Mercedes Torres
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Mercedes is the most chill girl you will literally ever meet, never seeming to cripple under pressure or insecurities. She remained confident all throughout her childhood and became closer to her siblings because they were really the only children she could interact with during her travels, aside from those few random villages that they stopped in. This developed a fierce but practical protectiveness within her. Mercedes maintains a keep cool, maintain calm attitude and is really good at problem-solving and looking outside of the box. She has a natural talent when it comes to puzzles and prides herself on her intelligence and wisdom which can sometimes manifest well past her years.

In the very beginning, long before she was bit by a werewolf and before she knew better than to touch random "puppies" (aka werewolves), Mercedes was a little more dangerous and had a taste for getting herself into trouble. Having always been the more problematic child, Yan and Mericarmen struggled to keep up with her high energy and inability to wind down. After becoming a werewolf, she began to exhibit weird traits much like that of an actual dog and finds herself extremely possessive over most belongings. Not to mention a natural protectiveness over her family and friends that can sometimes get her into heated situations. Ever since a young girl, she has dreamed of the stars and loved astronomy and often tries to interest both her siblings in the topic even though they already had their separate things.

When she was seventeen years old, she was growing apart from her parents due to their conflicting views on homosexuality and often tried her best to keep Miguel and Contanza close, even going as far as to schedule mandatory dinner dates and updates on their individual personal lives. On her free time, Mercedes had picked up a job throughout the summer as a tour guide in the Museum of Muggle Curiosities, where she has taken a special interest in all the muggle inventions. On days off, she can be found at cafes and other food establishments with a fancy beverage, iced coffee and the occasional baked goods.


Since as long as Maricarmen Pérez and Yan Fernando-Torres were a thing, adventure was on their minds and their wanderlust was unyielding despite a family that rooted long before. They first met while attending Ilvermorny and graduated together, never looking back as they traveled to the most scenic reaches of the world. Upon settling for a time in Africa, the pair made their living through honest but necessary hunting and sold their wares and products to various markets, trading stalls and merchants for the highest of value. Upon the first two years travelling into the wilds of Africa, they came across tribes of wizard-kind and discovered a shaman who was wise beyond his years. They developed a friendship and soon enough, the shaman married the couple by performing a sacred ceremony. Unfortunately, the only consequence to the marriage was the ultimate price of not legally being recognized outside of Africa.

Within their first year of marriage, they conceived a little girl in whom they called Mercedes and continued to travel well throughout Maricarmen's pregnancy and the early stages of Mercedes' short life. The parents deemed that their child and any children to come would grow up in a travelling family, as the education they could offer was much more rich than any learned in a classroom. Two years later, Maricarmen found herself pregnant again but with a boy this time. Miguel came into the world and Mercedes was instantly infatuated with her younger brother, often kissing his cheek and playing any game he wanted to. One year passed and now steadily growing family welcomed a final child into their family. Much like she had with her little brother, Mercedes wouldn't let her sister leave her side. She was fiercely protective over her siblings. The family of five refused to settle down and ultimately left Africa.

When Mercedes was eight years old, Miguel six and Contanza five, Yan and Maricarmen arrived in Brazil in attempt to locate a famous werewolf pack as part as an educational lesson. The werewolves had long since been isolated and even as humans, they remained feral creatures. Despite the considerable caution that the family had taken, Mercedes still wound up with a nasty bite when she got a little too close. This became a monthly complications that never hindered their travels and Maricarmen learned how to brew a potion for her afflicted daughter. Every month when Mercedes transformed, she was released in a large field or area where she couldn't hurt her family or other people. But above all else, her parents believed that education was crucial and Mercedes was enrolled in Ilvermorny nearly four years after showing her magical abilities. After her, her siblings followed suit until they were all enrolled. Despite Yan and Maricarmen's children being in school, they continued to travel and found themselves in places like Russia, Ireland, Spain and even Turkey. They sent letters and pictures of the places they visited and remained in constant contact with their three most precious treasures in the world. Mercedes picked up an interest in quidditch in her third year. During their summer breaks, the three joined the travels again. In her sixth year and final year, Mercedes had been the captain for the Wampus qudditch team, which was her pride and joy in life.

Eventually, their travels led them to Great Britain for a time. Yan discovered that a lot of his family was located there and in order to reconnect and be closer to them, ultimately chose with Maricarmen that the children should be enrolled at Hogwarts. Even though it was her last year at school, Mercedes was excited to experience England and see what Hogwarts was like despite having to leave her quidditch team behind. But the closer she got to the other Torres families, it became apparent that Yan and Maricarmen were homophobic to an extent that caused tension with Mercedes as she didn't agree with that opinion. She graduated from Hogwarts with perfect scores and joined in on a wolf pack.

Basic Info
Full Name Mercedes Rosabella Torres
Nickname Cedes, Ceds
Birthday April 17th
Age Nineteen
Nationality Puerto Rican
Home London (currently)
Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual
Location Wizarding Quarter in London
Gender Female
Year Graduated
Titles Werewolf
House Gryffindor
Species Witch (Werewolf)
Family Blood Pure-Blood
Wand Core Elm
Wand Wood Dragonheart String
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Constanza and Miguel Dying
Patronus Wolf
Model Phoebe Tonkin
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 1'8
Voice Soft
Body Style Slender
Mental/Emotional State
Mental/Emotional Disorders
Physical Disorders
Ethnicity Hispanic
Fam & Gen
Mother Maricarmen Pérez
Father Yan Fernando-Torres
Brother(s) Miguel Torres
Sister(s) Constanza Torres
Cousin(s) Victoria Torres, Gustavo Torres, Alfonso Torres, Daniella Torres, Joaquin Torres, Camila Torres, Esteban Toores, Ricardo Torres, Melanie Torres and Fabiola Torres
Aunt(s) N/A
Uncle(s) José Torres, Alejandro Torres, Eduardo Torres and Adrián Torres
Niece(s) N/A
Nephew(s) N/A
Character Flaw
Personal Motto
First Reaction to Crisis
Faces Their Problems
React to Change
Native Language



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