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Matthew McArthur
Hufflepuff Alumna
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Chaser for Puddlemere United


Modelled by Skandar Keynes

Matthew McArthur was born one snowy December day to two very well off people. Now his parents, of course, wanted to have a child but just weren't ready for the responsibility. After all, raising a child is a lot of hard work that they thought they could handle. That was their first mistake, to be honest with you. You see, sure they had the finances and the means to take care of him, just not the emotional capacity. The McArthurs were extremely selfish and honestly, only had room for themselves. A very toxic relationship indeed.

So you can only imagine the neglect Matthew was born into. Sure, he got all the things he wanted - minus his parents affection. In fact, this resulted in a magical outburst (several things blew up and/or shattered). This of course, resulted in nothing but a minor scolding as they replaced the broken objects. Which of course, wasn't what Matthew wanted. So after the destructive age of seven, he threw himself into his studies, foolishly thinking that if he was smart enough they'd spend more time with him.

They didn't.

By the tender age of eleven, he had received a letter and an unexpected visit from some oddly dressed person to break the news to the McArthur family. He explained about the world and showed them proof that it was, in fact, real and that Matthew was a wizard. This provided a small window of time full of affection and attention. However, it was gone before he was used to it and he spent the last month in Muggle London wishing to go to a school he's never been.

Once there, he was quickly sorted into (house). He threw himself into his studies and discovered an unfamiliar passion for the wizarding sport of Quidditch - and he was pretty good at it too. He joined his house team and somehow managed to handle both the rigorous training schedule and ever growing pile of essays and homework. Which of course, never left any time to socialize. He didn't mind though. He was used to it by this point in time.

He was quickly recruited for Puddlemere United, which he quickly accepted, seeing a chance to leave his oh so wonderful life behind. He didn't expect making any friends with his team or even meeting a girl he would be even remotely interested in. Matthew also didn't expect to slowly be brought out of his antisocial shell around these people.

But hey, life is often unexpected after all.

Matt has a cold outer shell, making it nearly impossible for people to get close to him. He can appear arrogant and reckless when in reality he is far from it. Matthew is cunning, feisty and extremely sarcastic. He has a dry sense of humor and a wit about him that can either a) irritate or b) impress those around him. He is antisocial and honestly, doesn't really care much about rivalries or school/team pride. He finds it incredibly stupid and a waste of energy.

Now to get into detail. Matthew, in a positive light, is a very laid-back kind of person. He is actually a very caring individual, though that doesn't mean he'll help you when your in a fight. In fact, he'll just wait until your beat up to tell you 'I told you so'. Then he'll proceed to hunt down the person who did that to you. He's cunning when he wants to be, which is a very helpful skill in Quidditch mind you. Matthew has a dry witty sense of humor (mostly including minor puns and ironic punch lines) that he's unusually proud of. He also has an ambitious side, which has resulted in his current status as a Quidditch Chaser.

Now the negative. Matthew can come across as arrogant since he has a pretty cold exterior. It takes a lot for that to be broken down, much to his pleasure and chagrin. If you couldn't tell, he's pretty antisocial and would much prefer to stay out of the limelight, though that is completely washed down the drain when he's playing Quidditch. He can have a pretty one track mind set which is both a blessing and a curse. He finds it hard to distract himself when he has some project or other to work on but it helps him excel in whatever he's trying to accomplish at the time.


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