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basic information

— Full Name
Matteo Leander Van Isterdael
— Birthday
28 January 2008
— Age
38 y/o
— Zodiac Sign
— Sex / Gender
Male / Male
— Species
— Nationality
— Ethnicity
— Sexual Orientation
— Romantic Orientation
— Relationship Status
— Birthplace
Brussels, Belgium
— Accent
Belgian French
— Languages Spoken
French / English / Dutch

magical information

— Blood Status
— Wand Wood
— Wand Core
Dragon Heartstring
— Wand Length
— Patronus
— Boggart
— Peculiar


— The life of Matteo Van Isterdael is about as glamorous and complicated as one would expect when it comes to a single bachelor in the public eye. Of course, things have been notoriously messy through the years but the half-blood wizard has always managed to keep a... predominantly clean reputation. But of course every story starts with an origin, and Matteo's started in Brussels. He was born in the Belgian city to Frédéric and Katrien Van Isterdael, a muggle and witch couple respectively. At the time, Matteo's father was a simple technician and his mother was a teacher at Beauxbatons. How the couple ended up together nobody was sure as the relationship started out rocky but somehow came together in a weird chaotic way. At the end of the day, the couple loved each other enough to bring a baby into the world in the form of Matteo.

From the beginning Matteo didn't have much interest in magic, sure he listened to his mother's stories of attending a magical school and all the cool things she could do but truthfully he just didn't see it for himself. He would later go on to attend school of course as that's what Katrien wanted, but he valued a more simple muggle lifestyle similar to that of the one his father had growing up. Naturally, when the time came when the magic Matteo possessed as a half-blood begun to kick in, his mother was ecstatic at the sight of him levitating a cup of water at the dinner table. While Frédéric was of course privy to the fact that his family was formed up of wix, he was still alarmed at what he was seeing. Little seven year old Matteo though just sat looking up at the cup, and seconds later he was been dried off with paper towels as the cup spilled all over his shirt once gravity caught up with his abilities.

Despite his lack of interest initially in the topic, Katrien forced Matteo to take part in pre-wizard school lessons and to actually pay attention to what she was saying. Maybe it was the fact that he was now able to actually understand what kind of magic he possessed, but Matteo had a newfound love for the idea of being a wizard and attending a magical school. He was however still wanting to live a somewhat normal life, one where he could travel and see the world. This in turn resulted in Matteo attending Hogwarts over Beauxbatons when the time came for him to take on magical schooling. Being sorted into Slytherin and later pursuing a brief career as an auror in Britain post graduation.

As fun as magic school and having magic was for Matteo, his career as an auror didn't last long. He liked being able to use magic, but that didn't necessarily mean he wanted to pursue a career in it for his entire life. Luckily for him, he was scouted walking down the street for a modelling job. Modelling wasn't something he considered at the time, nor was it something he could see himself doing full time. However, as the shoot went out into the world it quickly snowballed into talent agencies wanting him for more modelling gigs. At the time it seemed fine, but he still wasn't passionate about it. What it did do however was open the door for a future in acting, which is something he quickly took a fondness and liking too. It granted him the ability to travel the world doing both acting and modelling jobs, and being fawned over as a celebrity was something he truly enjoyed.

Having gotten into the business in his early twenties, it has been a long time coming. Leading a rather carefree bachelor lifestyle for most of his life while travelling, it's no wonder his life isn't messier than it is. While largely uninvolved in any of their lives, during his travels Matteo certainly conceived quite a few children over the years. It's a good thing he's wealthy considering the amount of child support he's been paying over the years. In an effort to try and calm his rampant lifestyle, Matteo has found himself in England trying to settle down.


— Matteo has always been the carefree type of person. A very laidback and chill guy who will go with the wind wherever it takes him. From a young age he's been like this, always wanting to travel when he could and do what he wanted. As much as he loved his parents growing up it was hard for him to want to listen as he was more content making his own path. Having always been a charismatic and charming man, acting and modelling drew it out of him even more and he learned more how to utilize his natural charms. Though this carefree and charming vibe he gives off can land him in some troubling situations such as a stranger's bed, typically it works out for him in the long run.

Generally speaking, Matteo isn't a very shy person. Hell when your butt has been seen on billboards across Europe how could he be. A true extrovert, Matteo knows how to entertain a room of varying personalities and can easily pick up on the best way to engage in conversation with just about everyone. He's intuitive in the way he's able to read a person, but he figures that comes from being a skilled actor and being able to portray different emotions. He is a people person with a passion to make those around him feel comfortable, and if he's lucky, charmed by him. Perhaps even being too much of a people person, given the fact that he finds random people in his bed more than he'd like to admit.

Despite being generally laidback, Matteo can have a rather frightening temper. Perhaps his size lends itself to making him come across as scary but genuinely when Matteo gets mad it isn't a smart idea to stick around and try and calm the situation. He isn't typically one to accept when he's made a mistake or in the wrong, which does in fact prohibit a lot of growth in his life. As bad as it may be, he sees nothing wrong in some of the poor decisions he's made such as not being around for his kids as much as he should be. Having a habit of not thinking of his actions when it comes to others, Matteo often will show little remorse and will pencil it down to being a problem with the other person rather than one with himself.


— Face Claim
David Gandy
— Eye Colour
— Hair Colour
Dark Brown
— Height
— Weight
201 lbs.
— Voice Type
— Blood Type
— Distinguishing Marks
— Body Type
Fit / Muscular
— Tattoos
— Piercings
— Scent

family information

— Father
Frédéric Van Isterdael
— Mother
Katrien Van Isterdael
— Full Siblings
— Half-Siblings
— Guardians
— Spouse
— Children
— Other Relatives


— Significant Other(s)
— Best Friends
— Friends
— Neutral
— Enemies
— Other

name etymology

— Given [ Matteo ]
Italian form of Matthew
— Middle [ Leander ]
Lion man
— Surname [ Van Isterdael ]


— Nicknames
— Favourite Colour
Navy Blue
— Favourite Movie
— Favourite Song
Always, by Keshi
— Favourite Food
— Favourite Drink
— Likes
— Dislikes
— Loves
— Loathes
— First Kiss
— First Crush
— First Love
— First Time
— Pets
— Occupation
Actor / Model
— Sports Played
— Instruments Played
— Smoker
— Drinker
— Addictions
— Goals
— Achievements
— Mental Illnesses
— Criminal Record

custom trivia

— N/A


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