Mariposa Prewett
Ravenclaw Alumni | Reporter for MPH |


Personal Information

Full NameMariposa Marcelo Prewett
BirthdayOctober 12th
Zodiac SignLibra
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationBisexual (but leans towards women)
Romantic OrientationBiromantic (but leans towards women)
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceMiami, Florida
Living SituationApartment
Languages SpokenEnglish, Spanish

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf-blood
Wand WoodRedwood
Wand CoreUnicorn Hair
Wand Length9 ¾
BoggartHer Writing Hand Being Chopped Off


"What some humans fail to realize is that we can be wrong sometimes."

Mariposa is - and always has been - very down to earth. Even if technically she's part of the sacred 28 family, she never grew up lavishly or spoiled. Both her parents worked minimum wage, which she's still very grateful for due to all the families who struggle financially in the world. She's thankful for having dinner on the table every night, that she can often go shopping because she needed some new shoes, and very much thankful to have a job. An incredible job that she loves dearly. Mariposa's thankfulness comes from learning, which she tries to do everyday. She knows she's not always right, knows that she's in the wrong some of the time. She will apologize when she needs to, and will strive to do better the next time.

"I admit, I may hurt you sometimes for being truthful, but I'll never try to fake comfort you with a lie."

Mariposa refuses to be anyone but herself. She won't put on a mask for someone else. If they don't like her how she is, that's their problem not her's. Partially, it's because who she is something she should never pretend not to be. She shouldn't pretend to be someone else, unless it's like Halloween or whatever. Another part of her is just like, she doesn't even know how to honestly mask herself. She's terrible at hiding her emotions. If she's sad, anyone know looks at her will know she's sad. If she's pissed, people will know. Similarly, Mariposa can't lie. She's terrible at it and, honestly, stops even trying to do so. In fact, some might say she's brutally honest at times. You'll know if she agrees with you or not, and it can sometimes leave to problems when it's the latter.

"Don't you ever feel sorry for being a powerful f-cking woman."

Mariposa is expressive. Bold. Daring. She makes sure to look the part, too. She walks with confidence no matter where she's at. She loves to feel powerful, and won't let anyone take that away from her. When it comes to strolling around town or walking into her office, her head remains high and her posture is kept straight. To anyone, even people who try to come off as in charge or scary. Mariposa refuses to be afraid of anyone, and mostly everything as well. If there's something she's afraid of, she tries to face it head on. Charge at it as fast and strong as a bull. Mariposa won't let anything or anyone get in her way, and will fight for as long as it takes to keep it that way.


"The start of my story begins with my mother. She was known as Graciela Elena Marcelo. Her parents both immigrated from Cuba to America before having five children, my mother being the oldest. My mother tells me everyday how lucky I am. The Marcelo family struggled financially throughout my mother's entire childhood, living off a wage from her mother's housekeeping job and her father's job as a cashier at the local grocery store. The Marcelo's, my grandparents, were both muggles, though neither called themselves like that. Neither knew magic existed. Not until my mom was eleven. "

"My mother is always vague when talking about when she and her family found out their was a witch in the family. Simple as, 'a wizard from - most likely - the ministry came, explained to them that their oldest daughter was a wizard, told them about Ilvermorny, and that was that'. I once asked if they were upset when they found out, but I didn't get an answer. So, I wouldn't know. Though, I assume they had to be confused. I wonder what my mother felt. I asked her once what was her reaction, but all I got was a 'mixed emotions' for an answer. Nevertheless, she began Ilvermorny and was sorted into Pukwudgie. I don't know much on the Ilvermorny houses, but my mother said it represented the heart of the body. The healers. Sounds like my mother."

"Years first through third were the best, my mother often says. Wishing the rest of her years in Ilvermorny would of stayed that way. What changed? Well, in her fourth year, she met Leonardo López, a fifth year who also attended the school. He was known for being one of those kids who'd skip class all the time, or just get kicked out when he did go to class because he was disruptive. He broke curfew, sneaking out to do parties. Drink underage and do drugs. He made it clear that he liked my mother. Or, well, honestly, liked her or maybe rather just pretended to but actually wanted something else. Either way, the two got together. My mother says she was young and foolish every time she tells this story. Clearly he seemed to like her, or so she believed. She thought it was love, but didn't realize how far from love it actually was."

"They were on and off for those few years while they attended school. Leonardo - or Leo, which he was commonly known by - was not committed or loyal in the slightest. He constantly cheated, leading for the two to break up when my mom found out... Only for them to get back together again before a week has passed since my mother's always been way too forgiving and Leo was a manipulative bastard. My mother says she kept Leo a secret from her parents, because, deep down, she knew the relationship was terrible and her parents would know that too. Really, like my mother always says, the only good thing that came out of it was, well, me."

"I was technically an accident. A happy surprise. Though, at first, no one was happy when finding out my mother was pregnant. She was sixteen, not even in her last year of Ilvermorny. Leo was still in school as well. She came clean to him first, which led to a huge fight. He yelled and screamed at her for hours, or, at least, that's what it felt like to my mom. Blamed her even if blame could have been put on him as much as her. She was nervous and really, really didn't want to have a child, but didn't get an abortion. Instead, she decided she was going to have the baby. Have me. She came clean to her parents, who were outraged at all. Even more when their daughter mentioned her and Leo's plan to have her dropout and Leo finish up school, only for the two to move in together and live like a normal and happy family. My grandparents couldn't believe she wanted to move away with this terrible guy instead of being helped by her own family. She moved in with Leo anyway. She dropped out of school, he finished up the last few months, and I was born. Andrea Mariposa Marcelo-López. The name wouldn't stick."

"My mother and biological father would elope three months later, binding my mother to the worst four years to ever be brought upon. Leo, my father, drank a lot. Way too much. It was bad in school, but it was nothing compared to adulthood. He was drunk in the morning, in the afternoon, and all through the night. My mother was forced to care for him, as well as get a job since he was much too lazy and terrible and disgusting and an alcoholic to get one himself. They couldn't afford a babysitter, so my father was given the task to watch me while my mother had to work. It was way too often that my father would be gone and not home, and I had been left all alone. Crying, hungry, and stuck in my crib. He was abusive, too. To my mother. All the time. Hitting her like it was some game. Like he was bored and didn't have anything better to do."

"It was four years until my mother finally got the two of us away from the abusive man who called himself my father. Fours years of pain, tears, and protecting. Protecting me, so I wouldn't ever get hurt. My mother wanted to run away much sooner if it wasn't for the fact she was too scared to. She didn't have a lot of money, she was afraid Leo would track her down, and she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to take care of me. But finally she took the large leap and left. My mother had been secretly packing bags beforehand, waiting until he went out to a bar, which didn't take long. She picked me up in one hand, the small bag of things she owned in another, and we were gone. My name was changed firstly, for safety reasons. Mariposa Marcelo, removing the first name he picked and the partial last name he owned. Luckily, my mother had never changed her Marcelo name for his."

"A fresh start. That's all my mother wanted. Well, and safety. So, she did what she thought was best, buying two plane tickets. We moved to England. My mother bought a small, affordable apartment and got a job at a bar close by. She was happy, which a feeling she hadn't felt in a very long time. Love was also a feeling she thought would never spring up again. Not until she met Grant Prewett, a very down to earth wizard . He had come to the bar my mother had worked in that night, and wouldn't stop flirting with the beautiful bartender. That had become his favorite bar and he would ask my mother on a date a week later. They'd be married two years later (I was flower girl), even having a child together after that. My name would change for the last time, and I recite proudly to this very day. Mariposa Marcelo Prewett."

"Grant Prewett took the place of my father that had been empty since the day I was born. I call him father - or dad - still to this day. He is my father. In fact, he was the one to help explain magic to me when I had shown to have it. I was nine at the time. I remember it quite clearly. It was late, dark out, and my mother was at work. It had been storming since the morning, but it was at its worse around dinner. As soon as my father and I sat at the table to eat, everything went dark. Well, just the power went out. So, my father went to go scavenge for his wand or a lighter while I collected candles and placed them in the middle of the long table. Both of us now back at the kitchen table, my father flicked on the lighter - which he had found first - and lit the first candle. Though, before he could do the next, the flame grew itself and a part of it bounced over to the next candle. Then to the next, all the way to the last candle. It was like a dancer, a ballerina. Couldn't have been my father because he didn't have his wand. So, it had to be me."

"I started Hogwarts when I was eleven. I remember being so anxious for the sorting ceremony. My father explained the whole ceremony - explaining how almost as soon as the hat was laid on his head, gryffindor would be heard from across the room - and told me that I shouldn't feel nervous, but who wouldn't when being forced to go up in front of an entire school to sit and be judged by an ugly, old hat on top of your head? It was a good minute, but it ultimately put me into Ravenclaw. My anxiousness was quick to squirm away while walking to the Ravenclaw table with an eager smile on my face."

"Only a week into school, I'd meet a second year Ravenclaw, May, who'd have me join her friend group, a bunch of other second and third year girls from all four houses. They were the type of girls who created drama because they were bored and spread all sorts of rumors, even if they knew they were. I still loved them and felt like I fit right in. Soon enough, I became one of those girls. I was spreading rumors and talking shit being people's back. I was dumb and oblivious that I was acting like a complete mean girl. Nasty. Though, similar to my mother had realized about Leo, I figured out how bad of a human was being at times finally in fifth year. My friends were toxic and I had to leave."

"Throughout fifth year and to the rest of my time in Hogwarts, I spent it focusing on hobbies and myself instead of as much friends. I still talked with May and we occasionally hung out, but it was less frequent. Due to this, I got into writing. Fiction, mostly. Creative stories that I refused to share with anyone. The more time I spent doing it, the more I loved to write. I wrote everyday, half of it barely making sense. It was great. It was also the reason for my career choice when I graduated, accepted at Minerva Publishing House as a journalist. I've worked there ever since."


Face ClaimCamila Cabello
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Weight106 Pounds
Voice TypeN / A
Blood TypeAB
Distinguishing MarksN / A
Body StyleSlim
TattoosN / A

Family Information

FatherGrant Prewett
MotherGraciela Marcelo
Full SiblingsN / A
Half SiblingsN / A
Guardian(s)N / A
SpouseN / A
ChildrenN / A
Other RelativesN / A


Significant Other(s)N / A
Best Friend(s)N / A
FriendsScarlett Ollivander
EnemiesN / A
OtherN / A

Name Etymology

Given [ Mariposa ]Butterfly
Middle [ Marcelo ]TBD
Surname [ Prewett ]TBD


Nickname(s)Marie, Posy
Favourite ColourRed
Favourite Movie?
Favourite Song?
Favourite FoodTamales
Favourite DrinkMezcal
LikesHonesty, Meeting New People
DislikesMissing Work, Being Late
LovesHer Family, Writing
LoathesLiars, Her Biological Father
First KissIn Fourth Year
First CrushIn Fifth Year
First LoveN / A
First TimeIn Fifth Year
Pet(s)A Brown Owl Known As Roger
OccupationJournalist at Minerva Publishing House
Sports PlayedN / A
Instruments PlayedN / A
AddictionsN / A
GoalsTo Get Higher Up in Work
AchievementsN / A
Biggest HopeIt's Honestly Just Work Driven Right Now.
Biggest RegretNot Ditching Her Toxic Friends in School Sooner.
Best MemoriesFifth Year & Up.
Worst MemoriesThe Very Few Memories She Has Before Moving to England.
Mental IllnessesN / A
Criminal RecordN / A
Medical RecordHealthy

Custom Trivia

  • She works with mostly Witch Weekly.
  • She was sorted into Ravenclaw, but it took the hat a full minute to choose.
  • She is quite good at make up, to be honest.
  • Her favorite shade of lipstick is red.
  • Her favorite type of shoe is a black heel.



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