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Morgan Jenner is role-played by Lissyboo

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Age 32
Birthday October 24th, 1995
Gender Female
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dark Brown/Black
Body Type Average
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Occupation Defense against the Dark Arts teacher


Morgan is quick to judge. She's rude, prideful, cunning and temperamental and stuck up. Given her history, you could see how she thinks of people, of anyone, of… everyone. She isn't somebody who goes up to someone for pleasantries. She usually goes to them to confront, or embarrass, them, usually for no reason. She doesn't particularly enjoy the company of muggles. She sees them as well below her level, ugly, not worth her time, so she won't speak to them, even if they are in her house.

If she does like somebody, can stand them and be friends with them, she's rather quiet about herself. She's very smart, studying spells all the time. She can be rather nice, sticking up for some people and embarrassing others. She enjoys other peoples—especially blood traitors or mudbloods—misery.

If she loves hanging out with a person, or thinks good about a person, her façade is broken. She's very protective about her close friends, and would do anything to keep them safe. There are a few people she can be herself with, a few people who know her history from the start, her best friend, or close friends, even her cousin.

Recently, she was growing a little more mellow, with all the things going on. She has her same attitude, but she's limiting how much disrespect she gets (and gives). She has, as well, gained a sense of humor only she and the people closest to her understand. She had gained a small amount of maternal instincts since her daughter Lili was born.


Morgan was born Morgan Berrin, daughter of Lillith Jenner and Shadow Berrin. She had a loved family, who had no ties to any blood supremacists. Morgan was a sweet child, who went everywhere with her two pure-blood parents. It was when she was six years old, she went on a boating trip with her parents. There were plenty of other people there, both wizard and muggle. She was watching her father when a muggle lost control of his own boat and crashed into her fathers. Her father died in a bloody explosion, nothing they could do about it. Her mother and her were heartbroken. They wanted to do something. That's when she gained her first taste of hatred for muggles.

Morgan stayed sweet, but she, as well as her mother, Lillith Jenner, traveled much lesser, but they still did travel, whether it was back to her fathers grave, or just on an outing. Morgan's surname became Jenner. Morgan wasn't okay with it when her mother, about a year later, started becoming closer to a muggle man. She didn't trust him, not just because of his blood. One day, despite Morgan's many disagreements with her mother, Lillith Jenner married Jean Prideaux…

Lillith had married Jean, her last name had legally become Morgan Prideaux-Jenner. Morgan kept it just Jenner. Morgan's powers had shown at eight years of age. Her muggle stepfather knew she was a wizard, yet never accepted it. When her mother was off to work, in a muggle factory, Jean had hit her, punched her, threw her in a room, and threw away the key, only digging it up when he knew her mother was to come home. Morgan had tried desperately, many times, to convince her mother, always, her mother had simply said, "Ces mensonges! Laissez-moi être heureux, fille." (Such lies! Let me be happy, Daughter.) She only ever found comfort in her best friend, Sebastion Vermont's arms. To this day, Sebastion is the only person to ever see Morgan cry.

Eventually, as her hatred for muggles grew stronger, she stopped trying to tell her mother completely, endured the beatings. She had started trouble at her own school, Beauxbâtons, and even tried to start trouble with Jean. Lillith stopped her multiple times from almost killing her step-father. After the thousandth call from her school, Lillith had finally had enough.

Her mother sent her away, to live with her aunt in England. She knew she'd have to go to Hogwarts, and she was happy to be away from them.

At Hogwarts, life here was not as simple as it she thought it would be, being forced into a 'secret' Blood Supremacist group, her best friend coming to Hogwarts from France, and getting in a lot more trouble, though she said it was just 'relieving some frustration'. She took a liking to a few places, the White Tomb and Merpeople Kingdom being her favorite places to hang out and think, and her houses common room being her favorite place to read. She took a secret liking to the Dark Arts, but for a long time didn't try any, and Defense Against the Dark Arts also, there's no point in doing it if you can't defend yourself against it, right?

n her second, and almost third, year at Hogwarts, she tried to be a bit nicer to her mother, and even had talked about killing her stepfather. She had started teaching herself Dark Magic more, and with the help of her father, whom she had thought dead, but was later found out to be the one person she almost despised passionately, Shadow Berrin. With all her problems, comes gold in a coal mine, her best friend (and crush for years) Sebastion finally asked her out.

Having been engaged to Sebastion for a few months, before they went their separate ways, Morgan now provides for her daughter, Élisabeth "Lili" Vermont, on her own, after losing her job in the Ministry, working at the Cauldron again. Her father, who turned up and ended up being not insane, is in her life, as well, now.

A year later, after finding her father dead, and after she just buried her sister, too, she moved to France, but is back now.

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  • She is rather short for her age, as she will be her whole life, at only 5'3", and weighing less than 120 pounds.
  • She has a few scars, some on the back of her neck, which is why she never wears her hair up, one on her shoulder, one on her stomach, and a few on her back.
  • She's very self-conscious.
  • Morgan can hide her accent easily, but she chooses not to. But if and when she does, she either starts speaking in a French accent when she's mad, or yells in the French language.
  • Her wand is sycamore and dragon heartstring, 10 inches.
  • She was taught Legilimency by her father. She hasn't practiced it much, but she knows it'll come in handy.
  • She gave her engagement ring from Sebastion to her daughter, Lili, on a chain necklance


Morgan herself is beautiful, black hair and icy blue eyes. She's about 5'5" and has a slim build.

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