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Name : Memphis Audrey Torson


"Seldom give unguarded advice, for advice is a dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise, and all courses may run ill"

Age: 15

Year: Fifth

House: Ravenclaw

Personality: Memphis is smart, really smart.  Math and science? Cake.  People?  Umm… can he go back to math and science?  He can figure out how most spells work pretty quickly too.  He likes puzzles, figuring out answers, and generally proving himself the mental superior of his foes.  But his close friends know he can be really sweet and generous, and is extremely loyal, if a little spoiled.

History: Alexander Torson is a Ministry diplomat to Egypt.  While on one of his many extended trips to the nation, he met a lovely young girl named Samantha, an American archeology student.  The two fell in love, got married, and a year later their son, Memphis, was born.  Being the son of a wealthy wizard and a muggle, Memphis grew up with the best experiences of both worlds.  His mother insisted he be taught at home, even though he was eligible to attend Hogwarts when he turned eleven.  

His mother taught him to love science and history as she did, and she was ecstatic when Memphis was labeled a mathematical genius.  Memphis’ father hired a tutor to teach him magic, but when he turned fourteen, his tutor really had nothing left to teach him.  Memphis took a year off, during which his father finally convinced his mother to allow him to attend Hogwarts in order to further his education.  Now fifteen, Memphis will start Hogwarts as a fifth year.


  1. Alohomora
  2. Impedimenta
  3. Obliteration Charm
  4. Repello Muggletum
  5. Scourgify
  6. Ventus
  7. Accio
  8. Bombarda
  9. Diminuendo
  10. Engorgio
  11. Episkey
  12. Finite Incantatem
  13. Homenum Revelio
  14. Imperturbable Charm
  15. Obliviate
  16. Point Me
  17. Quietus
  18. Riddikulus
  19. Salvio Hexia
  20. Unbreakable Charm
  21. Banishing Charm
  22. Ferula
  23. Incarcerous
  24. Lux lucis
  25. Muffliato
  26. Protego Totalum
  27. Reparifors
  28. Stupefy
  29. Bedazzling Hex
  30. Cave Inimicum
  31. Declino alica
  32. Expecto Patronum
  33. Lumos Maxima
  34. Protego Horribilis
  35. Silencio
  36. Stealth Sensoring Spell