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Student of Hufflepuff
(This Character Belongs to WOW)


Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age 18
Relationship Status Single
Sexuality Straight
Hometown New York
Ethnicity American/Irish
Nationality American
Current Location Hogwarts
Alignment Hufflepuff
Familial Information
Parents Eve and Timathon Lightwood
Physical Description
Height 5'8
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Ginger/Brown
Eye Color: Brown


Marlee was born to Eva and Timathon Lightwood. Being a Half-Blood, she obtained her powers from a Pure-Blood and a Muggle-Born. Her parents weren't very fond to the magical world, which concluded to keeping it a secret from Marlee, as they thought that it would be a threat for the child, living in a world of magic and danger. Therefore, she grew up with over-protective parents who would always keep their eyes locked on her, in fear of her discovering her heritage. She grew up, living a normal life until the age of 11. Her parents had received a scholarship to Hogwarts for Marlee, which she stumbled on. The letter contained various informations about the school, explaining how she would be thought spells. She was over-whelmed by the thought, and begged her parents to let her attend the institute. It too, time, but they finally let her go. Marlee is now 16, as she continues to learn about magic. In her 6th year.



Marlee is a shy and quiet girl. She is usually closed up around people, especially men. She nearly always blushes at the sight of boys. At first, it might be hard to create a friendship with her. But when someone earns her trust, she is somewhat bonded to them. She loosens when her friends are around, which makes it easier for her to spread her real personality. Deep down, under those layers of timidity, is a fun, hard-working and funny girl that always looks on the bright side of life. She likes to goof around in the presence of the acquaintances, and often engages sarcasm when they tease. Her mind can take crazy turns while having fun with her friends.

Magical Abilities

She casts these following spells with her Redwood Wand: