Birthday: Saturday, June 22nd of 2019
Birthplace: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Languages Spoken: English (2nd) & Spanish (1st)
Languages Understood: English (2nd), Portuguese (3rd), & Spanish (1st)
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Species: Werewolf & Witch
Marital Status: Single & Looking
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Schooling: Ilvermorny (1-4) & Hogwarts (5-)
Affiliations: Torres Family, Ilvermorny, Thunderbird, Hogwarts, & Gryffindor
Patronus: Butterfly
Boggart: Werewolves
Amortentia: Arroz Con Dulce & Avena

Nothing is that important about the story of Eduardo and Genesis Torres, who had a "scandalous romance" at the hospital they both worked at. Eventually, they would wed and have three fantastically homosexual children: Carolina, Ricardo, and finally Melanie. Their mother's unaccepting ways would eventually turn the children towards fleeing Puerto Rico to England. In reality, she was not very close or friendly with any of them at that time. Melanie followed, since they had seemed to want to leave her behind, struggling under her mother's firm grasp.

It took quite the load of effort to get Melanie enrolled to Hogwarts, since transferring was never an easy task. Despite being only ten years old, her first signs of magic from years ago had registered her to Ilvermorny. The Book and Quill did not realize Melanie as their own. Although she didn't mind where she went, they had managed to let Ricky transfer to Hogwarts for his first year. Melanie, not wanting to be by herself, had done everything to go to Hogwarts, but ended up being invited to Ilvermorny instead. When she arrived for her first year, bamboozled and spoiler, she was put into the Thunderbird house.

For a few more years, she would silently attend Ilvermorny. Her friendships with everyone were true, as she had plenty of friends in the right crowds of people. Except for a few sketchy boys she would hang around, but she was all too much of a lesbian to care about them beyond the platonic realm. A few brief, beginner relationships with some girls, but they always complained about how they didn't like that she wasn't out and open. Finally, she allowed to transfer to Hogwarts after four years of trying their hardest to get the Department of Magical Education and Hogwarts to approve it. For her fifth year, she would get to go there and would be sorted into Gryffindor accordingly.

Before that, on her way traveling from Ilvermorny back to England over Christmas, there was a little bit of an accident. A poor Portkey knocked her and her friend into one of the nearby forests; the reasoning for the mistake never being fully figured out. A hound of werewolves, probably of those that try to curse people with their lycanthropy, soon attacked the pairing after hours of navigating the forest on their own. Her friend passed away in the attack, being the primary victim, but Melanie managed to drag her way to the thankfully magical streets. A hoard of British and Irish magical folk flocked around her, helping in treating her and rushing her to St. Mungo's. It took a day before they reached her brother and sister, when she would officially be cursed like they probably intended.

Melanie is, simply put, incredibly overbearing. It isn't rare for her to demand or ask for too much, pushing people past where they are comfortable. Her manners are extremely lacking, but it never comes off as much of a surprise. She looks and acts like a troublemaker, because she more often than not befriends those that cause problems. She doesn't really fit into that crowd though, despite her "low sense of morals" (Professor Fry 2032). Nice people just aren't her cup of tea.

She is a liar and a gossip, but never intends for it to be malicious. It kind of just happens. To save her life, "she could never figure out what an indoor voice is or was" (Professor Tamboli 2034). Melanie shouts when she talks and talks when she whispers, because she is simply naturally and painfully loud. Any accent that exists within her is strong and always there, although she denies its existence entirely. Her comments are normally blunt yet aggressive, mostly sounding like personal attacks, despite rarely actually being so. Her attitude when people come for her has provided Melanie with some obnoxious nicknames, but she welcomes them with pride.

Whether people like her or not, she has plenty of self love and that is all she needs. Her sense of pride for the Torres family and Puerto Rico is tough and she speaks of both often. Melanie might not be too smart, but she is loyal and strong (hey, she works out). Although primarily filled with great respectful and pride in who she is and where she comes from, she is ashamed of her lycanthropy and homosexuality. While she might joke about both frequently, it is always done in a manner that might make people wonder if she is being serious. Her body is covered in dozens of brutal scars from the attack, which she hates yet loves as she sees them as battle wounds and that is what makes her powerful.

Frey, Aleta: Friend
From their instant connection to the weird coincidences, they were ultimately doomed to be best friends. Whether their friendship escalates to that level is for fate to decide, but she already feels attached to the girl. Perhaps it is her beauty or her charm, but she likes to think it is just about everything about her. Nothing seems to be flawed, although she knows everybody has some errors to their code and she is just waiting to meet them. Both being Gryffindors, she is ecstatic that she will most definitely get the opportunity to share a dormitory with her. It still feels like she might be getting pranked by the world's most committed and cruelest pranksters. Don't mess with her little lesbian heart like that.

Torres, Carolina: Older Sister
Although they might not have the strongest sisterly bond, it is good to consider how far apart in age they are. It was never easy to spend time with her sister, because they have always had conflicting schedules. When she was stuck at home being babysat, her sister was off at Ilvermorny. When she was stuck at Ilvermorny alone, her sister was off working and being a successful member of society. This is not to say that Melanie doesn't love her sister to death, because she does. While she might pick her brother over her sister, she would do anything to protect her and she couldn't express her gratitude for taking her in enough. They might have only mild and awkward interactions, but she has always expected it from their relationship. Maybe if they really got the opportunity to get to know each other, it wouldn't be so bad.

Torres, Eduardo: Father
If only he hadn't chosen his wife over his children. Melanie never saw her father as homophobic as her mother and she found that he never really had been that homophobic anyways. When she was younger, she enjoyed doing father-daughter activities between the two of them, but she found herself having built up animosity towards him as she got older. It was hard not to as he frequently sided with her mother over his three homosexual children (not that any of them were out, but it was obvious). When she moved to England, their only communication was through Christmas letters and that was fine with Melanie.

Torres, Genesis: Mother
Since they weren't ever especially close, it wasn't as hard for her to part ways with her mother. Despite all of the crap she has been put through by her parents, she still tries to love both of them, because she wouldn't be here without either of them. However, she has significant favoritism towards her father over her mother, because she quite frankly can't stand the damn woman. When somebody sends their twelve-year-old daughter a strongly worded letter regarding her sinful homosexual actions, it's hard to still respect that person. They don't speak and haven't written letters to each other in almost three years.

Torres, Ricardo: Older Brother
Only being a year younger than her brother, it was easier for them to click. Most of their time together is spent joking around or whispering about their supposed homosexuality that neither will admit to. It is a fun and secretive friendship, which she will always greatly appreciate. The fact that he was always equally close to their sister as he was with her has always been a sensitive one, since she was never close to their sister herself. When he was allowed into Hogwarts and she was not, she had a tinge of jealousy for him and had a year's worth of hatred towards him before getting over it and moving on.

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