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PaMateo’s father and mother met working together in the flower industry. They were best friends, and one thing led to another and helloooo Mateo! His mom didn’t love his dad though, and told him she would raise the kid by herself, despite the oppressive society in Colombia when it comes to mother’s who are unmarried. It was made worse by the fact that she was of a higher class (both location wise and socially). It took a while, but eventually she told her parents. They were confused but still invited the birth of Mateo. Not like abortion was legal anyways. They were all pretty good about it, except his grandmother lied and said that his mom was divorced; clearly some societal values still shook them. Well, as predicted by the ultrasound, Meteo was born a girl! Wait what? Yeah, at birth the doctors took one look at him and were like “Yep that’s a girl.” He was actually born Margarita Sebastian Gallo, but like that first name can burn now, politely. Well, he stayed in Colombia for a year with his mom, but then something happened that ended up prompting for his mother to move to Miami, still working for Dole, but for that specific branch. His grandmother followed suit not too long after. One trip to St.Petersburg Florida, however, changed his mother’s mind. When he was about four, they moved to the new area. His mom now worked for a nonprofit, and his grandma was a nurse. This was fantastic for them because as hardcore catholics they loved serving the greater good. Mateo grew up volunteering and helping people in need, from refugees to poor mother’s. It was good for character building, he kind of wish it stuck with him. He was kinda poor so he didn’t go to the best schools, but that was alright.

He was very outgoing as a child, not afraid of who he was. Completely tomboyish, the kid had like two girlfriends and most of his school thought he was a guy, which his mom unfortunately ruined by telling one of his mortified girlfriends. Oh well, he thought she was kind of clingy anyways. The other girl found out when he had to wear a dress, which was heart breaking.

In elementary school, he started changing. Recieving lots of negative vibes for how he acted, he became quieter, more ashamed. At first he thought he was just gay, but that didn’t really fit him. Something was still off. Elementary was the worst way to figure crap out though, so he instead continued the guise of being a guy in certain places, but suffering through the Margarita’s in school. People always ended up finding out though, this false truth. Actually, the way he found he was a wizard kind of came tied with his confusion. When he was about seven, he grew so tired of his skorts, he kind of wished them into just shorts, and voila, all his skorts became shorts. How fantastic for him amirite. Well, it’s not like his mom didn’t notice, but she figured he was just a tomboy like her. The skort thing….pretty mysterious but she chalked it up to her mother being motherly.

Well thanks to the internet, Mateo finally understood what transgender meant when he was about to turn ten. It was really hard to tell his mom, but he was able to do it when she cornered him to hound him on his grades and what websites he was visiting. He cried, thinking she would kick him out (hardcore catholic you know), but she was surprisingly understanding.The whole family supported him, and when the weekend had finished, he had boy clothes and a new haircut. Because of Mateo’s crippling anxiety at school, and because his aunt in Miami was already moving to England because of her job with the BBC, they took the long ass ride to England. Living in London would be nuts though, so he just lived on the outskirts. His hogwarts letter came, and praise be it, it had his chosen name; Mateo.


Mateo is really awkward and shy around people, and generally finds human presence uncomfortable. He will try to accommodate you though, and always tries to make people laugh and be happy, because he loves making people laugh. He’s really unsure about himself, and makes lots of self deprecating jokes. Whenever he looks back on his day though, he always cringes because of his self loathing. He floats around when it comes to crowds. He wishes he is popular but never is, and tries too much in the end that it hurts him. He’s a guy that does a lot of thinking, but is still prone to stupidity and making the wrong move. Mateo quells under authority, and authoritative gaze. He is very emotional and can easily get upset, but hates when he cries because it is so exposing. The boy is kind of self centered, and a tad narcissistic, but most humans are anyways. He enjoys contemplating life (although enjoy’s is a strong word) and is passionate about music. Singing and music is his escape from reality, as well is story writing. He lacks confidence in everything, however, and fears he will never be good at anything.

Above all, Mateo fears rejection. He doesn’t want to be unincluded, but then sometimes just hates people too much. Some days he’s in a good mood, other days he wishes people would leave him alone. At times, especially under the pressure of responsibility, he can be snippy and rude, although he tries to be calm and cool. He is easily irritable. These moments always end up embarrassing him, however. Mateo enjoys trying to figure people out, but whenever he thinks he’s come up with a good thesis, he ends up chalking it up to him being dumb and trying to be superior.

When with friends or people he is comfortable with, he generally is loud, audacious, and kind of a party guy, although it evaporates the moment he isn’t with them. He gets red easily, and generally tries to look cool although he face palms after. He is kind of gossipy but, tries to be as honorable as possible with friends.

When it comes to romance, he is kind of confused? Like, he’ll like someone and be really loud to try and impress them, maybe even a bit mean and a bully, but then ends up ashamed. Also, he tends to like people then stop liking them, although it may be partially because he isn’t confident with his body both because of his gender and body dysphoria, so he always feels kind of disgusted by touching and crap. He figures once his dysphoria chills a lil however, he will probably have no qualms. Typically, you will catch him in his favorite Lightning hoodie, or just tugging at his shirt and hating life.

Academically, he loves infomation, learning, and books, but hates work. It actually depresses him when he does homework, and once in a while might cry. Yes he is kind of really lazy. He stays up late, but does no work. His mom thinks he has more potential, but sometimes he just wants life to comes easy to him. He hates organization and is a sloppy boy, as well as a sloppy eater. Despite putting in mediocre work, he still gets depressed at mediocre results. He knows he can do better, and mourns that his intellect is wasted on him. He can get a superior air, but generally this embarrasses him. Finding out he is a wizard was the best thing in the world because honestly, who doesn't like being told they are special?

He is kind of a liar, and tries to get what he wants. He hates this trait, but has it nonetheless. He’s a working progress. He can also be very controlling, but again, isn't proud of it. Well, he isn't proud of most himself, and his abilities have helped in hairy situations. He wants to be the best person he can, but has negative traits too. Negative at least, to himself. He's afraid he absorbs other peoples' personalty's and isn't original.

He is apparently an INFP but he isn't sure. Not like he knows MBTI anyways.

^things have changed and his personality is a little different so this is not a substantial guide


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  • trivia

    Mateo Gallo
    RPer Manolo
    Age 21
    Birthday October 23rd, 2017
    Nationality Colombian
    Ethnicity Latinx Hispanic
    Species Wizard
    Blood Half blood
    Orientations bisexual
    Gender Male
    Hair Black
    Eyes Green/grey/hazel
    Faceclaim Laith Ashley
    Height 6'0 ft.
    Weight 160lb
    Schooling Hogg=warts
    Year Alumnus
    Occupation Etsy seller
    Wand Alder, dragon heart string, 12 and 3/4
    Wand Arm Left
    Patronus Gorilla
    Boggart descRIMINATION
    Location Mateo Gallo/Apartment
    Languages English, Spanish

    Model: Laith Ashley

    credit to kibeth for page & brocky and red for inspiration/code