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Marisha Gorski CP1

jezebel marisha gorski
seventh year ravenclaw
love should be celebrated

Marisha Gorski CPM1

Birthday november 3rd
Age seventeen
Pronunciation muh-ree-sh-aa gore-ski
Family aharon + avigail (parents)
elijah, az, sarai,
jai, + sam (cousins)
Gender female
Pronouns she/her/hers
Orientation pansexual
Relationship single
Nationality english + israeli
Languages arabic, english, + hebrew
Residence ravenclaw dormitories
+ london, england
Religion jewish
Handedness right
Roleplayer ateleia
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Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Height 5'0"
Style sophisticated, refined
Faceclaim hanna mensink

marisha takes on a generally sweet, innocent appearance. she is naturally on the more shy side, which her shorter stature of around 5'0 only exacerbates. she has dark brown hair that hangs down towards the middle of her back and is cut in the front into a set of bangs. she will often tie it back with a set of ribbons a friend had gotten her back in israel. she has incredibly large, dark brown eyes that are often shiny (most likely from her being on the verge of tears) and fairer skin that often leaves her a pink shade. she blushes easily, one of her horrible tells, and is more often a pinkish color than her natural porcelain shade. her outfits are always put together - often some shade of red (and therefore oftentimes pink), but not always. she has an incredibly specific, more posh and conservative dress and usually sticks to it. she takes great pride in taking care of her appearance as she wants to appear friendly yet presentable - like someone her parents wouldn't be embarrassed of and certainly not like a jezebel. however, she doesn't find herself particularly pretty and gets incredibly anxious about her appearance, not finding herself worthy of the attention that she desperately wants avoids.

Marisha Gorski CPM2

Marisha Gorski CP2


both aharon gorski and avigail altschuler were teachers at a private secondary school in muggle london. as adults straight out of university, they were the youngest teachers on the staff board, making them adhere to each other rather quickly. their relationship soon began developing further outside of their work environment, revealing that they were both conservative and of ashkenazi jewish descent - something their parents were pleased to hear upon meeting the other one. with the support of their parents, the two began officially dating before their first year teaching even came to a close. it took two years for them to get married and another year before they decided to move away to israel, where he taught english and she taught advanced level mathematics.

in israel, they began trying to have children. it took a couple more years before they were finally able to have elisheba natania gorski - known by many as simply natania or nat. she was their only child as avigail had difficulty conceiving any more children. natania lived a pleasant life in israel, becoming incredibly focused on her academics and religion at a very young age. she grew up speaking both hebrew and english at home, then would learn arabic as she advanced towards her secondary education years. israel has a heavy focus on education as it's seen as an important way to advance their society and is highly supported by society. along with both of her parents being teachers, she developed a dedication to her academics that was unmatched and she became an advanced student in most subjects especially technology and mathematics. given she was eleven years old by the time this all changed, so she was certainly not the best of the best, but in terms of eleven year olds, she was pretty darn successful.

however, there were far more stressful things for natania to handle than simply her schoolwork. when she was seven years old, she had her first sign of magic - levitating a sabich into her hands on her way out the door to school. her mother had caught sight of it (much to her demise) and she was immediately called out of school, a sign of something horrible as her family prized her education above all else. from that point on, natania's life became something far more terrifying and horrid as she was put through countless exorcisms and the emotional abuse of both her parents. the israeli ministry of magic did not intervene and when she was eleven years old, she was simply enrolled at a tiny wizarding school in nazareth (where her family lived) of only fifteen magical youth. it was a boarding school, but much similar to that of one for delinquents despite the prestigious nature of the school overall.
upon getting automatically enrolled at this school, her parents had their breaking point. believing her to be unfitting of the name bestowed upon her, they changed hers in a fit of rage. now jezebel marisha gorski, her image felt tainted and used and she struggled to come to terms with an identity now that her name was stripped from her. her parents and distant relatives all referred to her as jezebel, but she was able to convince her teachers and peers to call her marisha at least. it isn't a name that she hates. it almost feels like a reinvention from whatever child was abused and neglected by muggles and their religion. however, she hasn't reinvented herself beyond beginning to embrace her magical abilities. she's still very immersed in both muggle culture and jewish tradition and struggles with breaking jewish law. she's still sensitive and easily tricked. she's not a different person at all beyond being able to practice magic without wanting to cry (throwback to her first year at the nazareth academy for witches and wizards).

with that said, her parents caught wind of a stir happening back in their home of london. her mother's sister's children were slowly leaving the house as a result of their own magic and what marisha assumes is probably also a result of abuse. it has been a couple of years since she realized that her parents were abusing her, but she knows that they are meaning well and that they genuinely believe what they're doing is for the greater good. part of her doesn't want to shame them for that. with her aunt seemingly falling into depression and her parents bitter about her education, hoping to disrupt it, her family packed up their bags in the middle of november and insisted they moved back to england. this is how marisha ended up at hogwarts with her cousins and her online friend ant. she was promptly sorted into ravenclaw with almost no question.

Marisha Gorski CPM3



Interests chess, programming, alchemy, languages
Habits rocking on her feet, tapping her pencil, giggling
Pet Peeves smoking, never apologizing, having bad manners
Goals get her parents on board with magic, make more friends
Enneagram 2w1
Star Sign scorpio sun
Alignment lawful good
Love Language acts of service

Magical Characteristics

Wand pear wood, unicorn hair, 11.75 inches
Amortentia chai tea, cinnamon, honey
Patronus bee
Patronus Memory finishing building her first computer
Boggart eleven men
Blood Status muggle-born
Peculiar n/a


Song taylor swift - lover
TV Show sailor moon
Book matilda
Movie howl's moving castle
Color jade

* she became a prefect her sixth year and also president of hogwarts' chess team
* she was the chess champion at her last school and has been playing since she was four (it is her father's favorite pastime)
* she loves the thought of working at wizco and had an internship with them her fifth year
* she has been working on phones and computers since she was little and has always thought that she wants to get into programming
* her father also taught her how to juggle when she was very little and she still knows how – she sometimes jokes that that's why she's able to manage all of her responsibilities
* she has a deadly fear of heights, but specifically when it comes to flying and especially hates airplanes and quidditch (even watching it makes her nauseous)
* she has a deep attachment to tiny things and often collects bottle caps, pretty rocks and pieces of glass, shells, etc.

Marisha Gorski CPT1

Marisha Gorski CP3

jezebel marisha gorski
seventh year ravenclaw
love should be celebrated