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Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki

Name: Milo Cloud

Age: 25


1. Give a reason why you wish to be an Auror: I wish to be an Auror to make the world a better place, both for the wizarding world and the muggle world. I don't think it's to much to ask to want to help and rid the world of the evil and corrupt. Besides, if I don't then who will?

2. State two of your greatest relevant magical abilities: I have a photographic memory, which is nearly all that I have other besides my smarts and wits.

3. What characteristics make you a better candidate than others?: I won't get emotionally attached and I am able to keep my emotions and feelings out of the job, I won't let it cloud my judgement and I will be able to do what needs to be done.

4. What are your NEWT qualifications?: All of them were O thanks to the intense studying I did,


1. If you saw someone, under suspicion only of being a dark wizard, what would you do? Why would you do so?: I would try to examine them from a safe distance, try to see what they're doing and almost stalk them if that's the word you would use.

2. If you were on a mission for the Ministry to rescue a group of wizards taken captive, and could either save yourself or the captives, who would you save?: I would save myself, although it might seem like the selfish thing to do. There's more wizards in the world that will need protection, and it's better for some to fall then a large number to fall.

3. If you are dying in battle, what would you ensure before your demise?: That the one I was trying to capture and or kill came with me, I wouldn't allow them to continue walking on this earth.


Which of the following spells have you MASTERED:

-Full bodied Patronus - Variety of curses and counter curses - Ability to brew complex potions such as the Draught of Living Death - Cast a Protean charm - Cast a Fidelius charm - Cast a Bedazzling hex - Knowledge of venomous plants - Know how to clean ghost ectoplasm. - Know the incantation to make objects disappear.