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The "Little Witch" of Camelot.

Merlin Infobox
Merlin Heather Whitehall
Arthur Whitehall (Father) - 37

Lance Whitehall (Father) - 39

Guinevere "Gwen" Whitehall (Older sister) - 16

Leon Whitehall (Older brother) - 13

Elyan Whitehall (Older brother) - 11

Percival "Percy" Whitehall (Older brother) - 9

Tristan Whitehall (Younger brother) - 4
Too young
Blood Status
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Merlin is the 7-year-old adoptive daughter of Arthur and Lance Whitehall. She is affectionally known as "Little Witch" by her older brothers and sister, being the second youngest. Merlin will be entering Ravenclaw house when she's old enough to enter Hogwarts.

Merlin Appearance

Merlin has delicate features that is only increased by her light brown hair and golden-brown eyes. Her cheekbones are high and arched, adding an unspoken grace to her exterior. Merlin's eyes are constantly full of light and laughter and is constantly shining with unknown humor. Her hair is curling, natural of course, and falls to her shoulder blades in flowing waves. It is usually down and never pinned up unless she is working outside or dressed up. Merlin's usual outfit consists of a delicate peasant tunic fastened with a belt, black or dark blue leggings, and high-heeled boots, with a howling wolf necklace.

Merlin Heather Whitehall was born Allie Cassandra Grey on August 13th to Crystal and Alexandre Grey in their small home on the north coast of Greenland. She was an only child, and remained an only child through out her mother's death and her father's remarriage to a woman Allie did not like. The woman tried forcing all memories of her actual mother out of the house and nearly succeeded, if it wasn't for Allie saving several of the albums and hiding them in her closet.

But, as she grew older, Allie's stepmother became envious of her stepdaughter and started to beat and abuse Allie, even getting her husband to join in occasionally. Allie couldn't do anything until she was around 5. During a nasty little smack down, Allie somehow managed to send her stepmother sliding across the room a few feet. Of course, that alerted the neighbors and they immediately got the cops involved. Allie was removed from the house and put into an orphanage. And that is where Lance and Arthur came into her life.

While she was in the orphanage, a couple, Lance and Arthur Whitehall, came in, interested in adopting a little girl. Lance fell in love with Allie at first sight and not two hours later, she was Merlin Heather Whitehall. Merlin liked her new name better than her old and put away all of the memories that her old name had possessed. After entering into the extremely busy Whitehall farm, she was extremely quiet and distant to everyone. Her older brother, Elyan, and sister, Gwen, joined together and helped their new little sister grow into the person that she is today.

Merlin is gentle, but with a wicked sense of humor. There's always a grin or smirk present and more than one person has fallen for her delicate appearance, getting in trouble while she gets off scot-free. She's loyal and brave, even taking on a person who was almost twice her size to protect her younger brother, and she's also extremely intelligent. Arthur describes her as "a complete bookworm, always having her nose buried in a book, our little Witch does." Merlin will literally read anything, even the dictionary if she's bored enough. She's wise for her age, knowing who will help her in her next prank or something like that.


friends, acquaintances and enemies


*Merlin is an American name that means Falcon or an Arthurian name that means Sea Fortress. (She prefers the Arthurian meaning)
  • Heather is an English name that means a flowering evergreen plant that thrives in peaty barren lands in Scotland.
  • Whitehall is an Old English name that means 'A great hall'.

Handedness Ambidextrous
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Straight
Relationship Status Too Young
Pets Excalibur "Ex"(8-year-old Siberian Husky)

Uther (3-year-old male white cat)

Hunith (12-week-old female Calico kitten, Merlin's own pet)

Favourite Songs "Open Arms" By Scott D. Davis

"The Butterfly" By Celtic Woman

"Reel Around The Sun" By Riverdance

Favourite Colours Dark Blue and Yellow
Favourite Sweet Usually anything sour
Most Treasured Possession Wolf necklace given to her by her biological mother
Where to Find Them Whitehall Farm, or in a library somewhere

Blood Heritage Muggle-born
Boggart Being abused by her stepmother
Animagus None
Patronus Flat-Coated Retriever
Amortentia Paper, Animals, and Fresh Hay
Mental Resistance Non-existent
Wandless Magic Accidental for now
Magic Resistance None
Magical Knowledge None physical, mostly textual
Magic Capabilities Is planning on focusing on a mix of dark and light magic

Pet Peeves Bullies, Straight-forwardness, Dumbness
Food Preferences Anything Icelandic
Snack Her sister's Honey Buns
Drink Hot Chocolate
Animal Cats
Book Genre "Vampire Academy"
Quote "If you have to ask, you'll never know. If you know, you need only ask."
Music Genre Piano or Celtic
Movie Genre "Marley and Me"
Sport Riding
Ethnicity Icelandic
Height 5'0"
Weight "Why should I tell you this? All I'll say is that I'm normal weight for a girl my age."
Shoe Size
Blood Type AB-
Voice Light
Body Style Will be a slight hourglass
One Word Description Complicated
Earliest Memory Losing her mother to a boating accident
Best Memory Being adopted by Arthur and Lance
First Kiss Too Young!
First Love Too Young!
Moral Compass Knows the difference between good and evil, looks at things in a Grey spectrum.
Fatal Flaw Sometimes too much of a prankster,
Phobias Black-haired women,
Hobbies Working on the farm with her siblings, Reading, working on a new prank
Crises Will freeze up and not move unless one of her siblings is there with her
Problem Reactions Freezes up, will not move or process anything
Change Reactions Will not process anything unless her family is with her
Alignment Grey-Neutral
Bad Habits Stutters around new people
Sleeping Habits Normal (For now)
Quirks ALWAYS speaks in riddles (Irritates her siblings to no end),
Social Skills Quiet around people she first meets.

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