Marie Richelieu
Spirit of Words
July 14th, 2020
Juliane Richelieu (Mother)

Jacques Richelieu (Father)
Isabelle Richelieu (Sister)

Adriana Richelieu (Sister)
Name Pronunciation
m-uh-rEE r-IH-sh-uh-l-OO
Blood Status
rped by ruby

Marie is shy quiet girl. She would very much prefer to not being noticed thank you very much.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Casual. Mostly consists of sweaters

Native Language
French, English
Earliest Memory
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear
Being Forgotten

Juliane Beaufort was a young frenchwoman. She had grown up the daughter of a French fashion designer and lived her entire life in Paris, the home of the fashion capitol. It seemed that every day, Juliane was spending time working at her mother's workshop and acting as her PA... What she didn't expect was to meet Jacque Richelieu, a young man who lived out in the countryside. His family was known to the other families who lived around Paris as hermit-like. However, no one could predict the feelings that happened afterwards.

The longer Juliane and Jacques grew to know each other, she learned about their conversative values, such as no physical contact, excluding hand-holding until marriage, going to church on a daily and weekly basis, and trying to be the best servants they could to themselves and each other. Over the years, it was about 2010 when they started dating courting, and almost six years later, they married at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It was easy to see their love for each other, and that continued for many years.

Four years later, they became parents to a set of triplets, all girls, ironically born right on Bastile Day, but it was easy to see their love for themselves and their daughters. This is the story of Marie Richelieu, the middle child.

Marie grew up loving her home in France. There was just a slight problem: she was born blind. What caused it you might ask. Well, her optic nerve didn't form quite right, making it impossible for her to ever see. Next question: How could she have loved France if she couldn't see a thing? Simple. Marie loves the sounds and smells of the air. Heck, even the feel. Yet, she was always happy despite her lack of sight.

One day, however, her sisters had left her behind in their excitement to go to the neighborhood park (Marie had been there so many times that she memorized how many steps it takes to get there). That's when some local boys decided to torment the blind girl. They ripped the cane out of her hands, started shoving her around. Typical bullying. Her sister, Isabelle and Adriana saw this and ran towards her though they weren't quite fast enough. Marie had somehow gotten her cane back in her hands and was right by her sisters. They quickly told their parents and they were shocked (rightfully so). Their daughters, Marie and Isabelle had started to do weird things. Like a vase miraculously fixing itself.

The next three years, their parents were cautious around their daughters. After all, they didn't exactly know what to do with them. That's when Julianne decided to move them all to England to start her fashion line. So, a ten year old Marie found herself in a brand new place and completely lost. Nothing felt familiar. Marie and her sisters soon received a letter telling them that they were la magie (magic) and that they were to attend a 'Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry'. Marie is really not looking forward for the new school year but she can't let her siblings know that. So, she's just going to wait out the year to see what happens.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Caring and Kind
Worst Qualities
Soft spoken and Ambitious
Most Influenced By
Isabelle and Adriana
Being blind hasn't stopped her from trying to achieve her dreams, fortunately. In fact, it's only ever made her drive stronger. She never ever wants to be a burden on anybody. However, she knows that there are somethings that she just can't do on her own. So, instead of having her siblings help her all of the time, she learned to rely on two things, her cane and her working senses.

She is a very quiet and soft spoken girl. She hardly ever speaks her mind for fear of offending the person. Marie, to avoid those situations, keeps her mouth shut around those she doesn't know. This can make her a great listener. She's a very kind and caring soul when it comes down to it. however, though she'll never admit it to anybody, she's jealous of her sisters. They can see everything. Adriana gets so much love and affection from their parents. Isabelle always makes friends. Marie is in the middle. Unseen. Just like the world is for her.

Despite that, Marie is generally a very happy person. At least, that's what she likes to think. Marie is a thinker. She's very analytical and logical. She doesn't have the stereotypical cold exterior. No way Josie! She just likes to think about what could be out there. Can you blame her?

talk bubble


skills and magical abilities




Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Relationship Status
Too young
Being Forgotten
Favorite Drink
Hawaiian Punch
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Favorite Song


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