Schedule Reminders

  • Week Four: Classes continue, first round of Hogwarts quidditch
  • Week Five: Christmas break, castle is closed
  • Week Six: Classes resume

2040 Autumn Ball

The Autumn Ball is now open to be roleplayed on! Please note that it is fourth years and above only, unless you have a valid invitation!

Staff Elections

Congratulations to our newest additions to the team! Rollbacks; Nebuliss, Zany Knave, and HaleTheKing. And admins MaknaeLivi and Ildsjel

Admin Team Re-Evaluation

Please make sure to look at this vote here and participate as this is vital to building the best admin team for the wikia as possible. Thank you! - The Bureaucrats


An administrator has placed forward a blog detailing the upcoming riot. Please give it a read and get involved as much as you can. Thank you!

Quidditch Sign-Ups

Quidditch sign-ups are now open! If you have characters interested in playing be sure to sign up for your house team!

Expansion Blog

Please check this blog and make sure you're familiar with its contents. Thank you!

Half breeds

Please remember to register your half breed in the registry (here) in accordance with the current expansion. You can also place those haven't registered in the section below in order to try and avoid them being caught by either the aurors and the patrol. For those who are registered, then please make sure you allocate them into a block within the precinct.


All animagi, registered or unregistered (active, semi-active and expansion) need to be registered on this page.


Friendly reminder that once your character has been sorted, you need to update the exotic tracker, which includes your character count. So even if your character is not an exotic, this section still needs to be updated. Also, if you currently have a child character (including baby) please update the registration for it.


Please check our discussions page to request a role-play or to raise concerns with the admin team. Of course, any other conversations about characters, HP, the expansion or anything DARP-related are highly encouraged as well.