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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.


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Russian form of Michael, and a variant transcription of Bulgarian Mihail. From the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mikha'el) meaning "who is like God?".
Derived from the Slavic elements vladeti "rule" and slava "glory".
Patronymic, means "son of Georgi"
Possibly means "son of Chakar".


"Hey there, listener. Or reader. Whatever. I must be going crazy if I'm randomly internally monologuing in the middle of class. So, kick back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is my derailed life."

"My parents had your typical school romance, they met, became best friends, dated, married, and had kids all in the span of about 23 years (if I did my math right). Mikhail Vladislav Georgiev Chakarov is quite a mouthful so unless you're someone who loves rattling off long names, I suggest you call me Mikhail. You can call me Misha if I say so, which is when you don't seem like an asshole to me or my siblings. I was born roughly five years after my сестра, Daria, on January 22 so obviously that makes me the second child. The youngins are Liliya and Dmitri, who were born five years after me. I dunno if our parents planned it but kudos to them, though."

"I was a boisterous and tactile kid and Daria tells me I couldn't go a day without talking someone's ears off or practically hanging off of someone like a monkey. I remember someone telling me that I act like I'd die if I don't get to hug someone at least once a day but I think they were exaggerating. I don't do that kind of stuff anymore. Only with my siblings. Another thing to point out is that yes, I also inherited my mother's brains, but I don't show it a lot. Rather tedious, to be honest."

"My childhood was fairly normal by my own standards. My first magical sign happened when I was 7, same with my first time riding a broom, I entered Durmstrang at age 11, and I learnt how to drive a motorcycle and a car at age 12. Though I do love playing Quidditch, riding a broom, and Quidditch itself as much as Daria and our father, I don't really have a passion for it. But I am an adept Keeper, Beater, and Seeker, if I do say so myself. My passion mostly lies in motorcycle races, so while Daria takes to the skies, I take on the ground. But I don't reject any offers to play Quidditch since I'm basically putty when it comes to my siblings."

"I stopped driving cars, going near any cars in general, and driving in the winter when I was 13, more specifically the summer after my third year. That was when I was informed that our mother died in a car crash during the winter. During that summer, you could literally see us fall apart. Our father abandoned us. I started to escape the house when everyone was asleep to just, drive and pretend I could run away from all of this. But in the morning, I did my best to help fill the huge gap left by our parents."

"Now that we're in Britain, I could only hope that we're far enough from that mess to try and patch each other up."


Stubborn, reckless, and all-around daredevil, Mikhail is every disciplined person's utter nightmare.

Prior to the accident, Mikhail was a boisterous, flirty but charming little jackass. He had a large social circle and is always wearing a bright grin. He's also very tactile, he doesn't go a day without clapping someone on the back, asking for a high five, or, in his siblings' case, giving them a huge bear hug. He was absolutely ignorant of anyone's private space, though he would back away if one asks him nicely.

He has very little mind to mouth filter, not the 'tongue in cheek' variety but the accidental honesty variety. Fortunately for him, his thoughts are less malicious and more charming, which leads to him accidentally flirting with everyone in a few meter radius. Most, if not all, of his compliments are sincere, though some people don't really know that. He gave off a golden boy vibe, topped off by his innate brilliance worthy of Rowena Ravenclaw, though it isn't something he utilizes often.

Misha loves his siblings to pieces and will legit do anything for them. They, especially the twins Liliya and Dmitri, have him wrapped around their fingers and Misha finds that he doesn't care. Now that his parents were gone and Daria's probably too busy to look after them, Misha had decided to act part-time as a father figure as well as he could. He is technically the man of the house now.

Mikhail has the thrum of a motorcycle in his veins and is very skilled at driving one. Whenever he had problems to run away from, he always turns to his trusty motorcycle and feel the wind in his hair. His driving escapedes has always been a problem in the family since he tends to not warn anyone but at the wake of the accident, this habit of his has been minimized to a degree.

The accident had managed to tone down a lot of Misha's personality, especially his boisterousness and tactileness. He rarely grins anymore and became quite a recluse. He has closed himself off from the rest of the world, sans his siblings. Misha still gives them their usual hugs and pats, but the accident had dampened the cheer in those actions. Knowing that this would dampen the family's morale even more, Misha tries his best to go back to the way he once was. It seems impossible but he does his best. For them.

Not only did the accident temper his personality, it also changed something inside of him and he knows it. He hates cars and anything resembling or reminding him of cars so he does his best to avoid them. His father's departure planted the seed of distrust on older adults inside him and he'd rather die first before the foster system decides to take them in, although he knows Daria has custody of them right now. Though he wouldn't acknowledge it, Misha also developed a fear of people leaving him behind, which he masks with an air of indifference to anyone who tries to get to know him. The less people he cares about, the better.

TL;DR Misha was once a huge teddy bear but then his parents happened and now he suffers probably borderline severe abandonment issues who does his very best to keep the room in his heart as small as possible and only lets three people in (Daria, Liliya, and Dmitri).







  • He suffers from abandonment issues ("gee thanks dad"). Whether it's mild or severe, he doesn't know nor does he care.
  • He secretly keeps an album full of pictures from the time before the accident. Even though he vehemently hates his father now for abandoning them, there's still a part of him, the part that his parents had a hand in cultivating, that misses them both.
  • He doesn't drive during winter. Take a guess where that came from.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, but I'm sure my dad hasn't heard of that one."

Mikhail Vladislav Georgiev Chakarov
RPer your favourite mango
Age 21
Birthday January 22
Nationality Bulgarian
Ethnicity Bulgarian
Species Human/Wizard
Blood Half-blood
Orientations Pansexual demibiromantic
Gender Male
Hair Dark blonde
Eyes Blue
Faceclaim Chris Pine
Height tol af
Weight a bit on the underweight side
Schooling Hogwarts
Year Sixth
Occupation Student
Wand N/A
Wand Arm Left
Patronus Bengal tiger
Boggart Another car accident but this time around, it takes away his siblings too
Affiliation(s) Chakarov family, Hogwarts
Location Hogwarts
Most influenced by Chakarov family
MBTI idfk


Model: Chris Pine

credit to kibeth for page & brocky and red for inspiration/code