Marina Chambers
Former Russian President of Magic

Growing up, she had retained many different personality types. The Selfish and manipulative was one of the biggest. But she grew, and learned. She learned the way to make friends is not to manipulate but to be honest and true. But really, she still has difficulty with that. Rin has a dislike of being disrespected, so when she gets annoyed, it always comes back. The anger of her years growing up, kind of grew into her self-righteousness, something she doesn't usually bring out. Whether by fear or by love, though, she has a way of making people listen to her. Rin ended up being a great leader in the long run. She always did enjoy telling people what to do.

Her compassion and loyalty also still come from a place deep within. It is hard for her to trust nowadays, but show her honesty, and she'll show you loyalty. Rin can be extremely dangerous if treated wrong, though. She expects people who have shown her honesty to keep it up, and if not, it's a dangerous road for them. Though she doesn't hurt people physically, she has no issues making one hurt emotionally, and eventually hurting themselves in the process. Somehow, the girl just knows how people tick.

Some people can describe her as a bit of a snob. Really, she doesn't believe herself better than others. She just expects more. From others, she expects people to be genuine. From herself, she just always expects better. Rin can be difficult on herself, and thus difficult on her loved ones. Truly, she means the best. She can just get a bit intense sometimes.


Marina was born to Abigail Brighton, a Hufflepuff Muggleborn witch, and Andrew Chambers, a pureblooded wizard. Andrew's family didn't appreciate him breaking the family line to be with a... mudblood. But the two lovers had eventually gotten married anyways with the family's blessing. Abigail's family is a complete mystery, though. After she attended Hogwarts they just disappeared from her life.

So, when Abby had gotten pregnant with Andrew's child, about three years after their marriage, she was ecstatic. She felt her new family moving inside of her belly by the fifth month, and then Marina Kelly Chambers was born on July 16th, 2010.

Rin spent most of her earlier years with Abby. Rin loves her mother dearly. She almost idolizes her, in fact... But she also spends a lot of time with her grandparents, whom had taught her everything she knows about manipulation and cunning. Rin loved them dearly as well. And while Andrew had worked almost all day, and Abby worked all day almost every day, Rin got her personality mostly from her grandparents.

Her later years, when she turned about ten, is when she showed her first signs of magic. A young boy in the village wouldn't give her back something of hers (She doesn't remember, nor care to remember, what it was) and so she threw the kid back, which ended up to her literally throwing him back. Into a wall. Causing a concussion.

When she turned eleven, Rin was sorted into Slytherin (Something she will Never get over.) She never really got along with any of her classmates. Either they were too childish, or she was being too childish. But eventually, she warmed up to some. She even fell for one. Flynn Matthews. She never really got to ind out if he also fell for her, because out of fear of rejection, she left Hogwarts entirely. She ended up going to Koldovsvoretz. She took up dancing, and after she graduated, she even had a couple of years in the magical Ballet. But, it was short lived. When she turned 21, she injured her leg in an accident, and her surprisingly short-lived dance career, was over.

She had a bit of a crisis for a couple of years. Rin ended up working in the Ministry for magic in Russia, and slowly moving up without her even realising it until she turned 26. She had an opportunity. With support from her friends and her department, she applied for Russian President of Magic. Much to her surprise, she won, barely. Rin had eventually fit pieces of her life together one by one. She married somebody. Billie Gershwin, a woman from England. She adopted a child with her, but eventually, three years later, she divorced her. Just as her presidency was ending, Rin was looking towards her future options. Eventually, she went with what was easiest. Moving back to England.

So, she returned to England, and decides to help out in the fight against the Regime. Something she noticed as the Russian President of Magic. Something she hated standing by and watching. But also, she returns for her own happiness, and her daughter's.

All that is gold sometimes does not glitter,
not all those who wander are lost

Basic Info
Full Name Marina Kelly Chambers
Nickname Rin
Birthday July 16th 2011
Age 30
Nationality British
Home London, UK
Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual
Location UK
Gender Female
Year Graduated
Titles Former Russian President of Magic
House Slytherin
Species Witch
Family Blood Half-blood
Wand Core
Wand Wood
Wand Arm
Boggart ---
Model Lily Collins
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'6"
Voice ---
Body Style ---
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders Depression
Physical Disorders
Ethnicity Caucasian
the old that is strong does not wither
Fam & Gen
Cousin(s) N/A
Aunt(s) N/A
Uncle(s) N/A
Niece(s) N/A
Nephew(s) N/A
Character Flaw ---
Fear/Phobias ---
Personal Motto ---
First Reaction to Crisis ---
Faces Their Problems ---
React to Change ---
Native Language English
Hobbies ---
deep roots are not reached by the frost.





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