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Marlene Main 1

marlene edessa selwyn
fourth year ravenclaw
crushed under the weight of her name

Marlene 2

Birthday 28 February 2032
Age 14 y/o
Pronunciation maar-LEEN SEL-win
Family Mercury Selwyn [ brother ] & Anthony Harrington [ dad ]
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Orientation Questioning
Relationship Single
Nationality English
Languages English, French
Residence Harrington Manor
Religion Old Religion
Handedness Right
Roleplayer Filoksenia
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Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'8
Style Preppy
Faceclaim Sophie Simnett

Marlene looks a lot like her mum did, from the curly blonde hair and baby blues to the awkwardly big height. She splits off in body muscle — heaven knows a feather is heavier than her — but all in all, she's very comfortable in how she looks. Sometimes she wishes she didn't look so much like her mum every time she glances at a mirror, but Marlene knows that's a pointless wish to have; especially considering she doesn't really do much to deviate from these similarities, even though she could. Her go-to style is preppy; light colors, rompers, coats, skirts sweater vests, knitted sweaters — you could honestly argue she looks like one of the girls from the Upper East Side in New York.

Marlene 4

Marlene Main 3


Marlene thinks her parents' story was beautiful, even if it wasn't quite as romantic as she'd believed the first few years of her life. Her parents were best friends first and foremost, and they found comfort in each other's company when Evangeline was struggling with the Selwyn family's deteriorating public image. They never really had the kind of relationship she craved for so long, largely because Tony was emotionally unavailable, but they had their unique arrangements, and from that came Marlene and her twin brother Mercury. (Yes, Evangeline named her and Tony named him. How did you know?) Even though Evangeline finally had a semblance of what she had always wanted, beyond her professional ambitions long-achieved when she came Hogwarts Headmistress years prior, she never got to relish the joys of motherhood. Do you remember the serial killers terrorizing Scotland in the early 30s? Yeah, they killed her.

Marlene still wishes she could've met her mother, but in hindsight, she isn't sure she'd have coped well with the pressure of being the daughter of the Evangeline Selwyn. Growing up in her father's countryside estate has proven to be a much better outcome for her than any kind of life she could envision for herself in the Selwyn Manor. It was a quiet life and she was a good kid at all levels of the word. Her dad never saw a reason to send her to primary with a bunch of snotty kids — least of all considering she was a dhampir — and to be honest, Marlene wouldn't have wanted to go, anyways. Thus, most her childhood went by in the blink of an eye as a flurry of trips to the small town nearby, trips overseas to other countries, and a lot of socializing with nearby vampire clans. Her social skills weren't really impaired because of Tony's decision to be homeschooled, but, she did develop a dislike for overwhelmingly loud and crowded places. And most humans.

She always grew up exposed to magic. Admittedly, her dad wasn't one, but he did what he could to make sure she and Mercury never fell behind. He did what he could with what he had as a vampire, though there was an understandable emphasis on how to control their urge for blood and how to manage their enhanced reflexes, speed, and strength. Suffice to say, Marlene's powers took a little longer to manifest. Her dad's strategies to avoid becoming irrationally angry or upset — as a way to avoid becoming a temporarily unhinged dhampir, at least — worked well enough that her first manifestation wasn't because of overwhelming negative emotions, but rather positive ones. It happened when she was ten on an overseas trip to New York City. She was up at the Empire State Building and was so in love with how pretty the city looked at night that she just started bawling. Meteorologists had a fun time trying to figure out how and why it got so cloudy so quickly on a cloudless night, with a heavy storm concentrating almost exclusively around that building.

(In Marlene's defense, it was breathtaking up there.)

At eleven, the godawful time came to go to Hogwarts. She wasn't happy about it, having not been separated from her dad for prolonged periods of time before, but at least she had Mercury. Not that he was much help afterwards. Word that she was a dhampir spread like wildfire after she trusted the wrong girl, and getting picked on became a daily occurrence. Regretfully, her biggest tormentor was this kid in her class everyone seemed to like well enough — Ferris Fleming — so nothing was ever done about it. Under his influence, people avoided her like the plague, and it escalated to the point the mere thought of having to be in the same room as her yearmates put her under a lot of stress. The years that followed were hell for her. It's been getting better lately, though. People have stopped running away from her and laughing at her whenever she walks by. She doesn't know why, but she's trying to not think about it too hard.

It's probably nothing... right?

Marlene 3

Preferring the quiet of the night with a good book over going to a party with her yearmates is normal, right? Because that's how Speck feels. She hates loud noises, surprises, sudden movements, all of it; she really would much rather have a nice cup of tea under her blanket, a flashlight glued to her face, and a good book to read. She prefers being in her own head with only her thoughts to keep her company than an overwhelming amount of people harassing her for one reason or the other. Her prior experiences have really sullied how she feels about putting herself out there and making new friends. Nope, she'll stick to tutoring and writing, thank you! She tries her best to stay out of the limelight, and although that isn't good considering what she wants to do professionally, it's the only point where she feels a semblance of inner peace.

A problem that Marlene has is that she's a perfectionist at heart. She gets really obsessive when things aren't going her way, and she's never been one to settle for a product whose quality is beneath what she thinks she's capable of producing. It's why she's so hard on herself, added onto the fact that — come on. She's technically a part of two Sacred 28 families. Isn't there an unspoken code or something she needs to abide be? Live up to the family names, make her ancestors proud? Not taking into account her supremacist, racist uncle, that is. Yeah, she knows about him. It wasn't a good day, that one.

Marlene yearns for valdiation and approval from other people, so she tries getting it how she knows best: by being the perfect teacher, perfect student, perfect daughter, perfect sister, etc. Even the perfect friend, though it's not like she has much to worry about on that front. Don't worry, though! She's kind of used to the loneliness. Regardless, she thinks she's acclimated well to this new world she's a part of, but if there's one thing she can't stand, it's the greediness and pompousness of most wizards. Their callousness is beyond ridiculous — look at how she was treated and neglected for years. Buuuut, everyone's a traditionalist in their own way, she supposes. She respects it. She likes sticking to what she knows, too. She'll try to be open-minded, but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is the worst thing you could do, and she had to learn that the very hard way.


Interests Tutoring, Violin, Painting
Habits Biting her nails, Scratching her elbow
Pet Peeves Bullying, Laughing at people, Loud noises, Surprises
Goals Become a teaching assistant [ short-term ]
Become a professor [ long-term ]
Star Sign Pisces
Alignment Lawful neutral
Love Language Words of affirmation [ primary ]
Gifts [ secondary ]

Magical Characteristics

Amortentia Strawberries & freshly cut grass
Patronus Elephant
Patronus Memory Ballroom dancing with her dad
Boggart Darkness
Blood Status Half-Blood
Peculiar Dhampir


Song Before He Cheats, by Carrie Underwood
TV Show Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Book Red, White & Royal Blue
Movie Ocean's 8
Color Blue

her dream is to become hogwarts headmistress.
she writes a lot of fictional stories.
she craves experiencing a royal romance.
her best friend is her twin brother, mercury!

Marlene Main 2

marlene edessa selwyn
fourth year ravenclaw
crushed under the weight of her name