Schedule Reminders

  • Week Two: Classes continues
  • Week Three: Classes continues
  • Week Four: Classes continues

Urgent! Quidditch Captains Needed!

Hi all! AI wanted to remind everyone that we are roleplaying Quidditch this year! Albeit, we will only be doing the rival house games and the rest shall be randomised, we still need teams and, more importantly, captains! Please sign up for captains here and make sure to sign up students as Quidditch players on one of the following links, thank you! Gryffindor Tryouts, Hufflepuff Tryouts, Ravenclaw Tryouts and Slytherin.

Minister Elections

The vote for the next Minister for Magic is now open! Please find the page here. Please do remember that you only have two votes via two IC characters who must be a British national. 2042 Minister Election Debates have also begun! Use this to help inform your voters. The votes will remain open until 15th November 2019 at 12PM EST.

Hogwarts Class Structure

We're making some changes! Please see the blog. For extended details, please see this blog. Feel free to address questions to Ck or the second blog.


The Teachers list has been updated! Please be sure to check it to see if your character will be teaching anything this school term. All head of houses please be sure to pick prefects and captains at your earliest convenience!

There are still vacancies to be filled. If you're interested in having an adult character fill any of the rules please let Brocky know!

  • Magic Theory
  • Mythology

Head Students

Your Head Students this school year are Conrad Flaherty and Juliet Windsor! Congratulations to the both of you.

Great Hall

The feast at the great hall has begun! Be sure to have your student and teacher characters stop by!

Staff Elections

Congratulations to the newest administrators, Hannah and Jay!

Expansion Updates

Minister Fitzgerald Found Dead! Read up on all the details, and don't forget to comment with your character's reactions with a WB! Further details about the next election coming soon!


Due to a decrease in activity, the bureaucrats have decided to lift the minimum requirements on personality and history. Whilst we do require you to write something (whether it be one paragraph, dot points, a poem etc), it does not have to be 14 sentences. For history, we still need first magical incident and the age that this happens. This will be implemented until further notice.

IC Sports

A blog has been posted about IC Sports at Hogwarts which can be found here. It is an important blog so make sure to read up on it!

Human Resources

There is a vote regarding the sub department HR open here. It closes tenth of August (midnight UTC) and there are two votes that need to be answered before you are finished, so please make sure that you do both forums. Thank you!

Page History

A How-to blog has been posted by Jay Sea detailing how to check page histories as a form of archiving. Be sure to check it out!


To anyone with home or talk page archives: please make sure they are listed under the appropriate categories.

--home archives need the Home Archive category

--talk page archives need the UserTalk Archive category

--they don't need any other archive categories, just the applicable above.

--if anyone wants to get rid of their home archives, just DM me with the links or add the 'Delete' template to those pages

thank you!


All animagi, registered or unregistered (active, semi-active and expansion) need to be registered on this page.


Friendly reminder that once your character has been sorted, you need to update the exotic tracker, which includes your character count. So even if your character is not an exotic, this section still needs to be updated. Also, if you currently have a child character (including baby) please update the registration for it.


Please check our discussions page to request a role-play or to raise concerns with the admin team. Of course, any other conversations about characters, HP, the expansion or anything DARP-related are highly encouraged as well.


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