morgan le fey
carrying a legacy
17th March
Blood Status
Human; Wizard
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Morgan Le Fey is a first year Slytherin student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the son of notorious dark witch and Black Parade leader, Sabrina Le Fey.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark brown
Clothing Style
Finn Wolfhard
It seems like Morgan has managed to inherit every single physical characteristic from his mother, as there isn't a trace of Carlisle's height or build in him whatsoever. No, he is the image of Sabrina le Fey: raven-black hair, dark eyes and pale skin, with an almost-constant expression on his face that makes him look like he's planning something. He's a skinny kid, reaching only 5'3" on a good day (give him time) and as feeble as anything, but that works to his advantage, really - it makes it a lot easier to sneak around unnoticed.

Lindisfarne, Northumberland
Native Language
French; English
Earliest Memory
Playing on the beach with a starfish
Type of Childhood

Morgan's entire life has been kept one big, wrapped-up secret, from his conception all the way up to his tenth birthday. The fall of the Black Parade was the start of everything; as the members of the organisation all scattered or died or disappeared, Sabrina le Fey found reassurance in the arms of her ex-lover, Carlisle Valois. It was a short-lived, whirlwind reconciliation, but it sure as hell left its mark as Sabrina fell pregnant unexpectedly. Sabrina le Fey, the leader of the most notorious criminal organisation in the Wizarding World, caught off guard? Impossible. It was clear to her that Morgan was, indeed, supposed to be here. He wasn't an accident - he was fate.

Having le Fey blood would instantly make Morgan a target for any and every enemy of the Parade, especially given their new vulnerability, so his mother did the only thing she could think of to keep them both protected: shroud everything in secrecy. They disappeared off the map, and relocated to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, their house surrounded by every protective charm in the book and double that, just to be sure.

Unsurprisingly, this led to Morgan living quite a lonely childhood on that little island. There wasn't much there to preoccupy himself with: stacks of books, a couple of jigsaw puzzles, whatever Sabrina would bring home from her trips to England and the layout of the island that he could explore. That was how he spent most of his days - exploring the island, climbing trees and swimming in lakes and scouring all the mountains, developing a healthy sense of adventure. It also left him immune to injuries, which is frequently obtained every time he fell off of a branch or got caught on seaweed underwater. The amount of times he literally nearly died before the age of nine is quite alarming.

Magic was always a part of his life, obviously, but he didn't become truly familiar with it until the age of nine, when he set the tree in their back garden on fire during a particularly heated argument with Sabrina over whether he should be sent to Hogwarts. She had her reservations given their conspicuous name, but Morgan managed to talk her round in the end.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Mature, logical, loyal
Worst Qualities
Shy, mischevious, unruly
Most Influenced By
Sabrina le Fey
Growing up completely isolated from the world and everybody in it doesn't do much for a child, especially when it comes to developing a personality: because of his unique upbringing, Morgan is kind of a blank slate. He's quiet, prefering to spend most of his observing rather than contributing, as he's only had his mother to model himself on. Having Sabrina le Fey as a role model has certainly contributed to the more... distinct parts of his character; he's a very good thief, naturally nimble-fingered. He's also a talented escape artist, able to disappear and reappear without even so much as making a squeak. Most importantly, he's developed a good sense of logic. Whilst his knowledge of how to transfigure a bird into a goblet is limited, he's extremely adept at solving puzzles, whether they be physical ones like Rubik's cubes, or mental ones. If you ever have an issue that needs solving, Morgan's the person to go to.

People are strange to him. He's not quite sure how to construct himself when talking to different people, so he kind of just takes parts of their personalities and builds some sort of facade with them: this means he's more than happy to lie or greatly exaggerate the truth to gain someone's trust or affection. It's a life tactic. His ability to morph into different versions of himself depending on who he's talking to is a trait inherited from his father, no doubt, but whilst a part of him secretly knows and values its use, the rest of him is completely oblivious. He's a sweet kid, deep down: he just needs someone to find that in him.

Something special about Morgan is his wicked sense of adventure. His home let him explore every nook and cranny of the island, every lake and tree, and it's left him hungry to explore the world that's so new to him. He's the kid in the group who will go charging head-first into the Forbidden Forest without a care in the world, or diving to the bottom of the Great Lake with just his held breath. Sometimes consequences bypass him, but if someone pulls him back down to earth now and again, he should be fine.

Loyalty is incredibly important. He'd never break a promise, never tell a secret: in fact, he's the best person to tell secrets to. Mother always taught him how important alliances and friendship are, so any bond he forms with a person, he treasures with all his heart. Ew... are these feelings? Gross. Maybe growing up isn't for him after all, if he has to deal with these.

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skills and magical abilities
Escaping: Teachers can never keep Morgan in detention for long. He knows every escape route in Hogwarts, and wants to create one of his own some day.

Thievery: Call it a Parader quality. Morgan is incredibly quick-fingered, though he'd of course never ever utilise this. Obviously.

Herbology: Maybe the only school subject he's interested in, Morgan has a natural green thumb. He especially likes growing those huge plants that eat people whole.


Sabrina le Fey
Morgan's mother is a force to be reckoned with, and Morgan loves the absolute bones of her. He lives off of every word that falls from her mouth and wants nothing more than to follow in her footsteps and lead the Parade one day, ruling over the Citadel with a fist as iron as hers. He doesn't know where the hell he'd be without her, honestly.

Tessa Bellerose
So, he first met his step-sister when she was hiding a body in a tunnel somewhere, and despite a mutual distrust, Morgan decided that perhaps she's actually pretty interesting. Although he knows at some point he'll have to challenge her for the position of top dog, and trust me, that won't be fun.

Twyla Montgomery
There is something about Twyla that is just so endlessly fascinating. Morgan sees a lot of himself in the girl - they're both thieves, have dodgy pasts, secretive families - and it's strange how safe he feels around her, especially when he's entirely convinced that she'll grow up to be a force to be reckoned with - even more so than she is now.

Cleo Levesque
She's quiet and shy, and innocent to the point of being seriously naiive, but Morgan shared his cookies with Cleo, and that takes a lot. She's quite cute in her wide-eyed, O-mouthed way, and although Morgan doesn't want to corrupt her with his antics, he definitely wants to show her how to really have fun in a magical castle full of tunnels and opportunities.

Donatella de' Medici
Donna is absolutely hilarious, in a primadonna, uptight type of way. Her wit and intellect is impressive and Morgan always finds himself laughing around her; seeing her in the halls certainly helps brighten up his day.

EQ Schmidt
EQ is one of those people that is just constantly nice, even when Morgan is an ass back to him. It's weirdly comforting to have someone that is always there and that Morgan knows he can always have a chat with, even if they've only spoken a few times.

Duke Lyon-Hawtrey
Morgan and Duke literally fell right into each other's lives, right in the centre of Lincliff Square. Duke then spent an hour teaching Morgan all about video games, and Morgan quickly decided there that Duke is the coolest person he's ever met. He really hopes to see him again sometime, before school starts.



*He is named after Morgana le Fey, the powerful enchantress and distant relative.
*Chocolate is his weakness. Honestly. He will devour anything made of chocolate.
*He doesn't remember Carlisle very well. All he has is a photo, and even that's faded.
*He's aware of his extended family, and is becoming more and more interested in finding them. Maybe one day.
*He loves reading, as it was the only thing he could do to amuse himself as a kid.
*Sabrina doesn't let him have Witchagram, which is totally unfair.
*He makes really, really good cookies.
*He's a surprisingly good dancer.
*His record for solving a Rubik's cube is one minute, thirteen seconds.
*He is banned from Hogsmeade, having been caught stealing sweets. Oops.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Figuring it out
Relationship Status
First Love
Languages Spoken
English; French
Losing his mum
Poison dart frog
Favorite Drink
Chocolate milk
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Sabrina's perfume, sea salt, chocolate cake
Favorite Color
Dark red


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