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seeking the past.

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Myosotis Pyrenee Megat-Chrysanthe
Avery Chrysanthe (father)
Zarina Megat (mother)
Lyssa Megat† (sister)
Blood Status
Human, Witch
This character is roleplayed by Omnia.

Myosotis Chrysanthe was a 20 year old witch born out of wedlock. She graduated from the Malaysian Institute for Advanced Magical Educatiion and came to Britain to look for clues regarding her half-sister's brutal death, only to find her life cut short.

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Early Life


Shortly after the end of the Second Wizarding War, a Malaysian witch named Zarina Megat took a vacation to Europe, leaving her daughter Lyssa in the care of a family friend. She went sightseeing and eventually ended up in France for the tourist attractions. During her stay, she had a fling with a French Ministry worker named Avery Chrysanthe. The two parted ways when Zarina's vacation ended. However, this wouldn't be the last time they saw each other.

Hardly a month after her little trip, Zarina discovered she was pregnant. The revelation forced her to take a break from managing her family's Apothecary and to temporarily hand down the responsibility to her younger brother.

Several months later, her second daughter and Lyssa's half-sister was born. Despite the fact that the child was born out of wedlock, Zarina could not help but love her daughter like any other mother. She named her after her favorite flower, the forget-me-not, and due to her father being French, gave her the second name of Pyrenee.

Myosotis led a happy childhood till the age of 9. Her bubbly, outgoing and straightforward personality often clashed with half-sister Lyssa's own secretive behavior, and many a time did their mother have to break up fights. Zarina had been married to Lyssa's father briefly, but he had died in a brewing accident when Zarina had only been three months pregnant with Lyssa. In fear that Myosotis would start asking questions, Zarina lied and told her daughter that her father was also dead. And so Myo didn't question.

Though Myo desperately wanted to be close to her half-sister, Lyssa obviously wanted little to do with her. Myo would always try to impress her older sibling with her bursts of magic, but this seemed to shunt Lyssa, who was thought to be a Squib, further away. Lyssa eventually had had enough, and during a small venture to a nearby forest with Myo painstakingly following her, her delayed magic burst from within, emitting a heat wave that touched everything within a ten-feet radius. Myo was knocked out, more from the repercussion of slamming into a tree trunk than the heat, and when Zarina found them, she was furious and blamed the elder. She punished Lyssa rather unfairly, and the latter finally began to plan to run far, far away from this horrible, biased home. She disappeared on the eve of her eleventh birthday, and Zarina didn't care enough to inform the authorities.

Ascent to Adulthood

Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)

Myo blamed herself from her sister's disappearance despite her mother's futile attempts at dissuading her. She grew less social, but not for long, for an eternally bright soul like Myo's simply could not be dampened. Shortly after her eleventh birthday, Myosotis Chrysanthe received her invitation to the Malaysian Institute for Advanced Magical Education.

The sudden change in her life distracted her from Lyssa's disappearance, and every school year, Myo would shed her gloominess and bask in the wonders of both magic and her friends' companionship. She held a distinct aptitude for Charms, Potions, and Care of Magical Creatures that she explored to the fullest degree. Her OWLs and NEWTs were passed with flying colors, scoring Os and Es, and just a few As in some subjects that she didn't particularly like...*cough*History of Magic*cough*.

Upon graduation, Zarina expected her to take over the Apothecary, but to her surprise, Myo refused. She had her heart set on finding her sister, even after so many years. Grudgingly giving her blessing, Zarina allowed her favorite daughter to do so. Their Apothecary had extended in chains all over the country, which meant that Myo could do as she pleased for some time. Unfortunately, news of Lyssa reached her first while she ventured through France.

Somehow Lyssa had become part of the Department of International Magical Cooperation in Malaysia without their knowing (to this day, Myosotis is unable to figure out HOW she evaded her, as naturally, she had searched there first). Her credentials, shockingly, came from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which was all the way from freaking England. The authorities had somehow (no doubt magically) tracked down Lyssa's closest friends and relatives, and informed them. More to Myo's shock than anyone, she had gained ownership of a medium sized house just by the outskirts of London. Though she loved her sister dearly, she never thought Lyssa would remember after so long. Zarina was forced to submit to her daughter's wishes to manage their Apothecary chain from the said house as she investigated her sister's death from the beginning.

Scouring Britain


Myo Apparated to Britain as soon as she got her papers in order in 2025, almost a whole year after Lyssa's death. Lyssa's house contained trinkets and souvenirs from all over the world that filled her with homesickness and an overpowering wish to have grown up with Lyssa.

Searching high and low in the house, Myo found nothing during the first two weeks. Disheartened, she went out for a bite to eat in Jamie's Bar and Grille and met the vegetarian vampire Scathach Morgenstern. After a quick conversation, Myo decided to be reckless and offered to babysit for the vampire's adopted twins. Scatty readily agreed, and they headed for her house of residence on foot. Soon afterwards, Myo met the twins, whom she found quite adorable and sweet. Informed that the two were starting Hogwarts in the upcoming term, the Malaysian simply couldn't help but smile and tell them that even though she had not attended the school herself, she had heard wonderful things about it.

Babysitting was added to her list of duties, but it worked with her potioneer career. After an inquiry with the Aurors regarding her sister, Myo met Sarah Grey but ultimately refused the somewhat-under-the-table help offered. At some point, she became acquainted with a Muggle-born orphan, Rosa Hamilton. Growing fond of the young girl, she adopted Rosa, though their relationship leaned more to a sisterly bond rather than a mother-daughter one. They had a good share of fun times together, and Myo never regretted a single moment.

However, the laughter was short-lived. Myo gained a new lead on her sister's case nearing the start of Rosa's second term, and pursued it without a second thought. The killer seemed to have finally caught on to her when a shopping trip went awry. The last thing that her thoughts produced was how sorry she was for not having done better, for Rosa and Lyssa.

Underestimated, but viscious

Sweet and temperamental by nature, Myo holds a near-unbreakable demeanor of friendliness and trustworthiness. She has both a cynical and optimistic outlook on life, and she tends to weigh both sides before deciding what to do. Her loyalties are both unwavering and fluid in a way - few actually figure out which one they have. Once you truly have it, it's surprisingly fragile and easy to snap with absolutely no going back.

Socializing is second instinct to her, and Myo tends to make people uncomfortable with her consistent tries at conversation. She's rarely not at ease in a crowd and will happily chat your ears off if prompted. She's not oblivious though, she tends to see through facades moderately easily, and is quite in touch with her feelings. Don't mistake her for a ditz; Myo is cold and calculating if the situation calls for it. There's one thing she and her sister share in common, and it's their natural distrust of authorities.


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friends, acquaintances and enemies

Zarina Megat

Myo does love her mother, really. She just thinks Zarina goes to the extremes and would make a perfect Slytherin during most situations. The way Zarina disowned her half-sister, the daughter of her deceased husband? In Myo's point of view, it was harsh and uncalled for, and to this day she struggles to rationalize how her mother could do such thing.

Avery Chrysanthe

A father has always been missing from Myo's life. She didn't know Avery was alive until her 17th birthday, when Zarina finally told her. She was out in France searching for him when the news of Lyssa's death reached her.

Lyssa Mae Megat

Lyssa was adored by Myo. She loved her half-sister very much, going to lengths to follow her around and doing her utmost best to impress her, though her attempts mostly failed. When Lyssa ran away, Myo blamed herself for getting in the way. Devastated by her death, Myo is determined to find out how her dear sister first ended up in England of all places and gotten a job at the Malaysian Ministry without her knowing. And of course, wanting to find out whoever killed her and rip them to pieces.

Malaysian Institute for Advanced Magical Education Friends

Being popular had its perks. Myo has tons of friends and acquaintances from school, and keeps in touch with most of them even after graduation.

Rosa Hamilton

Ignoring the age difference, they sort of bonded over clothing styles and stuff one day at Gladrags Wizardwear. To sum it up, Rosa is pretty much this eleven year old younger sister Myo never had.

Scathach Morgenstern

Despite the vampire's relatively human actions, Myo simply cannot help but be wary. Scatty is a vampire after all, a species that cannot be trusted. Nevertheless, the Malaysian tries to look past those fangs to see something else, but that may be her naivety.

Ruby Daimonds

This little ruby is cute! Seriously, Myo has gained a soft spot for her and her twin after volunteering to babysit them.

Ameths Daimonds

Same as above. The twins have certainly burrowed a way straight to Myo's heart with all their cuteness.


Myo is simply a whiz at Charms. Her professor was so impressed with her charmwork that he often suggested her as a tutor to some of her struggling yearmates. The Patronus Charm was cheesecake for her during her THIRD year, and Myo did her best to hone her skill in it. It is by far still her top subject, having a 4 year streak of Outstandings in the class.


It is both a relief and a slight annoyance to Myo that she inherited at least some of her mother's genes. Excelling at Potions was a thing she did often. Maybe not as good as she is in Charms, but she's never gotten anything below an A in it.

Care of Magical Creatures

Who cares if some creatures are funny-looking? Myo certainly doesn't. In particular, she favors dragons and had been considering a job involving them when Lyssa's death forced her to decline. She found them much like humans - wonderful company.


Handedness Right
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Polysexual, Biromantic
Relationship Status Single
Pets Her pet niffler, Leezil
Favourite Songs Count On Me by Bruno Mars
Favourite Colours Orange
Favourite Sweet Muggle jelly beans
Most Treasured Possession Her wand
Where to Find Them Browsing for prank items, taking a break, or sending a letter.

Wand TBA
Blood Heritage None
Boggart Seeing her sister blame her as she dies
Animagus None
Patronus Labrador
Amortentia Honey, tree sap, and some sort of scent
Mental Resistance Trained in Occlumency
Wandless Magic Uncontrollable
Magic Resistance Normal
Magical Knowledge Malaysian Institute for Advanced Magical Education
Magic Capabilities Qualified to use a wand

Pet Peeves Messy handwriting, eraser dust, and crumbs all over the floor
Food Preferences Food close to home
Snack Fish and chips for some nonsensical reason.
Drink Gatorade
Animal Dragon
Book Genre Mystery, crime
Quote "I prefer to be called "defying reality" than be called "perky"."
Music Genre Jazz
Movie Genre No preference
Sport TBA
Ethnicity Malaysian
Height 5'8
Weight "Wha-?" 128 lbs
Shoe Size 6
Blood Type A+
Voice Mezzo-soprano
Body Style Slim
One Word Description Bubbling
Earliest Memory Her first act of magic - cleaning up her sister and hers' muddy clothes at age four
Best Memory Graduation from MIAMEF
First Kiss A classmate from her fourth year
First Love "That's getting too personal."
Moral Compass {{{Moral Compass}}}
Fatal Flaw Impulsiveness
Phobias Wait for it...aichmophobia, fear of sharp objects.
Hobbies Knitting and jogging
Crises Leaves her very rattled and takes some time to adjust
Problem Reactions TBA
Change Reactions TBA
Alignment TBA
Bad Habits Is very fidgety when she hasn't spoken for a long time
Sleeping Habits Heavy
Quirks Carries a flask of liquid wherever she goes
Social Skills Quite amazing, she is very capable of knowing when she has pushed the limits.

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