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Basic Information
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
House: Slytherin
Year: Graduate
Nationality: Polish
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Model: Dylan O'Brien

Maksymilian Kowalski was born to two pureblood parents in Warsaw, Poland. He's a single child, so his parents' attention were mostly focused on him. You can tell that they were quite the traditional family because they were very close, and they did lots of things together. His dad is an Auror, which greatly influenced the career path he wanted to take since childhood, and his mother is an ex-Quidditch player who quit to become an ordinary housewife. As a pureblood family, Max has been made aware of the magical world at a very young age, and so his life was pretty much accustomed to all things magic.

Max started attending Hogwarts after he turned 11, and was sorted to Slytherin. He had a lot of friends, and his early years went by smoothly. He does excellent in Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts, though he also likes Mythology a lot. Care of Magical Creatures is also one of his favorite classes. When he turned 15, he discovered that he might not be as straight as he thought he would be, and he kissed his best friend. He discovered that he is bisexual, thought it ruined his relationship with his best friend forever.

Now, Max is determined to start a new year the usual way he does: Fun-filled. He is looking forward to the new school year, where he's going to actually try out for Quidditch, something he's looked forward to since his early years at Hogwarts, but never actually made it. He's also excited for his new classes, to the new spells his learn. He's also looking forward to developing his Duelling skills more, so perhaps he needs to pay his utmost attention in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Maybe he can go for prefect too, or the year after. He only has two years left, so he'll make sure he's gonna make it all count.

(As of 4/7 IC)

Max is now a graduate and has plans of becoming an Auror.


Max is quite the talker. He never seems to keep his mouth shut, and this could either be beneficial or detrimental to him, depending on the situation. He's sarcastic, he's loud, but he's also quite smart and relies more on his intelligence than brute strength. He's quite friendly, though there may be times when he comes off as irritable to some people. He's cunning, and really self-confident, and will do his best to achieve his goals, no matter how hard the path to it may be.

He's also a thrill seeker, and he wants to always go out on adventures. He's a fun person, if he does say so himself, and most of the time, he's known as the class clown. He likes joking around, though when the situation requires it, he can be quite serious. He is also focused and determined. It is easy to get close to Max, but it may be hard to get yourself unattached because he really is likeable.

Magical Information
Blood Status: Half-blood
Wand: WIP
School: Hogwarts
House: Slytherin
Patronus: Wolf
Boggart: WIP
Father: Andrzej Kowalski
Mother: Celestyna Stilinski Kowalski
Full Siblings: None
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): Parents
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: None
Other Information
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Love Interests: Ex best friend
Birthplace: Warsaw, Poland
Current Location: The United Kingdom
Name Meaning:
Nicknames: Max
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Movie: The War Boys
Favourite Song: Start of Time
Favourite Food: Pizza and Cheeseburger
Favourite Drink: Red Bull
Most Important People:
Most Treasured Possessions: Broomstick
Custom Trivia:

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