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molly mayberry
fifth year, ravenclaw
dancing in the mirror, singing in the shower


Birthday October 24
Age 16
Pronunciation moll-lee mey-bear-ree
Family George & Amelia (parents)
Michael & Milton (brothers)
Gender Female
Pronouns she/her/hers
Orientation Bisexual, but identifies as heterosexual
Relationship Always dating someone
Nationality English
Languages English
Residence Dormitories, Mayberry Home
Religion Catholic
Handedness Right
Roleplayer Red
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Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'4"
Style Trendy, preppy
Faceclaim Natalia Dyer

Molly is your stereotypical preppy goodie-two-shoes and she looks it, too. She always looks prim and proper. Her hair is always immaculately fixed in the same style as if she is somehow a cartoon character incapable of changing appearance. Even when she is not in her Hogwarts uniform she seems to always be wearing a skirt, no matter how cold it is. She has big, blue eyes that are always the best indicator for how she is really feeling – she is incredibly transparent but her eyes make everything ten times more expressive. She is always wearing light make-up; she only started doing her own make-up the summer before fifth year and does not quite have the hang of it yet so she isn't capable of pulling off anything too extreme anyway. She wears her timeturner on a chain around her neck, but it's been spelled to look like a golden necklace with a cross pendant.


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Molly is from a picture perfect upper middle class suburban family. Her father George is a high-rank healer at St. Mungo's (he had once been the head healer of the Janus Thickey Ward, but has since moved up to the hospital executive board, though he still occasionally practices). Her mother, Amelia, was a lawyer at a small firm in Lincliff City, though she stopped practicing after becoming pregnant with her first child, Michael. Five years after Michael was Milton, and five years after him was Molly.

Molly had a very happy childhood. She was very close with both her brothers, and constantly inspired by them. She wants to be a healer just like her dad because she wants to be able to help people – she would often go and visit him at work to the point that nearly the whole staff knows who she is. (Not to mention, when she was seven, she fell off a bike and got a big, nasty wound on her leg which she was able to immediately heal as if nothing had happened! It was her first sign of magic, and proof to her that she should enter the field of medicine.) Going to the hospital often also resulted in the privilege of meeting one of her best friends, Felton Bishop.

Molly had an especially close relationship with her mom as well; she was raised on romcoms and Disney movies and that along with her parents' loving marriage is what shaped her into being a true romantic.

When Molly turned eleven, she received her Hogwarts letter and went to school like her brothers before her. She was sorted into Ravenclaw and immediately began to thrive academically. She had already been raised to be a bit of an overachiever – her mother made sure that she had a sport (track and field) and an instrument (flute) as well as a head start on her education using her older brothers' old textbooks. She quickly gained a reputation as a bit of a nerd. Molly was not too concerned about her social status or her appearance, so for her first four years at Hogwarts, despite being heavily involved in a number of extra-curricular activities, she went generally unnoticed.

After receiving outstanding grades in most of her subjects in third year, Molly's parents suggested she try getting Hogwarts to give her a timeturner. She applied for one through a series of letters the summer after second year, and was given one on her first day, allowing her to enlist in well, nearly all electives. It came in handy as well with all the clubs she's in, and it wasn't too hard of a secret to keep. She wears it as a necklace, which might make one say it's hidden in plain sight, but she's actually spelled it so that it looks like a normal necklace with a gold cross pendant.

When Molly came home for the holidays during her fourth year, she was surprised to hear that her parents would be getting a divorce. Her father was caught cheating on her mother with one of the residents at the hospital, and this has greatly strained Molly's relationship with him as well as made her question her idea of love. The fact that it came out of nowhere to her and the rest of the family still shakes her to this day, and she has ever since been terrified of the concept that it is so easy to simply fall out of love with someone just like that and leave everything you have together behind. Molly's parents have joint custody of her, but she prefers staying with her mom for obvious reasons. (One of them being that her dad's new girlfriend is only a couple years older than her eldest brother. Disgusting.)

Determined to not let this affect her concept of true love, Molly went back to school with high hopes. As if straight out from a fairy tale, her dream boy became interested in her. He was a seventh year, too, which finally made her understand that 'boys her age just don't understand her', and that's why they're not noticing her. She was very trusting and laidback in this relationship. It was her first real experience with romance and she was convinced that she would marry him someday. However, things were not as perfect as she imagined them to be. Eventually, he ghosted her out of the blue. When she was finally able to confront him in June, he revealed that he had been seeing somebody else for a while now and that it was her fault, essentially, for refusing to 'put out'. Heartbroken, she spent the entire summer in isolation. After a week or two of crying, she decided it was time for a make-over and spent the next few months dedicating herself to track to get fit, reinventing her whole wardrobe, and working on becoming more confident. She returned to Hogwarts for her fifth year almost a brand new person. While she is definitely still that nerdy girl obsessed with to-do lists at heart, she enjoyed a boost in popularity and a lot more attention from the boys at school. Now, she thinks she is happy with herself and the image that she has chosen to project to the world. She has risen up to leadership positions in many of her clubs, is continuing to thrive academically, and can now always be found on the arm of some boy in the year above hers.


(+): organized, dedicated, nurturing
(-): paranoid, possessive, self-loathing

If there is one thing that sums up Molly's personality, it's that she doesn't do anything in halves. She dedicates herself wholly to every cause she stands for, every organization she's a part of, and every person who she holds close to her heart. To her, there is nothing more shameful than not giving her 101% and has often found herself with too much on her plate as a result. She is a member of Frog Choir, the Chess Club, the Knitting Club, the Astronomy Club, the Dueling Club, the Pink Magic Club, SPEW... You name it, and she is probably somewhere on the club roster that she herself compiled. Her academics are also quite stellar. Nobody knows how she does it, but she is very on top of everything that she sets her mind to.

While there is no use denying that Molly is kind and caring, her endless devotion to her passions is a double edged sword. Especially when it comes to her relationships. A true romantic, she was raised on the idea that her soulmate is out there and waiting to be found. However, after a disastrous first relationship with an older boy and a messy divorce that shattered her image of what she thought was an ideal marriage between her parents, Molly has developed a crippling fear of abandonment that manifests in extreme paranoia and the tendency to be overbearing. She is always afraid that one day people will wake up and simply stop loving her.

Still, her friendly demeanor and doe eyes always leave people unbelieving that she is capable of being a "crazy girlfriend". She is actually quite popular among her peers and also a teacher's pet in nearly all her subjects – she fits the goodie-two-shoes stereotype to a tee and is always scandalized by the idea of causing trouble. She has been trying to downplay this part of her personality though because she's realized it's "not very cool", and this has led to her lying about doing stuff like drinking alcohol or how far she's gone though all those sorts of topics make her very uncomfortable.

Molly is obsessed with to-do lists and making sure that everything is in its proper place. She is also a very nurturing person, and this has manifested in her desire to become a healer when she grows up, just like her dad (though she's struggling with some intense daddy issues at the moment that might prove to eventually kill that dream). You can always count on her to be there for you in times of need, or at the very least, give you a rundown on all the assignments due for the next week.


Interests Boys, biology, her bullet journal, knitting
Habits Playing with her hair, doodling
Pet Peeves When people take forever to reply to texts, slackers, people who don't believe in love
Goals Become a healer, find true love
Enneagram 6w7
Star Sign Scorpio
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Love Language Quality Time

Magical Characteristics

Wand Oak, dragon heartstring, 7 inches
Amortentia Lavender, whoever she's dating
Patronus Honey badger
Patronus Memory Watching romcoms with her family
Boggart Her loved ones leaving her
Blood Status Half-blood
Peculiar N/A


Song The Only Exception - Paramore
TV Show Dash & Lily's Book of Dares
Book Anna and the French Kiss
Movie He's Just Not That Into You
Color Pink

*Molly plays the flute, but only practices when she's at home.
*She consistently messages the class group chat everyday with reminders on what they need to submit/get done.
*She is secretary of most of her clubs.
*She always, always has her bullet journal with her.
*She does not know how to braid hair.
*She mostly stays with her mom, but part of her parents' agreement is that Molly spends weekends with her dad during breaks, and she dreads them every time.
*She loves romcoms and always watches one when she is feeling down.
*Molly is very good at stalking people's social media.
*She has tried alcohol and hated it. She uses magic to vanish what's in the cup and pretends she has a high tolerance for alcohol to avoid being peer pressured into drinking.

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molly mayberry
fifth year, ravenclaw
dancing in the mirror, singing in the shower