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This is a full floor plan of the British Ministry of Magic. It obviously includes the basic pages, as well as all the more detailed ones.

Ministry of Magic - Entry Points[]



Employee Entrance[]



Security Control Room[]

Visitors' Entrance[]

Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures - DRaCMaC[]

Department of International Magical Cooperation - DIMC[]

Ruby Alistan's Office[]

Jason Loveguard's Office[]

Charlotte Fletcher's Office[]

International Magical Office of Law[]

Estella Stanton's Office[]

Special Guests' Dining Room[]

Ministry of Magic Archives[]

The International Confederation of Wizards - ICW[]

Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes - DMAC[]

Ariadné de Whitby's Office[]

Accidental Magic Reversal Squad[]

Invisibility Task Force[]

Muggle Liaison Office[]

Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee[]

Obliviator Headquarters[]

JL Weller's Office[]

Department of Magical Education - DME[]

Noah Magic's Office[]

Wizard Examination Authority - WEA[]

Jasmine Mendez's Office[]

Animagi Trainer's Office[]

Department of Magical Law Enforcement - DMLE or MLE[]

Charles Linch's Office[]

Auror Office[]

Tanis Nyt's Office[]

Jade Knight's Office[]

Draco Rookwood's Office[]

Bryan Smith's Office[]

Martine Equador's Office[]

Silvester Elwood's Office[]

Selena Tyrrell's Office[]

Ministry of Magic Courtrooms[]

Holding Cells[]

Department of Magical Transportation[]

Lisa Wood's Office[]

Apparition Test Centre[]

Broom Regulatory Control[]

Floo Network Authority[]

Kelia Gilcrease's Office[]

Portkey Office[]

Department of Morale and Information[]

Leo Agneau's Office[]

Ministry Ballroom[]

Krysalis Euclide's Office[]

Department of Mysteries[]

Einar Faris' Office[]

Nimue Edeson's Office[]

Brain Room[]

Death Chamber[]

Hall of Prophecies[]

Space Room[]

Love Room[]

Washington Embassy[]

Cyrus Skirata's Room[]