Schedule Reminders

  • Week Nine: Last week of classes
  • Summer Week One: Summer begins! Hogwarts is closed
  • Summer Week Two: Summer continues

Head Students

Your head students for this school term are Kai Seymour and Aria Prince! Congratulations to the both of them.

Quidditch Tryouts

Hi all! We'll be running Quidditch this year, so please don't forget to sign students up for it, thank you! :)
Gryffindor Tryouts / Hufflepuff Tryouts / Ravenclaw Tryouts / Slytherin Tryouts.

Class Structure

The vote has closed and option 3 has passed. Class structure will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the professor teaching the class - i.e. if a professor wants to group years they can, if they'd prefer not to, they can keep them separate.

Vote results

As per the recent vote, these are the changes that will be implemented:

  • A new user will still have to ensure their first two characters are not exotic characters.
  • A new user will have to wait a month to be able to vote on any type of vote, including election votes.
  • Users will be able to have two characters of the same exotic.
  • We will be removing the policy that there can only be two adults and two students of the one nymph type. Meaning that, regardless of how many other users have made a, for example, fire nymph, you are able to make a fire nymph yourself. Please remember that you are still limited to two nymphs in total.

Character pages

With the new forum style up and running, we would like to remind you that as this replaces a character's history and personality, the interview questions and answers still need to be found somewhere on the character page. How you decide to format this is up to you!


With the new introduction of the interview style forums, which are now up and running, please be advised you can no longer use dot points for your history and personality. They must reach the required length with complete full sentences. This doesn't affect forums that have been made before this announcement, but they will be the last ones. Thank you!

IC Sports

A blog has been posted about IC Sports at Hogwarts which can be found here. It is an important blog so make sure to read up on it!


To anyone with home or talk page archives: please make sure they are listed under the appropriate categories.

--home archives need the Home Archive category

--talk page archives need the UserTalk Archive category

--they don't need any other archive categories, just the applicable above.

--if anyone wants to get rid of their home archives, just owl Jay with the links or add the 'Delete' template to those pages

thank you!


All animagi, registered or unregistered (active, semi-active and expansion) need to be registered on this page.


Friendly reminder that once your character has been sorted, you need to update the exotic tracker, which includes your character count. So even if your character is not an exotic, this section still needs to be updated. Also, if you currently have a child character (including baby) please update the registration for it.


Please check our discussions page to request a role-play or to raise concerns with the admin team. Of course, any other conversations about characters, HP, the expansion or anything DARP-related are highly encouraged as well.


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