Full Name Minjae Akihiko Lee
Age 15
Birthday December 24th
Sign Capricorn

  • Nickname
    MJ, Aki
  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Home
    Seoul, South Korea
  • Status
    Dating; Alive
  • Sexuality
  • Location
  • Year/Occupation
  • House
  • Species
  • Family Blood
  • Wand Core
    Dragon Heartstring
  • Wand Wood
  • Wand Arm
  • Boggart
  • Patronus
  • Model
    Park Jimin
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
    Dark Brown
  • Height
  • Distinguishing Marks
  • Disorders
  • Mental State
  • Favorite Color
    His favorite color is exactly #ff6f61
  • Favorite Music Genre
    Pop; Giant Ariana Grande Fan
  • Favorite Food
    ▪ Korean Food - Bibimbap
    ▪ French Food - Tarte tatin
    ▪ Japanese Food - Yakitori
  • Favorite Animal
    Snakes, specifically King Cobras and Pythons
  • Favorite Book
  • Favorite Drink
  • Favorite Song
    7 Rings by Ariana Grande
  • Favorite Movie
  • Favorite Sweets
    Mint Oreos
  • Quirks
  • Talents
    Singing, Public Speaking
  • Skills
    Dancing, Programming/Hacking
  • Languages
    French, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Understands English
  • Etymology
    ▪ Min - "quick, clever, sharp"
    ▪ Jae - "talent, ability"
    ▪ Akihiko - "bright prince"
    ▪ Lee - "plum, plum tree"
  • Mother
    Lee Joona
  • Father
    Kim Hyunghan
  • Full Siblings
  • Half Siblings
    Joakim Lee (Adopted Younger Brother)
  • Other

Minjae is in short, a bit of an asshole. He doesn't mean to be but that's just kind of how he comes off as. Cold and off-putting at first, he's known to be blunt and in some cases, incredibly rude. He can withheld his own opinions but he's not known to, giving criticisms as they come to his head and is incredibly honest about what he thinks about things. The ironic thing is, despite how honest he is about his opinions, he lies a lot. It's kind of an issue. He likes to joke and say "It's compulsive" but honestly, it might just be. He lies about almost every other thing, and he doesn't seem to care about how his lies may impact other people. He comes off as highly insensitive in general as well as highly apathetic of others' emotions. He's not very emotional either, and while he's not one for deadpan expressions, his voice is often very deadpan.

Son of a diplomatic businesswoman, it only makes sense that he's a diplomat as well. Despite his rudeness in a normal setting, Minjae's highly charismatic and diplomatic when he wants to be. He's very charming as well and can make himself very likable. He's also a bit of an ambivert that leans mostly to the extroverted side of ambivert. He enjoys the company of others and sometimes seeks it out. But on the flip side, when he is alone, he tends to stay in a dormant state of being a pure introvert until prompted to act else wise. Although he loves being around other people, he's slightly scared of them as well. His anxiety tends to rise in large crowds, and he's typically much more aware of his environment outside in the open than inside really any space. Slightly under the average height for men, since can get lost in a crowd easily, he often clings to a friend or a bodyguard to navigate crowded areas.

Minjae typically knows how abrasive he is. Apathetic and harsh, he likes things the way he likes them. He's very picky and particular and is very specific in the things that he likes. He's also very demanding and isn't too forgiving when his orders are misinterpreted or when results aren't exactly what he asked for. In turn, he can be seen as bossy and overbearing but when it comes down to it, he has incredible leadership skills. While it doesn't seem like it at first, he also has great teamwork skills and is good at leading people and collaborating. He kind of just takes charge without really thinking about it, knowing what to do, how to do it, and when it should be done. However, it's more common to see him working alone than with other people simply because of his specific demands as well as his desire to create the best product or outcome possible.

Intelligent and ambitious, Minjae picks things up quite quickly. He's an extremely fast learner and that often makes him hard competition. It seems that he's always ahead of the game and knows practically everything like the back of his hand. He has a great memory and remembers pretty much everything word for word save for some occasional moments where he blanks. This not only makes him a great test-taker, but makes him highly reliable as he won't just "forget to do something". This also makes him a fantastic absorber of gossip. Although it may be a bad habit to indulge in, he loves listening to and sharing gossip and often ignores the obvious harm of rumors. In fact, whenever rumors about him spread, a good ninety percent of the time, he'll even humor the rumors if he doesn't outright ignore them. Additionally, he likes stirring up drama for his own amusement but typically keeps it small and harmless.

Not exactly conceited but not self-conscious either, Minjae is fairly confident in himself and his looks. Although he used to have insecurities about his somewhat chubby face in the past, he openly embraces his physical attributes and picks outfits that bring out some of his best physical qualities. Naturally, this makes him very picky about his appearance, and he has a wardrobe specifically tailored to his tastes and his body. He also likes taking a lot of pictures of himself, and his Witchagram is populated with selfies of himself. He also likes looking at pictures of himself and often sends shout outs to magazines, photographers, and paparazzi that take good pictures of him. Somewhat uncharacteristic, he doesn't brag about his looks and prefers for people to compliment him instead of fishing for compliments (which he doesn't really need to do in the first place).

He doesn't like showing it but Minjae's actually very sweet and thoughtful. Things you think he doesn't pay attention to, he notices. He's very generous and likes spending money on friends and family and even strangers. He's an avid sponsor and generally donates to charities as well as charitable causes often. There's something about giving that makes him happy, and when things he's working to also benefit other people, it pushes him to get it done efficiently. Even though he's highly aware of it, he hates being referred to by cute save for some people. While it doesn't really offend as much as it undermines his capability, but whenever he's referred to as cute he feels small and underestimated and as a result, doesn't typically like being called cute. He doesn't really do much to destroy his image of cuteness and usually ends up embracing it regardless. Also doesn't help that's highly ticklish.

It only makes sense that Minjae's an organized person. He can't stand a mess, and it's even been suggested by therapists and other mental specialists that he may have OCD. He has a compulsive desire for everything to be in a certain way and his desires may change with the flip of a switch. The layout of his room varies depending on the season, and so does his organizational methods. Once he even broke down because the window curtains in a guest room he stayed in were uneven. It slightly feeds into his desire to be the best he can be, which in his eyes is pretty much the closest you can get to perfect. He works endlessly at any craft he indulges in and will not stop until he's satisfied with himself and his abilities. It pushes him to do better but also ends up being extremely detrimental to his health as he will quite literally keep working until he passes out and/or injures himself.

It seems random but Minjae gets cold very easily. Why is this important? Well it contributes to some of his habits and key traits. Because he gets cold very easily, he likes being within close proximity of people and eventually just began to like hugging and hanging on to other people. His external temperature also affects his mood. When he's cold, he tends to act the opposite and is much more friendly and open, opposed to when he's warm or overheated, in which he acts annoyed and is highly irritable. One thing that will never change despite his temperature or mood, is his ability to trust people. He has a lot of trust issues and has been taken advantage of multiple times, so he picks and chooses his friends very carefully. Even then, he doesn't tell his friends everything and even keeps his family in the dark about somethings, making himself the only person he fully trusts.

Minjae likes to joke that time is relative and so are human needs, but honestly, sometimes it seems like he actually does believe it. A workaholic in its finest form, he tends to neglect sleep and such unless he feels the need to truly commit to it or he's in dire need of rest and food. Or he passes out. Usually the latter. There's rumors of him passing out often despite his generally healthy and energetic appearance, and he typically ignores them primarily because they're true. He doesn't like being criticized on his lifestyle, especially because he knows it isn't the healthiest out there and definitely needs work. However, he believes it works for him so he doesn't bother trying to change it. However, it does explain why he likes water so much. It seems like he always has water on him and consumes it almost triple more times on a regular basis than any other drink.

Although not incredibly expressive in real life, he's very expressive in the arts. Talented in singing, dancing, painting, programming, and graphic design, he often expresses a great deal of his emotions in his artistic work. No matter what he does or creates, you can feel the emotions he put into it bleed out of it as its showcased or preformed. He loves being able to create and he doesn't know what he'd do if he couldn't or didn't have the time. On the other hand, he also likes the environment of running a company and wants to take over after his mother but is highly conflicted on what career path to choose. Even though he wants to follow his dreams, he can't really figure out which dream he wants to chose, and he knows there isn't room for him to do both. He dresses to impress just as well as he works to achieve, even if sometimes he feels like he doesn't have any direction in life.


Lee Miyoo had been a force to be reckoned with since she was young. Even in her childhood as she lived on the streets with her ill mother and was picked on in school for being quiet and isolating herself from her classmates, she always proved to be someone who could fight for herself. It seemed nothing could break her, and part of that reason was food. Miyoo loved to cook, and whenever she got the chance, she would. It came naturally, possibly because she had to cook from scratch since she was seven, and possibly because cooking reminded her of simpler times when she didn't know the world that well.

When she was old enough, Miyoo wanted to be able to provide food for low prices and make them easy to access and make. And so, the first Yoosnack was made. Named after her late mother, Lee Yooyeon, Yoosnack was a small cafe in downtown Seoul, South Korea that managed to just barely get its feet off the ground in 1989. It quickly became a very popular cafe because of its fast food preparation times, delicious food, and easily affordable prices. It was recommended to tourists who needed a quick meal before going on a tour or nature walk, and to business persons who needed a quick lunch before they got back to work.

Miyoo soon began to expand Yoosnack's influence to the outskirts of Seoul and beyond. When she opened up a second Yoosnack in 1992, there was much celebration. It eventually spread to all of South Korea, becoming one of the first Wizarding fast food chains in existence. Because Miyoo was so early in a market she had practically created, it seemed she was unstoppable. Her influence spread throughout Asia, and later the rest of the world, becoming one of the most quickly-growing businesses in not only the food industry but in the Wizarding World. By 2030, every continent had at least 40 Yoosnacks in its countries.

In 1999, Miyoo married a Japanese businessman named Takahashi Sasuke. While their marriage had been based purely on business, they soon fell in love right after. They had three children, Takahashi Joona Minako, Takahashi Jiyoung Kasuke, and Takahashi Mina Ayano. Minako, known mainly as Joona, was destined to take over the Yoosnack empire but first, she was to grow. Sasuke suggested private tutoring for their children, and so it was. They were all privately tutored until they were of age to go to Mahoutokoro. Joona graduated from Mahoutokoro as a sophisticated and confident businesswoman who was about to make Yoosnack a household name.

When Joona took over at the age of 20 in 2021, the food industry was severely unprepared for the plays she brought to the table. She raised the value of the company to 199B galleons ($950B), introduced several new products to the menu that soon become one of their most popular, and created customizable menus that allow each individual restaurant to sell products based on the cultural environment and the resources available. She's respected and feared and known for her sharp intelligence and incomparable diplomatic skills.

At the age of 22, she married a man named Kim Hyunghan and just eighteen months later, gave birth to Kim Minjae.

Born on December 24th, Minjae was forever doomed to be a year behind his technical year group as he had missed the cut off by four months. When he was born, he was an unusually quiet baby. Although he displayed normal behaviors as an infant, after a month or two, it became incredibly apparent that he didn't cry a lot. Of course, it wasn't something to complain about as it allowed both parents some more piece of mind, but it became an issue after his parents began to forget that he was even with them because he was just so quiet. He also seemed to be quite curious of his surroundings, seeming to cling more tightly to strangers than to his mother with a desire to see new people and new things.

He developed very quickly, learning to crawl and eventually walk a lot quicker than expected. After he learned how to walk, his ability to talk followed right after. Although amazed, his parents quickly found his newfound ability to talk quite troublesome. Of course as a child he had no filter, but it seemed Minjae actually had no filter. He made inappropriate comments out loud, called servants ugly, insulted chefs and what not. While many just brushed it off as him being a young child, his parents knew fully well that the little reign he seemed to have on his inner thoughts was of his own doing and didn't take kindly to it.

Minjae always proved to be a smart and capable person, even since he was a child. His parents didn't have to worry about him if they left him alone for awhile because he seemed to be able to take care of himself for the most part. A four year old Minjae could keep himself entertained with anything, even watching paint dry. He was a responsible toddler who didn't try random things just because it looked cool, instead, he tended to avoid dangerous situations. Perhaps it was out of pure luck or maybe he had somehow developed a perception of the implications of a situation. Really, it sometimes looked like Minjae raised himself more than his parents did.

Ever since he was able to be taught materials, he had been privately tutored before attending any Wizard schooling. His tutors often became void in as short as a couple of weeks as Minjae would absorb what seemed to be anything given to him. His mother saw his potential as a versatile businessman and began grooming him to be a heir to Yoosnack Food enterprises. As he grew, he was sheltered from other children which gave him limited social experiences with other kids his age. It made him start to desire to interact with other kids more and more. So much that he even began to sneak out.

This resulted in the unconventional but close friendship of a eight-year-old Minjae and a thirteen-year-old boy named Do Taemin. Taemin taught Minjae how to use computers as well as program and eventually even hack. Minjae eventually even outshone Taemin's skills and somehow their teacher-student relationship had been flipped. However, Taemin was a muggle, and Minjae's first magical sign promptly ruined their friendship. It was unintentional and Minjae didn't mean to, but somehow he had short-circuited Taemin's laptop and had caused it to explode. Taemin, a boy of poorer status, was infuriated as it would take him another three years to save up enough money for a new one. They got into a fight that lasted for weeks and eventually Taemin just stopped talking to him.

Not only did this sadden Minjae, it hardened him and began befriending people sparingly, never fully trusting anyone with his emotions. The last time Minjae saw Taemin was on his ninth birthday. Then, a new problem erupted that further tore Minjae's life part. After a giant scandal that tanked Hyunghan's reputation and angered his wife beyond compare, Joona divorced him and moved the headquarters' of Yoosnack Food to France where she adopts a little boy named Joakim.

Joakim was two when he was found sitting on the bones of his family and the ashes of his home. He was promptly obliviated of this, but the memories of the incident are beginning to resurface due to the obliviator's incompetence. He was fostered by the Lee family (Joona took back her maiden name and gave Minjae her maiden name after the divorce) for about a year, before Joona adopted him a little while before he turned six. Minjae didn't think much of him at first but slowly yet surely got attached to him. As older siblings do, he found Joakim very irritating quite often but would also come to Joakim's rescue in a heartbeat.

Since Minjae moved two years into his Mahoutokoro schooling, he spent the three years in between the move and his admission into Beauxbatons under more private tutors. When he was enrolled in Beauxbatons, he thrived. It seemed his mental and magical prowess could be matched by no other, and he was often recognized by his professors and fellow classmates as an incredibly talented student. During his time in Beauxbatons, he also started to develop his skill in artistic expression. He requested (read: demanded) for dancing classes and was given them, which was shown to become another newfound talent. He had already had a love of music before this and his slowly began to develop a desire to be a pop star, a dream that would conflict with the plans he had been following his whole life.

Eventually during the summer between third and fourth year, Joona decided to create a sub-headquarters in England and move the main headquarters back to South Korea. In the same breath, she sent her two sons to England while she managed business. She lets Minjae "intern" in a place of management to prepare him to take over. The decision makes him only more conflicted as he realizes his talent for both careers that he wants to pursue.

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