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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.



Full Name: Marie-Aurelie Daniella Bellamy Wilde
Born: 18 February
Age: --
Status: Single/Undead
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Nationality: French
Ethnicity: Anglo-French
Accent: French with hints of London
Blood Status: Pureblood
Orientations: Asexual biromantic

Father: Giannino Bellamy (biological)
Mother: Alya Bellamy (biological)
Siblings: Émile Bellamy (biological)
Adrien Bellamy (biological)
Félix Bellamy (biological)
Nathanaël Bellamy† (biological)
Nathaniel Wilde (adopted)
Kaela Wilde (adopted)
Jill Wilde (adopted)
Faelan Wilde (adopted)
XYZ Wilde (adopted)
Rachelle Wilde (adopted)
Mississippi Ashford-Wilde (adopted)
Other Relatives: N/A
Family Background: The Bellamies are a prestigious Pureblood family while the Wildes are a family of half-breeds/non-humans.
Most Important Person Before: Émile
Most Important Person Now: Mississippi

School: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic (formerly)
House: Bellefeuille (formerly)
Best Core Class: N/A
Worst Core Class: N/A
Electives: N/A
Quidditch: Nope

Wand Wood: None
Wand Core: None
Wand Length: None
Pets: None
Animagus/Patronus: N/A / Dolphin (formerly)
Boggart: Losing control and killing the rest of her family, both biological and adoptive
Amortentia: The forest

Occupation: Student (formerly)
Loyalty: Bellamy family (formerly), Wilde family
Organizations: N/A
Alignment: Neutral good


Hair Colour: Brownish-blonde
Hair Style: Wavy with some braids
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye Colour: Blue
Ethnicity: Anglo-French
Handedness: Left
Voice: Soprano
Eye Sight: 20/20
Health Status: Not so healthy
Clothing Style: Comfortable
Most Notable Accessory: Her golden necklace with a pendant shaped like a B studded with gems
Distinguishing Marks: A scar on the side of her neck
Body Style: Petite
Takes After Which Parent?: Mostly her father
Posture: Straight


  • Courteous: Usually
  • Risk-Taking: Never
  • Ambitious: Generally
  • Curious: Typically
  • Self-Controlled: Usually
  • Nurturing: Usually
  • Trusting: Never
  • Honest: Usually
  • Loyal: Typically
  • Affectionate: Sometimes
  • Romantic: Never
  • Flirty: Never
  • Sympathetic: Typically
  • Altruistic: Usually
  • Optimistic: Never
  • Observant: Occasionally
  • Logical: Sometimes
  • Social: Somewhat solitary
  • Emotions: Very unstable

Marie-Aurelie is a newly-turned vampire who is still pretty shaken up after her incident. Her turning not only changed what she was, but also changed who she was.

Once, Marie was a lively and carefree daughter of a Pureblood house. She was graceful, respectful, and kind, although there are times that she acts quite childishly, especially when around her parents and brothers. There was once a time where Marie smiled brightly without a care in the world, a time where her face was void of the heartbreaking guilt that haunts her face today. Unfortunately, all of that was swiped away not a few months ago.

Marie is nothing but an empty shell of who she once was, as if the turning took away her soul in addition to her humanity. There are times where she would stare blankly at a wall for hours on end, reminiscing about times long gone, while locking herself up inside her room. She's eerily quiet and just so still all the time, it creeps other people out. She knows she's hitting rock-bottom and needs to snap out of it, but her life was recently shredded and she just needs time to grieve.

There's still slivers of Marie's previous sunshine personality beneath her veil of sadness, surfacing every once in a while, especially during family interactions that make her forget what she had become. Ever since the Wildes had found her and taken her in, Marie had been slowly opening up to them, but she still acts very cautiously around them lest she messes up and... does what Émile had done to her. She doesn't want history to repeat itself...

Due to the incident, Marie has been emotionally unstable and terribly distrustful. She receives flashbacks of the incident quite often and has to go to her room or any area where she can be alone to calm herself down. This is quite a problem for her and she's working on improving it but, unfortunately, she hasn't been having much luck.


Born into the prestigious Anglo-French Pureblood family Bellamy, Marie-Aurelie was Giannino and Alya Bellamy's precious only daughter, the third out of five children. She grew up in the beautiful family manor of the Bellamies in France, although her family would usually visit their vacation manor in England. She was raised in a typical aristocratic way, etiquette, music, art, and dance lessons left, right, and centre.

For most people, it would seem tedious and stressful but Marie never saw it that way. Her childhood was spent in a fun and carefree way, being treated like a princess not only by her parents, but by her brothers as well. Speaking of her brothers, she adored them. Émile, Adrien, Félix, and Nathanaël were wonderful brothers to her and she returned the favour, trying to be twice as wonderful as a sister to them.

She spends a lot of time with her brothers, especially Émile. In fact, her first magical outburst was because she was upset that Émile was about to go to Beauxbatons. She made several windows and glass explode by her begging for Émile to stay and not go to the school but luckily her other siblings were able to calm her down. The same goes when it was Adrien's turn. She was very ecstatic when she received a letter from Beauxbatons because that means she could be with her older brothers again. Her younger brothers? Not so much.

Everything was put into place once Félix and Nathanaël followed the older three to Beauxbatons. They were all ecstatic to be at the same school and did everything together. Marie spent her four years at Beauxbatons in almost the same fashion as her childhood; a fun and carefree way. Though, everything shattered that one summer when the family went to their vacation manor in England. It was on Marie's birthday too.

What happened was unexpected, horrifying, gruesome, painful, and unforgettable. It was supposed to be one of their sibling traditions; every birthday of each of the siblings, they spend it by taking a quiet walk through the presumably safe parts of the forest behind their manor and after that, they have their own personal feast in the surprisingly clean attic of their manor. There was one little mistake made by Émile which lead to a particularly bloody chain reaction.

What was Émile's mistake you ask? He wandered far too deep into the forest, wanting to find a new area for them to explore as a gift to Marie. Unfortunately, a very hungry vampire was also lurking in that area and found a meal in Émile. The young seventeen-year-old tried to fight back, but he was no match against a half-dead guy who was running on adrenaline and his own instincts. Not an hour later, Émile was turned into a vampire, and was equally, if not more, hungry than his creator.

Naive young Marie and Nathanaël, noticing how Émile was gone for far too long, decided to follow him to bring him home since their private birthday feast was ready and they didn't want him to miss it. They surely found him, but they had noticed that there was something wrong with their older brother. Marie was the first to realize what had happened and quickly told her younger brother to run back to safety. When Nathanaël didn't comply, Marie acted fast and pushed him towards the direction of the manor just as Émile had noticed them.

Marie's piercing scream was what prompted the youngest of the three to break into a sprint, but not before roundhouse kicking Émile off Marie and grabbing the latter's arm. Nathanaël could hear Marie's sobs amidst the crunching of leaves beneath their feet. Eventually, Marie's sobs turned to silent screams of agony, which worried Nathanaël and prompted him to drag her behind a few bushes. Turns out Émile wasn't following them anymore, but when Nathanaël took a look at Marie, his blood ran cold.

His sister's physical appearance started to resemble more and more like what monster Émile had turned into. She looked paler and gaunter and... were those fangs? Marie had started to mumble about being hungry and blood, but Nathanaël was too deep in his shock to even notice. He's getting a really bad feeling about Marie but, being the responsible younger brother he is, he didn't leave her alone. He tried to comfort her and help in easing the pain. He thought this was only a side-effect of Émile's attack. It wasn't.

Marie's mind was hazy and all she could see in front of her was food and not her sweet little brother. Thinking of food and food only, Marie immediately attacked, ignoring the oh-so-familiar screams, begging her to stop. She didn't stop drinking until she completely drained Nathanaël. The moment she realizes what she has done, it was too late. Nathanaël was gone. Marie's scream of grief alerted Adrien and Félix that something went very wrong.

The remaining Bellamy children found their sister, her face and her pale yellow dress soaked in blood. She was crying hysterically over Nathanaël's drained and dead body. As soon as she noticed them, she screamed at them to go way. That she was a monster and she could hurt them. Adrien, immediately getting what had happened, told his younger sister to calm down and tell them where Émile was. Hearing Émile's name, Marie cried harder and told them that the one they found isn't Émile anymore, he was a monster, just like her.

Adrien told her to stay put while he and Félix get help. Marie nodded but once they were gone, she picked herself up, knowing just how dangerous she could be. She killed her own precious brother, who's to say that she wouldn't do the same to the others? Marie worked fast to make a grave for Nathanaël by a tree near where he was killed, using her newly found superhuman strength and speed. She gave Nathanaël a last kiss on the forehead as an apology before burying him and leaving a marker.

Leaving a last message on the tree, Marie disappeared deeper into the woods, planning on killing herself out of grief and disgust at what she had become. She didn't know where Émile was or whether her other brothers found Nathanaël's grave. All she knew is that she wanted to punish herself for what she did to Nathanaël. And so she did. At midday on the day after her bloody birthday, Marie sank a sharp piece of wood she had found and laid down on the forest floor, quietly waiting for Death to take her.

But somehow, she survived. Somehow, someone found her bleeding on the forest floor and took pity on her. The Wilde family gave Marie a chance to start anew, a chance to leave her bloody past behind, a chance to move on. Marie's afraid she may ruin this chance, so she acts very carefully and warily. She doesn't want to mess up a second time.




  • visits a stranger's grave once a month to leave flowers for them.
  • will do anything for a sheep.
  • eats the toppings off their pizza first.
  • is asexual and disinterested in romance, yet everyone falls for them.
  • tries to keep a strict diet, but always crashes after a month.
  • loves to walk in the rain.
  • is double-jointed.
  • doodles whenever they have a writing tool in hand.
  • is A+++ at ribbon gymnastics.
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Marie-Aurelie Daniella Wilde is a newly-turned vampire who is extremely traumatized by her turning, seeing as her sire was her own older brother and her first kill was her younger brother. She had initially planned on taking her own life when she was found by the Wilde family bleeding out in the middle of the woods. Marie was eventually adopted by the family and now she's trying her best to have a better restart at her life.