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Myles Hwang

friend, your unhappiness is my happiness, sorry, but truly, it's my happiness whatever you say, i'm still your friend when i break up, you can make fun of me too


|| full name(s)

[english name] Myles Machi Hwang
[korean name] Hwang Machi

|| nickname(s)


|| etymology

myles > beloved
machi > to stop something
hwang > yellow or sulfur

|| alias(es)


|| alias reasonings


|| age


|| birthday

May 3rd, 2029

|| zodiac sign


|| nationality


|| ethnicity


|| status


|| gender


friend, your unhappiness is my happiness, sorry, but truly, it's my happiness whatever you say, i'm still your friend when i break up, you can make fun of me too


social sample

"gwenchanayo?" are you okay? myles blinks, looking up from where his eyes had been affixed to—the basket of their shopping cart, which he had been draping his arms over. his sister, miranda, looked at him expressionless, bar the concern in her warm brown eyes. myles feels his eyebrows draw in from confusion, before he gives a shaky laugh and pushes his hood back to run his fingers through his hair. it still felt weird, the length of it. he had never grown his hair out this much before, but with all the fuss of moving to lincliff, he hadn't had the time to get it cut. even then, according to his sister and mother, it looked good this way, and since his roots were beginning to show, they could probably just get another dye job instead.

"ne, nan gwenchana," yes, i'm fine. he mumbled after the laugh, looking away. sure, he was lying to his sister's face, but he liked to pretend it was easier to do when he wasn't looking at her. it really wasn't. "wae?" why? he added, taking his other arm off the cart to pull his sleeves over his chilly fingertips and hug himself. he deeply regretted not wearing one of his thicker hoodies, since he knew the supermarket was unusually cold the majority of the time. he could tell by the heat on his temple that miranda wasn't buying it, but he didn't really feel like going into anything at the moment, so he turned his attention to his nephews. "hojin-ah, seojin-ah, yeogie oseyo!" hojin, seojin, come here!

hojin and seojin were myles' nephews, or more specifically, myles' sister's sons. they were a pair of tiny misfits, and while myles loved them dearly, they made the life of his crowded apartment, hell. it was annoying enough to share a room with three people, but sharing a room with hojin and seojin? impossible. they were nosy, messy, and extremely loud. as well as around the age where they just... didn't sleep. like ever. myles was surprised his eyebags hadn't deepened over the summer. but then again, that's what makeup is for anyway. when he called them over, they were grinning like miniature devils, hugging a bag of candy to their chest. and to no one's surprise, both myles and his older sister sighed. "go put that down," myles said, clearly unimpressed. he pulled his hood back over his fading white hair.

"hy-hyung, hajiman!" but, myles! hojin protested, opening his mouth and revealing his missing front tooth. it was the only way he knew how to tell them apart, even as eight-year-olds. of course, miranda just had to have twins, huh. "halloween-eun naeil-e isseoyo! urineun satang-i pilhaeyo! g-geuraeseo!" halloween is tomorrow! we needy candy! s-so! from the way hojin was grinning, it was hard to truly believe that they were really saving this candy for halloween. plus, they lived in an apartment building, so there was no point to get candy anyway. not a single thing they could come up with would've convinced myles to say otherwise, but their dear mother was more easily moved.

"go ahead, put it in," miranda said, and myles glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, hiding his annoyance, but not very well. his sister just looked back at him, offering him a suspiciously cheeky smile before taking the cart out of myles' hands and continuing to push it down the aisle. another battle lost. myles sighed and followed behind, slipping his hands into his hoodie pocket. it's not like they even had the money for extra stuff anyway, but okay, go ahead, spoil the kids. whatever. myles hoped his bitterness wasn't too obvious. he continued keeping his head low as he followed his family. he was fiddling with a clip in his pocket, the seal of his house back at norumbega: sah sen.

myles missed norumbega a lot; probably the hardest part of the move for him was leaving his friends... and his star athletics record of being the best chaser in his year. maybe the best chaser the school's had in years. it was something he took pride in, especially being that quidditch was pretty much the only thing he was good at. although his whole family for as long as he could trace back all had magic, myles... for some reason, was absolute shit at it. honestly, everyone thought he was a squib up until he was ten. he was that much of a late bloomer. quidditch made him feel like he at least belonged in this magical world, and it had been his crutch since he started attending norumbega.

hogwarts had changed all of that drastically. so far, the semester had been rough, and just getting the weekend to spend his with his family was something he really needed. the founders' tournament this year meant a late start to the quidditch season—so instead of all his new classmates getting to know him as the star quidditch player. they knew him as the star dumbass of their year, and myles could do almost nothing about it. it was embarrassing how he barely managed to scrape by with the feeble sparks and sputters of his wand whenever he tried to do spells. or how his potions always, literally, blew up in his face. or that it seemed all magical creatures seemed to hate his guts, and he spent more time in the nurse's office than he did his own dorm room anymore. there wasn't a single subject he was even remotely good at, and not only was it ruining his lack of reputation, it was destroying his self-confidence.

myles has always been pretty quiet and indifferent. he's fidgety, struggles to focus, and weirdly jumpy when he's not on the quidditch field, but overall, is a pretty nice and approachable person to talk to. he's never been very overconfident, but when he was playing quidditch, it seemed like his confidence tripled, so much that he appeared arrogant , even earning nicknames for his comedically bodacious attitude during games and practices. without that, without anything to really say he was good at, really, a vacuum manifested within him, and it was sucking away at every last drop of self-esteem. it didn't help that he had somehow picked up a bully, who relentlessly picked at myles' intelligence and inability to produce magic. he felt chiefly worthless, and it was beginning to intrude into other aspects of his life too.

social behaviors
|| most common emotion

indifference > myles has been pretty indifferent since like... birth. his parents actually got quite frightened because he didn't cry when he was born. he's not easily moved, not easily upset, not easily excited, etc. it doesn't take too much to get a reaction out of him, but he's not a very reactionary person.
anxiety > since he's quite unsure of himself, and lacks self-confidence, he tends to manifest a lot of anxiety for himself over how people see him, especially in classes. it's part of why he's so fidgety, he's usually fiddling with something to keep himself calm.

|| least common emotion

anger > since myles' anxieties often manifest themselves as guilt or embarrassment, myles tends to resent himself much more than he resents anything else. in accordance to that, it's rare for him to get mad over things. he may feel bitter or occasionally upset, but true anger is a rare emotion for him, and mostly saved the most the extreme of situations. it'd take a lot to really get myles to get mad.

|| tendency to show affection

not really, but if you hug him or go in for a high five, he'll return it to be polite. he doesn't have anything against being affectionate, he just tends not to initate it.

|| notable quirks

fidgety > myles is always moving, always. part of it is restlessness, other parts of it have to deal with satiating his anxiety. regardless, he always tapping his foot, playing with a pen, or adjusting the sah sen seal clipped to his hogwarts robes. he probably even fidgets in his sleep.
hair color > dyes his hair "absurd" colors, mostly just because. his hair is naturally brown, but he's died it dark blue, then white before. currently his hair is half red and half black.

|| mannerisms

sah sen pin > always carries his house pin from norumbega around with him everywhere. people often interrupt it as him disliking hogwarts or something like that, but it's more of a token to remember his old school and friends. rubbing the front of it also tends to calm his anxiety.
foot tapping > whenever he's sitting down, he tends to tap his foot. sometimes it's at random, but other times, he'll tap along to a beat if he can hear music playing or he'll tap his foot at a steady pace as a calming mechanism.

|| when angry

few people have actually seen myles get angry, but when he does, he's said to be terrifying. he's the type to get really quiet and frighteningly calm.

|| when embarrassed

myles is a huge blusher, and blushes whenever embarrassed. he also tends to duck his head down and avoid eye contact. in other cases of embarrassment such as bullying or harassment, he tends to shrink back and subconsciously try to make himself appear smaller. he also has a bit of a stuttering problem.

|| when excited

it honestly depends on how excited myles is. mild to minimal excitement doesn't garner much of a reaction, maybe a small smile or grin and more fidgeting than usual, but that's typically it. if it's something he's really excited about, he gets much more energetic and sometimes, even more talkative.

|| when frightened

whenever myles is frightened, he pales considerably. instead of getting high pitched, his voice actually tends to get lower, and similarly to when he gets embarrassed, he begins to stutter a lot.

|| when happy

not much changes from myles' default expressions and moods. he'll typically be smiling or wearing a small grin, and if he's standing, will rock on his heels from restlessness. if sitting or lying down, he fiddle with his sah sen pin instead.

|| when sad

myles tends to look unreadable when he's sad. his face just defaults to a neutral smile or it becomes expressionless. he'll be considerably less energetic, but will still fidget—especially, if not always, with his sah sen pin.

|| when stressed

fidgeting, fidgeting, fidgeting, more fidgeting. he will never stop moving, ever. myles will always have his sah sen page unclipped from his clothes so he can run his thumb over the top. he'll be pacing if he can, and if not, tapping his foot. when speaking, he tends to speak incredibly fast, often tripping over his words and being insanely difficult to understand.

|| when thoughtful

myles doesn't really have a specific reaction or look when he's being thoughtful. if he's wearing an expression prior to being thoughtful, it just tends to drop, or it settles into a neutral smile. not enough changes for it to really be considered a "reaction".

|| when jealous

similar to when he gets angry, he tends to get quiet and still. his mannerisms change slightly as well, and he'll hunch over when he walks and try to shrink himself as much as he can. his thought process is just to make himself seem as insignificant as he feels.

|| optimist or pessimist

optimist > he's more of an optimist as a counter to his anxiety as opposed to being naturally optimistic. because the voice in his head is very pessimistic and panic-y, it just helps to be optimistic out loud to combat it.

|| introvert or extrovert

introvert > there's nothing really hiding this one. besides to his old quidditch team, myles doesn't suddenly get eager to be around people and spend all his time around them. he doesn't mind being social, and will engage in conversation if initiated, but he prefers keeping to himself and spending time with himself over spending large abundances of time with other people. he simply doesn't have the energy for it.

|| cautious or careless

he's a mix of both, it really depends on the situation. he's a bit careless in his day-to-day life, but if it's something serious like class, quidditch practice, or a game, he gets very cautious.

|| logical or emotional

to be completely honest, neither. if you really had to pick one though, he leans more towards emotions than he does logic. he's pretty balanced in his lens of things, since he's a typically level-headed person beyond his anxiety.

|| warmonger or pacifist

pacifist > doesn't see the point in being aggressive and violent. if things can be resolved with a talk, why not do so? he fundamentally believes that most conflicts stem from misunderstandings, and people should try harder to resolve misunderstanding instead of immediately resorting to anger or violence.

|| loner or social butterfly

a bit of both depending on the crowd. he used to have a lot of friends and acquaintances when he attended norumbega, so he was much more of a social butterfly there than he is at hogwarts. despite that, he's not exactly a loner here either. he just keeps to himself more often.

|| early bird or night owl

early bird > he was raised to go to sleep at nine and wake up at eight by the latest. it's changed slightly since he hit puberty, and now he's more likely to fall asleep by ten or ten thirty, but for the most part, he likes being up early in the morning, especially to watch the sun rise.

|| procrastinator or productive

procrastinator > school assignments give him anxiety, so he puts them off, ironically causing himself more anxiety when he gives himself an unbelievably short amount of time to get them done. it's a very self-destructive cycle that he somehow manages. that's pretty much how it works for just about any other important project too.

|| rigid and organized or fluid and adaptable

fluid and adaptable > myles is very go with the flow. the only schedule he's ever stuck to is his training schedule. he finds rigidity a nuisance, but wouldn't be the one to break the status quo if it's what the majority are doing. he's a sheep, but he's a self-aware sheep.

|| big picture or detail orientated

detail-orientated > as a result of an anxiety, it's not uncommon for the bigger picture to completely fly over myles' head. instead, he'll worry about the smaller details, even if in the grand scheme of things, it won't actually be that big of a problem.

|| confident or Unsure

unsure > he's never been extraordinarily confident in himself, but since moving to the uk, he's began to question himself more and more, especially in relation to magic.

character on the inside


|| persona

myles' outward persona is actually pretty close to his core persona. if anything, his outward persona is less quiet than he actually is. in fact, myles was always the type of person to step back and take things in, but clouded with the perception who he should be and all the expectations he can't live up to, he's busied himself trying to be what he sees as the "better" version of himself.

|| core

myles at his core is not much different from he acts around other people. for one, he's unabashedly quiet and prefers to watch before interacting. his strengths are observation and social and emotional intelligence, however, you rarely notice it unless you're paying attention. he tends to know how people are feeling and his perceptions are rarely wrong, so as he result, he typically knows what to say in return. obsessed with being book smart and "intelligent" in the way that the world wants him to be, he doesn't know his actual strengths.

|| shadow

myles is extremely bitter, a feeling he tends to keep buried under apathy and anxiety. he's bitter at his dad disappearing, he's bitter at his parents for paying attention to his siblings more than him, he's bitter at his sister for having his nephews, he's bitter as nephews for taking up space in their already crowded apartment, and more. he's quite a resentful person, yet tends to be oblivious to these feelings, and whenever they do present themselves, he tends to ignore them.

|| passions

myles has an astounding few passions in life. since he typically spends more worrying over the fact that he can't do anything, logically, he's lost the will to find anything he's particularly good at. the only exception to this is quidditch, in which he's fantastic at. his position is chaser, and his current dream is to play at an international level. he believes only then will his feelings of inferiority will subside.

|| wants

myles wants to stop feeling so pathetic and anxious all the time. he wants to be able to confidently do magic, he wants his spells and potions backfiring to be an unfortunate surprise instead of his normal result. he wants to be normal, honestly. he wants to stop overthinking, stop worrying, stop panicking.

|| needs

in reality, myles needs to realize that his ability to do magic has nothing to do with his self worth, whether or not he figures out how to cast spells without failure. he needs a supportive environment reinforcing all the good things about myles just as much as his anxiety reinforces the bad ones. he needs to learn how to trust himself more, and he needs to learn how to let go of things.

|| phobia(s) and fear(s)

he's afraid of being abandoned and left behind. in his mind, it'll prove he's just as worthless as he feels.

friend, your unhappiness is my happiness, sorry, but truly, it's my happiness whatever you say, i'm still your friend when i break up, you can make fun of me too


general likes
  • soft, pastel colors
  • salty snacks over sweet ones
  • very open to music
    • despite jazz being his favorite genre, he listens to a little bit of everything
  • loves fluffy animals
  • stuffed animals
  • street fashion
  • horror movies/games
general dislikes
  • loud noises
  • overly sweet foods
  • weird food coloring
  • dull and murky colors
  • potatoes (specifically mashed and roasted)
  • smoothies (they have a weird texture...")
|| favorite color(s)


|| favorite music genre(s)


|| favorite food(s)

white cheddar popcorn

|| favorite animal(s)

red panda

|| favorite book(s)


|| favorite drink(s)

strawberry lemonade flavored sparkling water

|| favorite song(s)

fts by chai tea

|| favorite movie(s)


|| favorite sweet(s)

oreos, airheads

|| favorite location(s)

parks, the mountains, the forest

friend, your unhappiness is my happiness, sorry, but truly, it's my happiness whatever you say, i'm still your friend when i break up, you can make fun of me too

|| schooling

norumbega [1-5]
hogwarts [6]

|| graduated?


|| year


|| house


|| owls

herbology > interestingly enough, myles managed to get an o in this class; he sites it as a result of his mother being so adamant about him and his siblings getting out in nature
he doesn't have an owl in any other class because he barely passed them

|| newts

hasn't taken them yet

|| favorite class(es)


|| least favorite class(es)


|| species

wizard [human]

|| peculiar?


|| type of peculiar


|| family blood


|| ability to produce patronus


|| patronus animal


|| wand wood


|| wand core

pink fwooper feather

|| wand length

twelve and a half inches

|| faceclaim

moon jehyun (of 1team)

|| voiceclaim

moon jehyun (of 1team)

|| eye color


|| hair color


|| skin tone

pale ivory

|| height

5'9" (175 cm)

|| build

lanky but somewhat lean

|| piercing(s)

some ear piercings

|| tattoo(s)


|| general style

general street wear > isn't extremely fashionable or something, but at least tries to wear somewhat trendy outfits

|| distinguishing marks


|| dominant hand


|| handwriting

neat print; he's currently trying to learn how to write in cursive

|| physical disorders


|| allergies

pollen > they discovered this when he was about five, it's been a nuisance for as long as he can remember during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons

|| neurodivergent?


|| mental disorder(s)/illness(es)

[undiagnosed] general anxiety disorder

|| mental state/health

somewhat healthy, but slowly worsening over time as his anxiety continues to go unattended to

|| skills

gardening > his mom had a porch garden in their old apartment, and he took to tending to avidly
quidditch > his position is chaser; he's insanely good at it, and it's like the only magic-related thing he can do
mechanics > his dad, before he disappeared, ran an auto-repair shop, and he'd hang out after school and learn how to repair things, so he knows some fundamental and rudimentary mechanical skills
math > insanely good at math, but doesn't believe it; he can calculate in real time, and often subconsciously does it during quidditch games to make seemingly impossible passes and scores

|| most skilled at


|| least skilled at


|| talents


|| hobbies

reading > has done it since he was a kid, finds time to keep doing it every once and awhile

|| understood languages

korean, english

|| spoken languages

korean, english

|| quote(s)

friend, your unhappiness is my happiness, sorry, but truly, it's my happiness whatever you say, i'm still your friend when i break up, you can make fun of me too


|| parental guardian(s)

remy hwang > myles' dad
karin jung > myles' mom

|| sibling(s)

miranda hwang > older sister, about ten years older than him
matthew hwang > younger brother, six years younger than myles
merissa hwang > younger sister, eight years younger than myles

|| spouse(s)


|| children


|| extended relatives

seojin and hojin > myles' twin nephews, sons of his older sister, miranda

|| other


|| romantic orientation


|| sexual orientation


|| current partner(s)


|| past partner(s)


|| romantic interests

[dibbed for] armani zhao

|| first love


|| first kiss


|| first time


|| love language

words of affirmation

|| best friend(s)


|| current friend(s)


|| past friend(s)


|| acquaintance(s)


friend, your unhappiness is my happiness, sorry, but truly, it's my happiness whatever you say, i'm still your friend when i break up, you can make fun of me too



remy hwang and karin jung got acquainted in fifth year at a quidditch game, and as the tale would tell, became "highschool sweethearts". after graduating, they got married, and only after two years, they had their first child. it was a baby girl, which they named miranda. however, after miranda's birth, they realized just how fast they were going, and significantly slowed down, not having their next child for another ten years. finally, two months after karin's twenty-ninth birthday, she fell pregnant with a baby boy, who after being born the following year, was named myles.

myles was a very quiet child. it was even rumored that when he was born, he didn't cry a single tear or make a single sound. as an infant, he was unusual in the way he would rarely cry for whine for the care and attention of his parents, but simply watch them and the surroundings around him. he was even more peculiar as a toddler, skipping crawling and going straight to walking. he could talk, but he didn't say much, resolving to one word or a couple words per sentence when responding. he was quiet, reserved, and even as kid, you rarely knew what was on this kid's mind. it was odd, and at times, slightly unnerving, but his parents loved him all the same.

as part of a wholly magical family, myles' first sign of magic was practically guaranteed. yet, for years, he had no such thing. even after his younger brother, matthew, was born when he was six, and his younger sister, merissa was born when he was eight, there was not a single spark. his parents were beginning to get worried, especially because myles' older sister had it quite early, as was characteristic for most of myles' relatives, including his parents. finally, at age ten, just a month and a half before his eleventh birthday, he had his first sign of magic. ironically, no one was around to see it.

sitting outside in the front yard of his grandparents' house, he was reading a book when he noticed a stray cat had climbing into the tree in the yard and was lowly meowing in distress. at first, he was considering looking for a ladder or climbing the tree himself to help get the cat down, but when he stood up and set his book down to get going on a plan, the cat fell from the tree. or rather, floated down from the tree and into myles' arms. he never told anyone about the incident, but had a quiet smile for the rest of the day. the stray cat ended up staying with his grandparents after myles brought it in.

myles' first years at norumbega were considerably rough. he was sorted into sah sen, and had high hopes for the school year. but he quickly discovered he was absolutely terrible at this whole magic thing. he could barely cast a spell without his wand fizzling out into sparks, and potions were a whole other category of disaster. it seemed the only think he could manage was herbology and first year flying, the latter of which, he had a spectacular talent in, heading the class the whole year. it was only natural afterward, that myles eventually became invested in quidditch, becoming the star chaser of the team and playing for the rest of his days at norumbega.

when myles was twelve, his father abruptly disappeared. there wasn't a single trace of him, and there were no explanations. his mother would tense whenever asked about him, and eventually, myles and the rest of siblings, just figured it was best not to ask. as a result, myles' older sister moves back into their apartment, as myles' mother is now the primary provider for myles and his younger siblings. with miranda comes her two sons, which she had accidentally fallen pregnant with in her final year at norumbega. at the time miranda had moven in, myles' nephews were about four.

in the summer before myles' sixth year, his mother lost her job. for a few weeks, they struggled to make ends meet before she acquired a new job in the lincliff city, working there for the ministry of magic. as required, they had to all move to the uk, even miranda and her nephews. life didn't get much better there. the seven of them crammed into a somewhat spacious three bedroom, two bathroom apartment, which meant myles had to share his room with his younger brother and nephews. he supposed it wasn't the worse thing in the world, but it was definitely inconvenient, especially when he was trying to go to sleep.

the beginning of sixth year was just as terrible as could've been. with no quidditch team to fall back on for the first semester, myles was quickly outed as probably the dumbest kid in the whole year, who could barely cast a spell and probably wouldn't know how to stir a cauldron, even if his life depended on it. his lack of social life was already worsening, and of course, of course, he even managed to pick up a personal tormentor to remind him of his inferiority constantly. as if living here wasn't bad enough.

smaller details
|| hometown

toronto, canada

|| birthplace

toronto, canada

|| current residence

lincliff city, uk

|| past residence(s)

toronto, canada

|| goal(s)
  • successfully become an international quidditch player
  • figure out how to consistently cast magic
|| occupation(s)

sixth year hogwarts student