Schedule Reminders

  • Summer Week Four(12 July): Summer continues. Hogwarts is closed.
  • Hogwarts Week 1 (19 July): Hogwarts begins!
  • Hogwarts Week 2 (26 July): Hogwarts begins!

Carriages Open

Carriages are now officially open for rp!

The Founders' Tournament

AI is happy to announce the first big IC expansion in a while, The Founders' Tournament! Please see this blog for more details.

Prefect / Quidditch Captain Sign Ups

Sign ups for prefects and quidditch captains are now officially open for this IC school year! Please sign up here.

Teacher / Head Student Sign Ups

Sign ups for teachers and head students are officially open for this IC school year! If interested be sure to sign up here!

Contest To Find The Thirteen

AI is running a one off contest to find the missing five prestigious schools that make up The Thirteen Schools (increased from the Eleven). Please go to this page to find out all the details! If you have any further questions, please contact Oli.

Deadline For Entries: 7th August 2020

Regular User GMers!

If you are a regular user who would be willing to help GM future Duelling and Quidditch matches, please sign up on this page here. Thank you!

- Oli and Gaby


Thank you for adhering to the voting policy! Per this vote a new user will have to wait two weeks to be able to vote on any type of vote, including election votes.

  • Faceclaims: This vote is to clarify the policy on deceased faceclaims. Please vote by July 12th.

Vote results

  • Model Sharing: Users will only be allowed to share faceclaims with up to two other users, must label the faceclaims they are willing to share, and if users exceed 25 characters, they will be required to share the same amount of faceclaims by which they exceed the count (i.e. if you have 29 characters, you have to share 4 FCs, etc.)
  • Model Reservation Revision: Model reservations are permanent until they are used or manually removed.
  • Voting Structure Revision: Users can now nominate themselves for admin team positions when open.

Activity Questionnaire

If you have a moment to provide some feedback regarding wiki activity, please fill out this form! It is not compulsory but we appreciate any and all responses! Please see the blog for details and updates!


When creating or editing your archives, please use only Category:Personal Archive for character-specific archives like homes and rooms or user-specific pages where you save random RP's. Please use only Category:UserTalk Archive for user talk page archives. The templates {{Personal Archive}} and {{User Talk Archive}} will add the correct category for you! Thank you.

Character pages

Reminder to everyone that you must create your character's page with at least their history/personality or their interview before roleplaying them. Thank you!


All animagi, registered or unregistered (active, semi-active and expansion) need to be registered on this page.


Friendly reminder that once your character has been sorted, you need to update the exotic tracker. Also, if you currently have a child character (including baby) please update the registration for it.


Please check our discussions page to request a role-play or to raise concerns with the admin team. Of course, any other conversations about characters, HP, the expansion or anything DARP-related are highly encouraged as well.


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