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the bystander.

Matilda Wellington
Matilda Frances Wellington
Dennis Wellington (brother)
Third year
Blood Status
Human, witch.
This character is role-played by Ais

Matilda Wellington is a third year Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


Matilda is slightly short in stature and quite thin. She has medium-length hazel hair and grey-blueish colored eyes. her cheeks are dusted with light freckles that are barely noticeable. She doesn't really care about being stylish or following fashion trends, and always wears something that's comfortable. Sometimes, when she is feeling exceptionally lazy, she'll probably just wear a t-shirt with sweatpants. Matilda also hates wearing formal clothes, and almost never goes to an event where they require her to wear fancy clothing (unless she's being forced.)

Matilda was born in a half-blooded family. Most of her parents try to steer her away from the magic world, however her aunt actually secretly gives her books about the magical world as long as she doesn't tell her parents. However, they have once found out and Matilda never really communicated with her family much ever since. This is kind of the reason why she is so detached to everyone.

She also has a younger brother named Dennis. Yet they are not that close to each other. They are mere opposites, but he also was steered away from the world of magic. When he and along with his parents found out about Matilda's secret, he habored a feeling of hate and jelousy against her, and strived to become better than her. As of now, he is not yet a student at Hogwarts.

Matilda is a shy person who tries her best not to be included in anything. She doesn't really like interacting with people and would rather stay at home reading a book or studying. She is awkward and stumbles in her words. She tries not to get involved or worked up over anything and opts to be a bystander in most situations. However, she is quite intelligent and cares about a grades quiet a bit. She doesn't like using a lot of her energy and is also not competitive at all. Yet she mildly enjoys sports.

Although, Matilda is shown to be quite happy and satisfied with herself, even with her shy and distant nature. She also expresses herself to be a bit quirky on the inside, and wouldn't change for anybody. She is hardworking and wishes to exceed herself each and every new day.


friends, acquaintances and enemies

They were quiet close before. However, after Matilda's secret being discovered, their relationship has been strained. And since she is now attending Hogwarts, their relationship has been further strained.
Dennis, Brother:
Matilda has no knowledge of being a big sister what so ever. So when she heard that Dennis was to be, she pretty much had a heart-attack then and there. She was pretty terrible at it, and Dennis kind of hates her for it, but he still loved her anyways, and vaguely hinted and attempted to be friends with her, but she never opened up. Once he and their parents found out about the secret though, Dennis stopped any attempts to befriend her at all. They are currently not talking to each-other.

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*She's kind of a deity buff, and loves studying about Greek gods and goddesses. Her favorite is Nemesis and typically reads her origins before sleeping.
  • She has once accidentally sipped a glass of white wine (mistaking it for tea) and enjoys the taste. Up to this day, she still remembers it and wishes to consume another glass of it.
  • Her favorite subjects include history, astrology and cosmology.
  • One of her hobbies is writing poems, something she does mostly in solitude and would be heavily embarrassed if someone found out.
  • She can't stand the taste of coffee, even sweet ones.
  • Once, she secretly kept a map of Greece under her bed. It is still with her to this day.
  • She writes numerous letters to her aunt, even more than what she will write to her parents.
  • She adores her freckles and tries not to hide them as much.


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