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Meadow Maestro
Meadow Maestro
Birthdate June 21st 2014
Birth Place Gillingham, Kent, Medway, United Kingdom
Hometown Cedar Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Accent American
Heritage Italian/English
Bloodline Half-Blood
Family Maestro
Wand Arm Left
Wand Length 8⅜"
Wand Wood Ash
Wand Core Kelpie Hair
Boggart Memory disorders
Patronus Doe
Amortentia Lemon, Green tea soap, Chocolate Churros
Hecate Grimm

Meadow Maestro - Violinist · Dancer
Send Me an Owl! - “Not different, but special!”
“I don't want things to be normal. Normal is always being left out, never belonging.”

Vital Information

Meadow Maestro is a Half-Blood witch of English and Italian descent. She is the only daughter of Anthony Maestro and Marina Yaxley.

Full Name: Meadow Maestro
Meaning of name: Originally from the Old English mædwe
Birthdate: June 21st
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Type of childhood: Exciting
First memory: Growing Flitterbloom with her dad
Most important childhood event: Leaving Cedar Park to move in with her mother (step-father, and half-brother)
Why: Meadow and Marina had trouble getting along once they were brought together

Life Before Hogwarts

You'll love it. I bet you won't want to come back.

– Anthony Maestro

But, I don't want to go.

– Meadow Maestro

There was a struggle between Meadow and her mother their first few months together upon Meadow's return back to her place of birth. Away from her beloved father, and the life she knew, the home she never wanted to leave Marina and Meadow quickly discovered they had no precious memories of the relationship they were supposed to have to build off of. Before Marina taught Meadow to play the violin the little girl would often start to believe that her mother was not actually her mother. She would start to wonder if her father had sent her to Kent because of the danger his magic poses to them in Cedar Park. From as far away as he was, and as unhappy as they both were to be apart from one another. He was protecting her, as he had always done.

Meadow was raised by her father Anthony, her uncle Shane, and his wife Alexia. Her father and his brother were born in East Meadow New York. They raised their daughters in the same small West Philadelphia neighborhood their grandfather raised their father in. Growing up Meadow loved living with her father, and her uncle in Cedar Park. By the age of four she met her uncle Shane's daughter, her cousin Melania. Three years later the girls learning Charms and Herbology from their dads. Her dad was a bit embarrassing - she only thought so because of how much he loved her. Meadow's American friends all liked him, as he was the dad they wish they had. They were there for the sparkly glove, the one he bought for her seventh birthday. They watched along with Meadow as it lay on the floor, almost covered in ice cream by then. Meadow will always remember Anthony banging his knee, and his head reaching down underneath the table to get it back for her.

His exploits tend to cause him to lose control of his magic, the explosions causing a Backfiring Jinx. The result has been lethal on numerous occasions. He has met with mild success, and relies heavily on his skill in Herbology for income in the magical world to provide for his only daughter Meadow. She was sent back to her mother a few years before her Hogwarts Acceptance Letter arrived.

It took a few years, four years exactly, for Marina and Meadow to soften up to one another. Marina's husband Corvus has always been what united them. He is still not privy to the whispers, and the giggles shared between mother and daughter. His role as an outsider is one he has come to accept lovingly despite how disdainfully Meadow says his name. Only he knows of Marina's deeply rooted fear of the day Meadow will no longer show the same idolization they have come to recognize in her eyes when she looks at her mother. To Meadow her mother is quick-witted, fearless, and beautiful. Meadow will do everything in her power to be exactly like her.

Slytherin Crest (Gif)


♪Betcha on land they understand, bet they don't reprimand♪ ... my goodness, there are some strange currents and yet more exotic shallows in these parts, aren't there? A thicket of feelings, a living bushel perchance under which to entomb the light of veracious emotion. Lots of growth, an abundance of energy but ... few sources, aquifers of deliberate concealment, it would appear. We've gone well past honour with Mother, haven't we, but poor Father (either one) hardly bathes in the same radiance. And certainty, well, I'm fairly sure I could shape horseshoes round it. Role model is one thing, my dear, this Elektran potential replacement motif you have etched into the walls here - highly disturbing. Still, your business, and isn't there a barbed-wire, high-voltage, Doberman Pinscher-supported fence around that issue. ♪Be a clown, be a clown, all the world loves a♪ ah, but you don't, do you? At least, not in public. It's attention you can't channel, energy you can't curb, proof that the universe doesn't turn on your will, that it can't always be bludgeoned into submission. Hmm, well, it's not as if I had any doubts, the decor after all is Early through Late Ambition, still SLYTHERIN!

– The Sorting Hat

Being sorted into Slytherin was part of a long standing tradition in the Yaxley family. She is basically a legacy. Her first few years were rough, being "firsties" is always something to keep quiet about. They are almost always the most raucous, and people think they spot an "ickle firstie!" at a glance. She honestly thought being in Slytherin was going to be great because her mother was in Slytherin, somehow that fantasy has yet to come true. She loves her house, and she does not regret begging the hat to put her there when she was no longer sure of what it was saying to her.


Fifth year started off perfectly, make that Prefect. Meadow put her name in for Perfect with the expectations of getting it, and she did. She did think her Head of House would pull a repeat, and give it to Bagman, again. She was thrilled to learn that it was her, and she decided to take the warning imbedded in the congratulations to heart. She had never heard of a Prefect losing their title until she was in fourth year, she most definitely did not want to be on the short list of people who had that in common.

October of that same year is when she met Dustin James, a boy she continued to mistakenly refer to as 'Davin', the boy who would undoubtedly sweep her off her feet. After a few years of trying to deny the feelings she thought she might have for her own gender, a sweet boy came along and won her heart. She began developing strong feelings for him in a short amount of time. She was open to exploring a romantic relationship, she was also realistic about investing emotionally in someone because they were new, and exciting.

It was on her first date with Dustin, at the Three Broomsticks, where she voiced to anyone the torment from Cal. Her younger sibling, her half-brother, has a disorder that only his father knew he suffered from. Both males from the age of 8-12 exhibited symptoms of a mental health condition, an Antisocial Personality Disorder. Meadow was the reason for her brother's frustration, thusly the target of his aggression, and ultimately his violence. Her talks with Dustin, and his influence on her gave her the courage to tell her father what was happening with her mother, her step-father, and Cal at home. She was forced to stay at school that Christmas break when her true colors almost ruined her Prefect reputation. While her father fought for her well being, having her step-father, and her step-brother legally restricted from being in Meadow's presence, she fought for her reputation as a Witch, and as a Slytherin. Little did she know the Ancient House rivalry concerning the bitter blood battle deep at the heart of Hogwarts bubbled within her feud.

She began living out of an expensive flat in London rented out by her aunt and uncle shortly before her sixteenth birthday. It was the best way to avoid the emotional devastation of the reminder living in her home mother's home without her mother their. Meadow was abandoned once by Marina, by her own mother, when she was approximately six months old. Her mother informally relinquished her parental rights to her daughter for the second time when Meadow was 15. She will never forget how much it hurt knowing Marina left without even saying goodbye, there is no possible way to explain in words how it felt.

Head Girl
She was made Head Girl at the start of her Seventh Year. She tried to wield all of the power that it gave her as wisely as possible. She believes that she was successful, she never once needed to escort anyone to their Head of House and as important as it has always been to her she did not once catch anyone breaking any rules. With all the free time she had due to the spectacularly peaceful year it was she focused on her studies pulling in almost the exact same marks in her N.E.W.T.s that she received on her O.W.L.s. She claimed her attempt to pass every class available to her was to allow her to have more options in her profession. In truth she has always known what she wanted to do, her obsession was just that, an obsession and her last chance to prove how intelligent she is.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Myers Elementary School (K-4)
Higher education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Slytherin

O.W.L. Results

Charms — E
Transfiguration — O
Herbology — O
Defense Against the Dark Arts — E
Ancient Runes — E
Potions — O
Astronomy — A
Divination — O
History of Magic — E
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms — E
Transfiguration — O
Herbology — O
Defense Against the Dark Arts — E
Ancient Runes — E
Potions — O
Divination — O
History of Magic — E
Apparition — A

Talents (hidden or not): Divination - Sortilegi
Extremely skilled at: Charms, Herbology
Extremely unskilled at: Transfiguration
Good characteristics: Willing, Versatile
Character flaws: Ruthless, Unpredictable

Color: Opal
Food: Bramble Porridge, Insalata caprese, Risotto with lemon and green beans
Music: Indie
Clothing style/Outfit: Strong preference for Muggle clothing, specifically denim jeans
Literature: Fantasy
Expressions: “Everything but the kitchen sink.”
Quote: “A good laugh is sunshine in a house.”

Recent developments: From years of dancing since the age of three, Meadow has had a number of superficial (mild, moderate, severe) injuries; Neck and Lower-Back Strains, and she occasionally has rare uncontrollable Muscle Spasms


Ambitious - Bold, Uninhibited, Decisive, Naïve

Meadow is unpredictable, she is versatile and always willing to do something out of the ordinary. She is also ruthless in competition, and faithful to the idea that time is wasted if the majority of it is spent standing still, or bored. Her curiosity about the Muggle world from the early influence of her father is what makes her a Black sheep, rebel outcast like her mother was at her age. Meadow has an off beat sense of humor, she always laughs at the wrong things. She likes to tell jokes but they are not always funny, and in some cases they are not always jokes. She is forgetful, she may occasionally lose her glasses on her face. She constantly makes lists to help her remember things, and proceeds to lose her lists if they do not first become covered in the graffiti doodles she draws anywhere she can see space. It is not obscene graffiti, it merely a small symbol she has drawn since she was four years old.

Mannerisms: Shifting in her seat
Peculiarities: Sanguivoriphobia - Fear of vampires or "blood-eaters" (Leeches, Mosquitos, etc)
Worst bad habit: Off beat sense of humor, she always laughs at the wrong things
Quirks: Draws doodles on any piece of paper in front of her and always carries a pen or pencil to facilitate this habit
Pet Peeves: People with no sense of humor

People who say Hello for any reason other than to say Hi


Bella Hadid

Meadow has an oval shaped face, and a pale, sensitive, light pink skin complexion. She has light freckles that run across the bridge of her nose. She hates her freckles, and denies having them. Her eyebrows are thin, and sparse. Her eyes, inherited from her mother, are a bright, bold Blue-Gray-Green. Her hair is the same deep rich walnut brown as her father. She often wears her hair down, and occasionally pins one side back, away from her face like her mother does. Meadow has had her ears pierced since she was 2 years old. She has added on since then with two extra holes along the ridge of her left ear, and one on the right.


Family Member Relationship with them
Father Anthony is Meadow's father. Meadow loves her father Anthony, and she always will. She cherishes memories of him being there for her. Memories of him easily make her cry, or make her smile.
Mother Marina is Meadow's mother. Meadow learned over time to enjoy the company of her mother. She will do anything to be as courageous, intelligent, and glamorous as she thinks her mother is.
Stepfather Corvus is Meadow's step father. She hates him, she thinks he is the reason her mother and father did not raise her together.
Half-brother Caelum is Meadow's younger half-brother. A son of Corvus, Meadow hated him. She sees him differently after being forced to spend time with him, and being his big sister.

Extended family:

Paolo Maestro
Romilda Maestro née Abbagnale
Maxwell Yaxley
Kailynn Yaxley née Cromwell
Shane Maestro
Alexia Roach
Marilla Yaxley
Bartram Hatheway
Melania "Mel" Maestro
Maximiliana "Liana" Hatheway

Friend Relationship with them
Justice Nowell Justice — Meadow's best friend. A Muggle-born witch Meadow met at her old school in Philly when she only lived a few houses away. Meadow sends Justice one or two letters every few weeks. They went from classmates to pen-pals.
Rosalie Pasternoster, Ashlea Bateson Alie and Ashlea — Meadow's American (Pure-Blood) friends. They are her cousin Melania's friends, but they have been nothing but nice to Meadow. They went to her birthday parties and Meadow (with Justice tagging along) went to their birthday parties in return.


Therapy Bear
Dustin and Meadow met at the Stone Circle. It was sort of an accident, she was just looking for troublemakers when she found him... or rather. He found her. She is crazy about the older boy, he is quite surprising, and she has come to the conclusion that he has a rather pleasantly unusual effect on her.
Phoebe and Meadow met a Dervish and Banges. Phoebe was kind enough to stop what she was doing to help a lost little Meadow find an item she never ended up using. The two girls chatted about brothers/boys, and family relationships. Meadow never noticed whether or not other girls are pretty, with Phoebe it is all too obvious.
Glamazon Queen
Cecilia and Meadow have been yearmates since their first year when one went to a tower and the other to the dungeons. Far from best friends Ceci is one of those people Meadow actually likes. She even seems to gets Meadow's dumb jokes, which a lot of people fail to do. It is not like they are for brain surgeons only.
Chocolate Frog Friend
Kate and Meadow met on the Sixth Floor of the Grand Staircase Tower, not counting their meeting in the first years carriage (The Chocolate Frog Escape). Kate was walking on the rails, and Meadow had to stop in silent admiration of her balance.
Daisy Daisy and Meadow met near Hogsmeade. Meadow mistook Daisy for Phoebe, something she joked with herself about doing after learning the pretty girl had an identical twin. Daisy proved to be most of what Meadow heard she was by pretending to be Phoebe until she just could not seem to keep up the act any longer.
Stupid Idiot
Peter became familiar with Meadow in class, on numerous occasions. He corrected her, she corrected him. One thing lead to another and she challenged him to a duel. She wants to "physically fight him", she has a lot of pent up anger, and he seems to want her release it. She is trying to be the "better" person.


Most prized possession: Mermaid necklace
Why: The necklace was given to Meadow by her father for her fourth birthday
Familiar/Pet: Clytie (Snowshoe cat), Neptune (Barn Owl)
Wand: Ash Kelpie Hair


Spell Effect
First Year Spells
Protego Causes minor spells to rebound or not have their full effect
Expelliarmus Disarming Charm
Incendio Produces fire
Lumos Creates a small light on the wand's tip
Nox Counterspell to Lumos
Wingardium Leviosa Levitates objects
Trip Jinx Causes target to trip
Petrificus Totalus Bind the target's body in a straight position
Cistem Aperio Opens closed things such as chests and doors
Anapneo Unblocks blocked throats
Second Year Spells
Obscuro Creates a blindfold over the target's eyes
Lumos Solem Creates a bright light and hurts things which don't like sunlight
Arania Exumai Knocks over or throws back animals
Fumos Produces a cloud of dark gray smoke
Alarte Ascendare Causes the target to shoot up into the air
Flame-Freezing Charm Causes fire to become harmless
Bubble-Head Charm Creates a bubble of air
Third Year Spells
Finite Incantatem Negates the effects of most charms
Accio Summons an item
Point Me Causes the caster's wand to point North
Salvio Hexia Provides protextion against hexes
Diffindo Cuts or rips the target
Incendio Duo Produces fire more powerful than Incendio
Obliviate Removes memories
Fourth Year Spells
Banishing Charm Opposite of summoning
Evanesco Makes the target vanish
Incarcerous Ties something up with rope
Lacarnum inflamari Sets clothing on fire
Extinguishing spell Puts out fires
Reparifors Cures minor magically-induced ailments, such as paralysis and poisoning
Protego Totalum Protects an area of dwelling
Fifth Year Spells
Protego Horribilis Provides a shield against Dark magic
Declino alica Absorbs spells. Similar to a Shield Charm, but the spell doesn't rebound
Eviscera contorta Knots target's stomach; doubles them over with pain
Oblitus Targets and removes one memory, hiding its absence
Finger-removing Jinx Hexes a finger off
Expecto Patronum Creates a Patronus
Brackium Emendo Heals a broken bone
Sixth Year Spells
Duro Makes the object hard as stone
Specialis Revelio Makes an object reveal that it has hidden or magical qualities
Confringo Causes things to explode in flames
Partis Temporus Creates a temporary gap through protective magical barriers
Sectumsempra Wounds magically as if the target had been slashed with a sword
Vulnera Sanentur Causes wounds and gashes to heal up and any blood to return to the victim
Undetectable Extension Charm Causes a container's interior capacity to be increased
Seventh Year Spells
Firestorm Conjures a ring of fire. The caster can direct the fire. Most powerful fire spell
Portus Turns an object into a Portkey
Repello Inimicum Disintegrates the person(s) entering this protected zone
Geminio Curse Whenever the cursed object is touched, it makes multiple fake copies of itself
Ducklifors Transforms target creature into a duck
Prior Incantato Causes an echo of the last spell cast to come from a wand
Taboo When the trigger word is spoken, the caster is aware, and concealment enchantments around the target are broken for the caster, who knows the speaker's location