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Birthday december 13th
Age 17
Status Alive
Pronunciation mee‧ah hop‧kins
Family all side characters in her autobiography
Handedness left-handed
Gender female
Orientation who tf knows
Relationship single
Nationality technically german
Speaks english, fae, french, italian, russian
Species unseelie fae
Blood Status full unseelie fae
Eye Color blue
Hair Color blonde
Height 5'3
Model Sydney Sweeney

Mia is classically beautiful, all blonde hair and long limbs, and she knows it, too. It's the main reason her father is so adamant that she be active among the witch hunters, after all. She's almost always wearing makeup, though - not because she's insecure, but because Mia has an immense appreciation for shiny things, and glittery makeup fulfils that. It's the fae in her. As well as that, she's almost always dressed to the nines, complete with accessories. It's her brand. That's not to say she loves everything about herself, though: there are the three tattoos she got underage and now regrets (a peacock feather on her lower thigh, just above the knee; the word regina, queen, in cursive along her collarbone; and her father's birthday in roman numerals on her left forearm, from back when she idolised him), and a birthmark on the back of her neck that she has a love-hate relationship with. Nothing she can't live with, though.
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Our story starts in March 1644, with one Matthew Hopkins. Now, you might know of him from your history textbooks: calling himself the Witchfinder General he was responsible for the hangings of over 100 witches between 1644 and 1646. What you might not know, though, is that his descendants continued the very same practice (though it became much more secretive as belief in witchcraft dwindled). Of course, many of the old techniques outlined in The Discovery of Witches are wildly inaccurate now; you'll find the modern witch hunters, headed by Mia's father Peter Hopkins, are much more effective.

Now, you might be thinking, this seems like a noble endeavour. Why is Mia so reluctant? Well, while Mia is not a witch, she is moon fae. A changeling, to be precise. Born premature in a court with little patience for 'weak' children, Mia's birth parents were given no choice but to leave her among the humans and hope she'd grow up strong enough to return home. So they found the first family with a premature blonde little girl and switched her for their little Lelya (meaning delicate in the fae tongue). And so Lelya became Mia, and the other baby was never seen again. Mia's not sure what happened to her; she doesn't like to think about it. Most likely she ended up in the Thames.

Growing up in the Hopkins family meant constantly being on the move, searching for witches and evading authorities. Mia's lived in fourteen countries in her first 17 years of life: England, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Italy, Finland, Ukraine, Poland, and Russia; most, save France, England, and Ukraine, for under a year. It certainly taught her to adapt, though that's the only positive she can give. It's not the best upbringing, constantly being ripped from your friends and always aware that people want you dead just for who your father is.

Mia idolised both her human parents more most of her childhood, though there was never much to idolise. Her mother, while incredibly intelligent and incredibly strong, was also very clear that Mia was an investment, meant to carry on her legacy. While she certainly trained her daughter well, Mia also developed a deep resentment of her. Her father? Cruel, neglectful, and bad with money (we'll come back to that later). Mia is convinced her only saving grace as a child, stopping her from becoming completely irredeemable, is the fact that her fae parents continued to make an effort to connect with her - which is interesting, given that moon fae are notoriously cold individuals. They posed as teachers, archery instructors, even babysitters in the times that the Hopkinses could afford it, and honestly? Mia benefitted a lot, learning how to use her magic and speak the Fae language and shoot a bow as well as any of her kin, but also to speak in half-truths and make deals. She's got to admit, she's not sure that without those lessons she would have survived as long as she has in her family.

As much as Mia idolised her parents as a child, when she hit her teen years that melted away into a deeper understanding of their faults and the wrongness of the things they've inflicted on her through her life, and she went wild. She's not proud of that period of her life, sneaking out every night to endanger herself in just about every way she could think of, but she doesn't now regret it. It taught her a lot about the world, however painful it was at the time, and she came out the other side afraid of precisely nothing. (Well, maybe not nothing, but close to it).

Mia's always been good in school, even in the height of her rebellious stage, and by the time she began studying for her GCSEs (the family had just moved to London midway through her year 10), she was confident in her ability to ace the exams. She just needed a bit of calm for the next year and a half or so, and it'd be okay. That's not so hard, right? Wrong. Remember what we said about Peter Hopkins being shit with money? Well, during the summer he lost his job, and two weeks into Mia's year eleven, the family ran out of savings. Kicked out of their home, they were forced to choose between sleeping on the streets or going to the only hostel with availability, halfway across the city from Mia's school.

It was a dark time in Mia's life, the year spent in that hostel. Firstly, sharing a bathroom with three men in their thirties. Secondly, getting herself to and from school entirely by herself. Thirdly, paying for all that, and having enough time still to pass her exams. Waking up at 4am every morning just to get to the library before school so she'd be able to get something done, then actually getting to school and sitting through her lessons (many of which she would fall asleep in), then returning home just to go to work so she could afford her school necessities, and later study into the night. It wasn't even slightly sustainable, but somehow Mia managed it. And later that year she passed the entrance exams to Westminster School, becoming one of 4 girls selected for scholarships for sixth form. Gone are the days on 2 hours of sleep, now.

Now, you might be wondering: with all of that already going on, why is Mia a witch hunter? Doesn't she have a lot on her plate already? Well, the answer to that is her rottweiler, Mars. Stolen last year from outside school, he's possibly the thing Mia loves most in the world. She looks on it as not really theft, either; everyone knows Mars was being neglected, and she just happened to be the only one who gained his trust enough through feeding him to safely remove him from the situation. The only problem? She can't have dogs in her room at school, especially not one as big as Mars, so she has to let him stay at home. Her dad, newly raised out of poverty because of a slew of support from wealthy patrons of the witch hunters, was not keen, but he made it clear that the dog could remain at home, unharmed, for as long as Mia helps the witch hunters. So she supposes this is the way things are, until she's saved up enough to disappear off the face of the earth and never speak to her family again.

Patronus N/A
Wand N/A
Pet Peeve
MBTI entp-a
Star Sign sagittarius

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