he doesn't, but sometimes it can't be helped.






Marco Antonio Colocho-Sifuentes
RPer Cheeto
Age 18
Birthday november 17th
Nationality Colombian
Ethnicity Maxican and Colombian
Species Wizard
Blood halfblood
Orientations -
Gender Male
Hair dark brown
Eyes brown
Faceclaim Diego Tinoco
Height 5'7
Weight 143 lbs
Schooling 5th year
Year 5th
Occupation student
Wand 9 inch willow wood with a dragon heartstring core
Wand Arm left
Patronus Capybara
Boggart -
Affiliation(s) -
Location Hogwarts
Most influenced by -
Languages English and Spanish
Tarot Card -


Model: Diego Tinoco

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