A Prism of Deception.

Mihaela Iliescu
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Modelled by Anna Lutoskin

Mihaela Iliescu. A very interesting person if I may add. She was born and raised in Romania to a very demented couple. You see, Mihaela didn't get the pleasure of going to some primary school and the like. While little girls were learning about mathematics and reading, she was learning the art of deception, secret hording and evidence removal. While kids her age were learning about politics and history, she was learning about the inner workings of the infamous Underground. So no. Mihaela did not have a normal childhood.

As soon as she could form a coherent sentence, she became a cute and innocent accomplice. Basically, she would distract people by crying and calling out for her parents. That's right. Her parents would ditch her in Town Centers, Malls, Gas Stations just so they could rob somebody or something while they tried to calm down the hysterical girl. It was during one of these escapades that Mihaela proved that she was, in fact, a magical human being meant to bring peace and love to her family. I was being sarcastic. In all reality, she proved that she was even more of an asset to her parents. What happened? Well, she caused glass to shatter while she screamed "Mamă! Tată!" (Mom! Dad!). Of course, she had no clue what was happening which only made her cry harder.

You could only imagine the little pathetic light bulb that went up in her parents heads. They used this occurrence to their advantage. Oh, and before you ask, her parents just so happened to be a wizard and witch in hiding. Hiding from what, you ask? Let's just leave it at prison. Back to Mihaela. Her parents decided to use her newfound magical abilities to their advantage. They'd get her wound up, to the point where she was hysterical and cause major distractions (you know, exploding windows and all that), which allowed them to steal whatever they wanted.

Mihaela eventually got her letter to Durmstrang and immediately her parents sent her there. After all, she had to learn how to control it. How else where they to teach her potent spells? What they hadn't counted on, was their daughter to come back strong-willed and cunning. You see, all they saw was a tool. They never saw the flashes of rebellion in her eyes, or the subtle ways she was able to make those around her be enraptured by the little red head.

Of course, they were immediately pleased when they saw that she was even better at getting information then they thought. They had invertatly raised the perfect little spy. How? Well, Mihaela picked up on quite a few things. Simple things. While her parents stole, she learned how to listen, how to keep up an act, how to get people to trust her so completely that they'd never suspect a thing. She learned how to read people. And it's all thanks to her parents constant abandonment.

When she graduated, she immediately disappeared. Her parents thought she died. Her 'friends' thought she went to America to be with a foregin lover. Both are very wrong answers. Mihaela disappeared to England, where she heard from the rumor mill that there was a better place for criminals artists like her to dwell. To grow. To learn. And that she did.

Mihaela is a very secretive and cunning individual. She's able to manipulate a situation to a direction that she wants. She guards her past and her secrets jealously, never letting anybody know about her. Her regrets. Her reasons for living and doing what she does. She spins her webs of lies carefully, sneaking in a truth here and there, like a spider. She's observant and has a very good memory. She smiles and flirts without a care.

One might call her a sociopath, when in reality she is far from it. She does care about people. About human life. She's never killed a single soul, even though she has the knowledge to do so. She just gathers information. Mihaela has morals, they're just unhinged. She believes in honesty but respects a liar. She believes in faithfulness but finds herself longing to be one of the unfaithful. Loyalty is a trait she values until it's too the point of stupidity.

Mihaela is actually a very awkward person, if you somehow manage to breakdown her walls. She's a very good actress, having grown up in that position. It's too the point where one would think that she's suave and confident when in fact she's the opposite. She can't flirt to save her life when she means it. She blushes far too much to be counted as healthy and is extremely clumsy, much to her displeasure. She also has a very weird sense of fun. Probably due to her parents influence to be honest with you.

All in all, Mihaela is a very messed up individual.


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