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Mavet Asher
Mavet main pic
"You know you can't cheat Death."
Vital statistics
Title Death
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 5'6
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Blue
Race Wizard
House Slytherin
Year 5
Wand WIP
Wand Arm Left
Family None
Affiliation(s) Him self

Slytherin's Crest

About Mavet...

Mavet's parents where born in Israel and in turn so was he so was he. He lived there until he was about 2 and moved to the UK for reasons unknown to him. His parents died later that year in a muggle car crash that also killed Mavet's older brother Ethan. Because of this Mavet moved to live in his grandmothers house in Scotland. She was his only close living living relative.

He lived in a small village very close to Hogsmead and use to go there many times with his Witch Grandmother, he loved it here. He loved living with his grandmother as she taught him all about magic and Hogwarts On his 12th Birthday Mavet received a letter from Hogwarts, he was overjoyed . His grandmother was overcome by joy as well about this news as Mavet had shown no magical skill at all in his early years of living with her. After he went to Hogwarts and was sorted his grandmother passed a few days after of a heart condition is St Mungos.


Because of this he feel into a deep depression and for a few months kept to his bedroom between classes. He was quite a shut away for those long Winter weeks. Since then he's come along way, he'a made a lot of new friends and he's very close to them, he might even consider them his new brothers.

Mavet is quite a lonely kid. He prefers the company of no one and prefers to spend his time alone. He is called 'Death' by some students because he seems to be cursed with it, because of this most of the students stay away from him, in fear for their own lives. No one quite knows if this is true or not but no one dares test it out.


  • Mavet's patronus is a jackle which are associated with guarding the dead
  • Mavet .....
  • Mavet's model is ...
  • Mavet is based of the character "Death" whom is one of the Four Horsemen

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This character has been requested to be preserved by LeGruff.