Mikaela Vivienne Mäkinen
Narcissist • Thor's B-tch • Influencer


Personal Information

Full NameMikaela Vivienne Mäkinen
Birthday10th of September
Age20 y/o
Zodiac SignVirgo
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceSavonlinna, Finland
Living Situation
Languages SpokenEnglish / Danish / Finnish

Magical Information

Blood StatusPureblood
Wand WoodLaurel wood
Wand CoreA unicorn hair core
Wand Length14 ¼ inches and rigid flexibility
PatronusMale Peacock
BoggartHer father


Narcissistic. That's the first word that most people would describe Mika as. Obsessively interested in herself, it becomes clear that one of Mika's top priorities is herself, herself and her looks. Spending an atrocious amount of time each morning in front of a vanity set, it is a rare day that you would see Mika without a full face of make up and a single hair out of place. Mika can be incredibly shallow and vain and adores getting manicures and shopping. If she could spend her day doing those two activities, her life would be complete. Mika knows she has a good body and a pretty face and she rarely lets other people forget it. She doesn't really care if people don't like her and shrugs it off when someone doesn't have that high of an opinion. Having been rejected and cast aside most of her life, Mika decided that if no one was going to give her the love she deserved then she was going to just do it herself. This was both a good thing and a bad thing. It meant that she always had her own back. She never lets anyone walk over her. Mika nows what she deserves and is very willing to go to any lengths to make sure she receives it.

However, it also means she can come across as arrogant and selfish. Which is true–Mika is selfish but she owns it. However, there are times where Mika can be seen to look out for other people but she's picky with who falls under this category. The other knights would and a handful of other people. However, Mika's not quite sure how to look after them. Being so independent all her life, empathizing with other people isn't her strong point. Mika's the type of person to offer someone a xanax when they start crying simply because she doesn't know what else to do. Which is an obstacle to what she actually wants out of life. A family who tells her that she's wanted and loved. Being so closed off and independent, Mika rarely entertains the idea that she could actually achieve this. It's easier to do everything yourself than to rely on other people. They would just let her down and leave her broken hearted. So she does it herself. She doesn't need a family. Sassy and blunt, Mika will call it how she sees it and it's very rare that she sugarcoats her words. Because of this, Mika can often come across as judgemental and snobbish to the people around her. One of the things she's terrible at is manipulation. Mika finds it difficult to manipulate and lie her way out of something. Mika isn't good at lying. She's good at changing the subject and distracting people but outright lying never sat right with her. It's not that she can't lie–she can and is very good at getting away with it–it just isn't her style.

Mika is also good at something else. Hacking. Mika's been a whiz at it since she was a young teenager. Give her a few minutes and she'll have found her way into any computer or other devices. Blindfolded, even. It's her one pursuit outside of fashion and makeup that she's quite good at. It's an asset Mika doesn't quite take advantage of but it does help her out a lot, especially in her line of work. Coding, hacking and designing. All the things Mika can do. This other aspect of her leads into the more...vulnerable side of Mika. The loyal side. Though Mika rarely, if ever, voices this–Mika is loyal. Extremely loyal. It's why her real social circle is so small. As picky as she is, this extends to who she trusts and becomes loyal too. Not that Mika ever voices this but you can tell in who she hangs out with, who she looks out for most, and other small signs on who she is loyal towards. Funnily enough, this is why she's never left the order or made sure she's never fallen from grace. Mika does have a certain loyalty to them. Mika just struggles too show it. Mika's also vulnerable over her family. It's her weak point and she knows it. Mika knows her family is nothing too complain over–people have it worse. But she hears about what her father does and it both infuriates her and terrifies her. Mika's biggest fear is thinking other people assumes she's like them. She's not. Mika's better than them. She just doesn't want people to not realise that. Mika has no time for slow minded people, though, and can be incredibly impatient. She hates lazing around and feeling like she's doing nothing. Keeping her hands moving is always important to her. Maybe it's because of how her parent's raised her-to be so stoic and stiff–that she feels like she's the same child as she was back then when she's still. Also, Mika is just not that interested in following other people's rules and is quick to do her own thing. She's also a huge pacifist. Mika is averse to violence and while she usually plays it off because fighting or dueling would 'damage her looks', Mika cringes away from actually lifting a hand against someone–even if they deserved it. One could say she has moral compass but...with Mika? Who knows. It's not as if she lets her cards show.


The story of Mika Mäkinen began during the Norse period, between 793–1066 ce, during the time of the Vikings. Her family were one of the first participants in the order of Yggdrasil and continued the tradition many generations afterwards. Being the representative of Thor, the Mäkinen knights were always one of the strongest and loyal knights that entered the order. Highly respected, Mika's ancestors protected the order and it was of great honour to serve. For those who didn't become a knight, many became keepers. Those who weren't applicable for the order became beneficiaries and helped support them any way they could. This continued up until Eighteenth century when the family, once secure and close, broke into two, split in half over a bitter family feud.

During the early Eighteenth century, the family had severely diminished for multiple reasons. Many had died in magical battles across the globe, some suffered fertility issues leaving them barren and unable to bear children, whereas some died off for other reasons such as suicide, murder, or other natural causes. So that, by the end of it all, there were two twin sister's and a handful of cousins left. It was a great worry too them–continuing their legacy was a priority in order to keep Thor's representative filled. It was simply bad luck that it was Hedvig Mäkinen who became the knight. That out of the two of them, she was the eldest. Even at a young age, Hedvig had begun questioning the principles of the Order. Wondering if they were right to do what they do. If it was time to move past the order and make something else for themselves. Her sister, Marit, was a firm loyalist to the order, believing in the upkeep of the order and helping protect the world from evil. The two began to argue, Marit being frustrated that Hedvig refused to take her position seriously, that she didn't understand the honour that had been placed upon her shoulders.

After a decade, the sister's barely saw each other and refused to be in the same room as one another. Five years previously, Hedvig had fallen from grace and had been removed from the order because she let a dark wizard go. She had fallen in love with him and when the time came to end his life, she stepped away, resulting in the death of thousands of muggles. It was enough, on top of her constant rhetoric and hatred for the order, that they let her go, giving the position to Marit–something Marit constantly held over Hedvig, declaring her a failure and a disgrace, not worthy of the Mäkinen name. Thus, a decade longer, the sister's were no longer talking. Eventually, their arguing grew too involve the entire family and pushed them to decide. Too break off and forge their own legacy. Or too stay and protect the order. Most stayed with Marit, but some did break away and followed Hedvig too Finland to forge a new life.

Initially, Hedvig had good intentions when she broke away. She was never as extreme and conservative as her children. In fact, she'd cry in shame if she saw what her own line turned out to be and would have drowned her child if it meant the line never continued. It was the man she fell in love with fault. Though he didn't appear to be anything like her old flame, he was just as conservative and prejudiced. But Hedvig never lived long enough to realise. A year after she met him, she died because of child birth, giving birth to a son who she never met. The father raised the son the way he wanted. Believing in the purity of magical blood, removed from muggles and other nasty breeds that existed. The son was cruel and malicious, adopting his father's views but also his mother's stubbornness. A terrible combination. This trend continued throughout the generations. Many of them entering the ministry to push for discriminatory laws and were instrumental in allowing muggle hunting to be a sport in Finland for a brief amount of time in late eighteenth century.

Ajax Mäkinen could be argued to be one of the worst of them. Malicious and brutal, he became heavily involved in the black market at a young age. Spending his teenage and young adult years hunting and killing magical creatures for sport, giving the carcass to the market. Sometimes he kept them alive to sell them. He's also been known to hunt half breeds and sell for cheap labour. It's how he built his wealth and by the time Mika was born, the eldest of three daughter's, she was sitting on a mountain of money. Growing up in mansions, her needs served by countless servants, maids, tutors and nannies. Her mother, Concordia, was like her husband and intended to raise her daughters' to be their perfect minions. Cold, cruel, above the rest of the world. Their love was conditional. Requiring their daughters to be subservient and obedient. Holding their affection over them as if it was a transaction. Mika, unlike her sisters, was the most unruly, constantly asking questions about everything. It bothered both her parents and her father, believing violence to be necessary to discipline her, constantly put his hands on her. Sometimes it was a slap. Sometimes hard enough to break skin. Once or twice, left her choking on her own blood, battered and bruised. He stabbed her with his cigarettes, scarring her permanently. Her mother's tactics were to give her whiskey and cough syrup in order to knock her out.

The abuse was nothing original and wasn't as bad as others in the world had gone through. But it was enough to make Mika quick on her feet, realise what to say to avoid being hurt. How to blend into the background. How to hide. How to run. It also gave her a strong aversion to violence, growing a strong sense of resentment to violence, coming to the conclusion that it wasn't worth the consequences. Her parent's knew Mika was most likely a lost cause when on a hunting holiday, Mika wouldn't stop crying when she saw her father kill a house elf, snapping its neck and tossing it onto the ground. Mika had been friends with the family house elf and the action was scarring too Mika. As a child, Mika was empathetic, always going out of her way to befriend people. She was always friendly with other pureblood children at house parties and the events were her favourite nights of the years. When Mika was seven years old, they moved too England, Ajax getting bored of Finland and believing the UK would be better for business. So they jumped ship. Mika didn't mind the UK, she had no opinion on it. No different than Finland, really. Except the parties came to an end.

It was in England, nine years old, when she had her first magical incident. It should have happened years about but her own mental suppression of her magic caused it to be later. Her resentment to her family transferred this onto magic and so she suppressed it as much as she could. Which was held against her by her family, believing her to be a squib. However, one day it got too much and her magic exploded out of her. Lucky it did or she risked becoming an obscurial. At the time, her mother had been telling her off, saying she was going to amount to nothing and all the other usual stuff, and the windows around them imploded. Usually, this wouldn't matter but the glasses were stain glass made in the 15th century and even with magic, they were never quite the same anymore.

When she was eleven, she was sent to Hogwarts, being sorted into Hufflepuff, and found it refreshing. It was here that she began to develop her own identity and personality. She quickly found a group of friends. Most wanted to be her friend for her family but soon realised they weren't going to gain anything. However, by second year, Mika found to be more picky with who she was with and began to befriend everyone who her parents would be mad at. Muggle borns. Half breeds. Even ghosts. Mika was petty enough to befriend them even though she never had the guts to let her family know about it. Mika became your typical queen bee. Into make up and fashion, Mika was skilled in make up by the age of thirteen, something that was actually encouraged by her mother as it was a feminine pursuit. What wasn't encouraged was her ability with technology. Mika was a maths person. She got arithmacy and would soon be top of the class in her later years. What this meant, though, was that this transferred to computers and code. She was twelve when she was introduced to it and she began playing around with it.

Whilst Mika grew up, the other branch of the family was blossoming. Still involved with the order, they were orthodox believers, being proud of where they were. However, they still had the same problem as they had in the Eighteenth century. It was a small branch with not many girls. They kept on plagued with men. Which wasn't so bad. It just meant that when their knight died in a fight, she had no one too replace her. Seeing as she was so young, it was assumed that she'd have a child to be recruited and trained but as she died prematurely, this never came to light. The keepers, desperate for someone to replace that knight, tracked the family line and found that the eldest daughter was Mika. Her family had always been aware of the order and had treated it like a nightmare. What you told your children to keep them in line. The boogey man. That the order of Yggdrasil would snatch you at night and torture you to death. Or something along those lines. So when the keepers came to find Mika during the summer between her third and fourth year, she was initially fearful and rather nervous. Her family were another problem. They threatened to attack the keepers. Telling Mika that she was dead to them if she went with the order. However, Mika realised this was her way out of the family. A way to leave them behind. Even if she hadn't, she would have shrugged them off the first moment that she could anyway. By then, her family had already told her that she wasn't loved. This started when she was sorted into Hufflepuff–the weak house. So Mika agreed willingly to be recruited into the order. Kind of understanding what it was but by that point she would take anything to be taken away from the family that was suffocating her. Dramatic fourteen year old's logic anyway.

Her family never forgave her for this. Disowning her and would have forced her to change her surname if they could. Like Marit had called Hedvig so many centuries before, Mika was now unworthy of the name and that she was a failure to them. Which was fine. Mika didn't need their love. Mika was determined that if they didn't love her, then she would love herself twice as much as they should have. They didn't deserve her rather than anything else. In the Order itself, Mika realised quickly what it was about. Fighting, training, becoming a protecter of the realms blah blah blah. Problem was–Mika refused to fight. Mika was terrified of becoming her father, resented the violence he had inflicted on her and the world around him. However, eventually, she did it. Unwillingly but enough that she knew how to defend herself. Plus, she found her strong point was never fighting. It was manipulation, espionage. Mika could speak her way around any barrier, sneak in through anything–both physical and technological. Maybe she couldn't bear the idea of killing someone. But she was good at getting information, she was good at getting other people who could to that point. Mika wasn't a leader. She wasn't a warrior. But she was good support. Back up. It was a stark contrast to the other Thor representatives that they had but Mika couldn't care less. Like Hedvig, Mika was terribly suited for the position of a knight but unlike her great whatever aunt, she wasn't as outspoken against the order. She just...inhabited it. Mika knew not many people within the order liked her. Both because of her unwillingness to actually be a good contribution and her attitude. Mika, by the age of eighteen, had grown a large ego and her love for herself had blossomed into a larger than life pride and ego. Narcissus had nothing on her. Though she struggles to hurt people, she's all more willing to ruin their career and leave them broke and friendless.


Face ClaimElizabeth Gillies
Eye ColourGreen
Hair ColourBrown
Voice TypeUnknown
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleSlim

Family Information

FatherAjax Mäkinen
MotherConcordia Mäkinen
Full SiblingsTwo younger sisters
Half SiblingsN/A
Other Relatives


Significant Other(s)
Best Friend(s)Tetyana Dea
EnemiesCaera Dea

Name Etymology

Given [ Mikaela ]Gift from God
Middle [ Vivienne ]Life
Surname [ Mäkinen ]Small hill


Favourite ColourViolet
Favourite Movie13 going on 30
Favourite SongPrimadonna Girl
Favourite FoodSushi
Favourite DrinkMartinis
LikesMake up / Champagne / Hand bags / Shopping
DislikesPatience / Liars / Naivety / Violence
First KissNone
First CrushNone
First LoveNone
First TimeNone
Pet(s)None, not a pet person
OccupationSocial media influencer
Sports PlayedNone
Instruments PlayedNone
GoalsSuddenly developing amnesia so she forgets about her entire family
AchievementsNone that she's actively proud of
Biggest HopeTBA
Biggest RegretTBA
Best MemoriesBeing with Rita
Worst MemoriesThe last time she saw her father.
Mental IllnessesNone
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

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