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alone, but never lonely.

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Marilyn Roads
Nicola Roads† (mother)
Unnamed Father† (father)
Blood Status
Human Witch
Roleplayed by NAP

Marilyn Roads is a former Gryffindor student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is currently unemployed.

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Marilyn has brown hair that goes to her shoulders and brown eyes, along with light skin. She’s rather skinny and is average in height at 5’7”.

Marilyn was born to single mother Nicola Roads after her father died before her birth. Marilyn's mother wasn't perfect though and hadn't expected her pregnancy. Marilyn was 5 when her house caught fire. Her mother had passed out next to the flaming stove, leaving Marilyn crying by her body. The firefighters had come 15 minutes later and grabbed Marilyn just in time to see her mother's body engulfed in ash and debris. After that she was put up into an orphanage and was constantly being adopted and put back into a different orphanage again.

All 17 families she had didn't care for her as after adopting her they would think she was a creep and a freak. Her mother being a witch, she figured that she would get a letter a little bit after her 11th birthday on April 18th. But the orphanage lady would rip up the letters saying no fat, ugly child would get a letter from someone. Eventually she got the letter after running out onto the streets and finding the owl tangled in a nearby bush. When she arrived she figured her life would change and brighten, but that didn't happen. She had gone through a lot, but she kept fighting. Her eating disorder after the terrible encounter with the older Slytherins after her 2nd year was terrible as she lost a lot of weight and barely ate. The headmaster had eventually made her take treatment for it before her 4th year, where she got better. During her 4th year, she met a beautiful girl names Rhian who she began dating. They had slowly become friends, and are currently just that, friends. During the summer after their 5th year, they broke up, but remained friends. Marilyn still wanted to be with her, but it was obvious Rhian did not. Marilyn had missed a good majority of her 6th and 7th year due to being checked into a hospital.

After school, she set her eyes out to own a store in Hogsmeade and to set things straight with Julian and Rhian. After failing to open her own store, she decided to attempt to put her knowledge to use and get herself into the Ministry of Magic. After applying, she made it into the Committee on Experimental Charms. Once she got the job, she discovered Rhian worked there. She figured it would be too awkward to talk to her and has tried to find a way around it, but has decided she needs to talk to her.

Former: Marilyn is considered freaky and mean, but in reality she's just shy and cold. As she has trust issues after being adopted and given back up again 17 times, she never really socializes with people unless she needs to. Marilyn went through an eating disorder after her 2nd year after being cornered by Slytherins calling her "freak", "monster", "ugly", or "fat face". This lasted until the beginning of her 4th year after a couple hospital stays. She rarely does her homework unless it's easy for her and doesn't take very long. She rarely goes to classes unless they are Potions, Transfiguration, or Charms.

She became a more open and friendlier person after meeting Rhian in her 4th Year although she still remained the same Marilyn in some way. She doesn't self harm and has a healthy diet unlike before. She's still secluded, keeping to herself. She still rarely socializes with others, but still doesn't participate in much school work other than Potions and Herbology (she had a change of taste during her 5th year). Marilyn became slightly more upset after the break up with Rhian and spent most of her final years at Hogwarts in a hospital.

Current: Marilyn is a much friendlier and happier person since Hogwarts and her times at the hospital. She’s still very shy, even more shy than before after her heart was crushed by the only one she trusted. Her trust issues are shaky, not really believing that anyone could truly like her as a friend. She still loves making friends once she gets to know them and is really focused on getting her life together.

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friends, acquaintances and enemies

Sara Atherton - They met at The Three Broomsticks and Marilyn quickly wanted to become her friend. She really enjoys talking to Sara and they're even planning on Sara moving in with Marilyn soon.

Rhian Josephs - Her one and only friend at school, they met on the train before their 4th year and became friends right away. They both began to have crushes on each other and after Marilyn caught Julian kissing Rhian, she confronted Rhian and Rhian kissed her. They then started a relationship after Marilyn came back from her hospital stay. They broke up over the summer after their 5th year. She was upset with her for quiet sometime after that. Marilyn recently smoothed over her friendship with Rhian and plans on becoming close with her again. She's recently gotten over their breakup, but wants to remain friends.

Freya Matthews - They met at The Three Broomsticks and Marilyn quite frankly likes her. She plans on talking to her again and becoming close. Marilyn doesn't like thinking about it, but she might have the slightest hint of a crush on her.

Julian Vandor - Tortured her at the end of her 2nd year, causing her to start an eating disorder and hurting herself. The fight left a giant scar down her chest from an unknown spell. Somewhere during her 5th year, she forgave Julian and they became friendly. After Marilyn's breakup with Rhian, Marilyn drifted away from Julian again, blaming their "friendship" on her breakup. Marilyn ignores Julian for the most part when they see each other, but they’re on good terms.

Marilyn is currently not in a relationship as she had been hung up over her breakup with Rhian. She's currently not exactly looking for a relationship, but has the slightest crush on someone.

Princess - Marilyn’s first cat who is currently about 4 years old

Buggy - Marilyn’s only male cat who is currently almost 2 years old

Shadow - Marilyn’s third cat who is currently 3 months old

Marilyn is skilled at:







*Her patronus is a panther
*Her boggart is her old orphanage lady
*She collects Muggle soccer team items
*She loves singing and performs sometimes now that she’s graduated
*She loves watching the clouds or stargazing, or really anything where you get to stare at the sky
*She can play the drums and piano

Handedness Right
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Status Single, interested but uneasy
Pets 3 cats: Princess, Buggy, and Shadow
Favourite Songs Fall Out Boy - Centuries
Favourite Colours Black, Gray, Reds, and Purples
Favourite Sweet Brownie Brittle
Most Treasured Possession Her satchel
Where to Find Them Her Apartment, At the Commitee or Drinking Here

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