Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)Mei YangHufflepuff Crest (Gif)
Fifth Year Hufflepuff ~ Little Sunshine
Owned by: Awesome

Gender: Female Age: 15 Height: 5'3 Weight: 100 lbs
Sexuality: Bi-Curious Relationship Status: Single
Accent: English Birthplace: France

Magical Info

Wand Wood: Aspen
Wand Core: Unicorn Hair
Wand Length: 11 Inches Patronus: Ferret


Mei is warm and amiable, friendly in appearance and tongue. At first meeting, she may be shy and introverted, but will open up to you in no time. Though it may not appear, she is intelligent and has a hobby of reading anything, from spellbooks to novels, to maybe even textbooks; anything, really, to quench her boredom. As she is kind and trustworthy, she is someone any person can be friends with. But of course, every rose has it's thorn. Mei, quite unlike her image, can be quite snobbish about her Pure Blood status. She will judge others who aren't like her, and raise her head around them. She might snap or be sarcastic or maybe even not talk at all to them. It's all apart of her pride.


Jay Yang and Fei Chong were graduates of the same year in Hogwarts. They were pure lovebirds and also Pure Bloods. Their families were proud with their blood and wanted no one who didn't have the blood to be apart of the family. A long time ago, both their families migrated from Korea and Japan to Great Britain where the wizards believed they would receive a better education in magic schools in the location. The line of witches and wizards grew and they attended different magic schools, only magic schools. Soon, the two families met through Jay and Fei at Hogwarts.

So, when they got out of Hogwarts, Jay had inherited his family's manor in a quaint and peaceful area and decided to take Fei there and live with her. After a year, they got married, and after another year, they had a child together with the name of Mei.

Mei grew up happily as a child. She was played with regularly, the house servants brought her whatever she needed and she had a great amount of other Pure Blooded friends her age. As they were in the area of Beauxbatons, she was accepted there and began to go there for four years. Her parents felt they wanted her to carry on the tradition and so in the new year, they moved to Fei's inherited family manor much nearer to Hogwarts. She was soon accepted into Hogwarts, and started to go there, much to her parents' pride. She is currently 15 and in her 5th year.


Model: Kim Seuk Hye

Extra Info

Full Name: Mei Cecelia Yang
Date of Birth: 23 of February
Nationality: English
Ethnicity: Asian
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English, semi-Korean, French, semi-Japanese
Current Location: Hogwarts
Current Status: Alive
Species: Pure-Blood Wizard

Known Spells

1st Year Spells
Bluebell Flames
Hover Charm
Wingardium Leviosa

2nd Year Spells
Arania Exumai
Flame-Freezing Charm

3rd Year Spells
Carpe Retractum
Concealment Charm
Salvio Hexia
Transtuli alius

4th Year Spells
Arrow-shooting spell
Extinguishing spell
Ignis Graecorum

Name Relation Feelings
Jay Yang Father She loves him and still writes to him
Fei Chong Yang Mother She loves her and still writes to her
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