Natália Del Bosque
Obliviator, Musician, Identity Forger on the DL
Owned by: Jay
Basic Information
Full Name: Natália Sanchia Del Bosque
Born: 13 February 2013
Age: 28
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: Brazilian
Ethnicity: Latina
More Information
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Romantic Orientation: Lesbian
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Brazilian
Birthplace: São Paulo, Brazil
Native Language: Brazilian Portugese
Languages Spoken: Brazilian Portugese, English
Current Location: Lincliff City
Magical Information
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Wand Wood: Cedar
Wand Core: Graphorn Horn
Wand Length: 12 3/4 in.
Wand Arm: Left
Patronus: Coyote
Boggart: Disproportionately sized animals--pigs with long legs, horses with short necks, etc
Exotic?: No
Schooling Information
Schooling: Castelobruxo
House: N/A
Year: Graduated
Year Joined: 1st

Natália likes to make things her bitch. Once she sets her mind on a skill or activity, she dives in headfirst and goes hard until it's easy. In school, she was always studying ahead so she wouldn't risk embarrassing herself. Her parents, both musicians, were often busy and she's an only child, so she learned to be independent early on...which was not necessarily a good thing. Partly out of spite, she likes to do things on her own just to prove she can, even when it would be easier or safer to ask for help. She hates being told what to do-- she much prefers to do the telling. She likes being/feeling in control, plans thoroughly, is very organized, and always shops with a list, which she rarely deviates from. She likes to be in the know about what's going on and tends to get anxious when things start happening but she doesn't know why.

She's got a great instinct for bullshit and really doesn't like being on the receiving end. She doesn't like being lied to at all--which is why she reacted so strongly to her parents lying about their relationship for six years. She didn't talk to either of them for three years.

To her, allowing a little cheating makes games more interesting--it adds an element of surprise. Natália doesn't believe that end justifies the means, but she does believe that the end is more important than the means to get there. She's great at keeping secrets but not above selling them if she was never asked to keep it confidential. Her close friends know to be specific when they're making any sort of deals or requests with her. She's not much of a team player and overall winning is more important than making sure everyone gets play time or that nobody's feelings get hurt.

She likes dubstep, aggressive songs, stuff where the beat drops, the chorus goes hard, etc. does make exceptions for songs that force her to sing, like hallelujah. She also cries at love songs, as she is a bit of a romantic at heart. She frequently writes her own music but plays very little of what she composes in public because her music and lyrics are very personal to her.

She's got a penchant for memory charms and has used them to get out of trouble a few times, and she's used them on muggles as well in the course of her forgery work, especially while working with her uncle. In her own business, she avoids doing that where she can since it's a little bit illegal.

She loves to be in the spotlight and frequents karaoke bars, and is never one to turn down picking up a guitar and doing a song or two when asked.

Natália is a bit of a workaholic, and is quite prone to shutting herself off for days at a time while working on a project, at times forgetting to eat or bathe. She gets testy when she's in the zone and neither likes nor appreciates being bothered.

She's also an alcoholic, which she has finally come to accept. She likes the feeling of not caring or remembering her problems, even if only for a little while. She turned to alcohol to cope with her parents' gross lack of support.


Natália's parents met at a choral concert. Her father, Calixto Del Bosque, was part of the choir, and her mother, Isidora Teixeira, the lead guitarist of the guest band doing the instrumentals for the concert. Calixto was infuriated by her cocky playing, and even from the band section Isidora could tell. During Calixto's solo, she started her own little guitar solo, and Calixto was ready to throw hands when the concert was over, but Isidora was quite suave about asking him out for drinks, and he said yes on accident. Fast forward ten years, they and two of their close friends had formed their own band and become fairly popular, and they were expecting a child.

Her parents took a year off to bond with her, using the time to create and record a full-length album and finally marry, but after that she was often left in the care of her uncle Lino, Isidora's brother, when they were doing shows. Lino was a wizard, but his sister was not, and neither were either of his parents. In the Teixeira bloodline, the magical gene is rarely consistent. Lino doted on Natália, but he didn't parent her, and he couldn't devote as much time to her as a parent should either since he had his own work: helping magical folk pass in the muggle world.

Natália learned to entertain and care for herself pretty well when she was little. Due to her lack of real, consistent parenting, she developed a lack of trust in others and a disdain for authority. Lino suspected she was magical and made no effort to hide the true nature of his work from her, even teaching her what he could and letting her "help" around the office. She started off doodling on recycled paper to make decorations for his office, but once she was old enough tidied things or filed papers. She learned to read and write in his office.

Her parents had her in music classes from the time she was two, first rhythm, then keyboard and guitar lessons with Isidora's old bandmates. Natália loved music and didn't need to be told to practice--she wanted to get good so she could impress her that maybe they'd pay her a bit of attention.

Natália was quick on the uptake in muggle school and had good grades, but she didn't like all the rules and didn't understand why she had to share or care when the other kids got upset when she told them they were stinky. If it was true, why shouldn't she say it?

When she was nine, her parents were packing up to go to a show and Natália wanted to come with, but they wouldn't let her. During the tantrum she threw, her magic made itself known by popping open the instrument cases. Isidora wasn't too surprised, having experienced her brother's magical outbursts, but Calixto was...perplexed. Isidora called her brother, said it was an emergency, and promised Calixto she would explain on the road.

Lino rescheduled the rest of his appointments for the day and came right over to take care of his niece.

Natália was excited for Castelobruxo, excited to finally learn all about magic, but when she arrived...the excitement wore off quickly. She'd never been fond of school, and even though this was magic school, nothing much changed. She hated uniforms and she hated having a curfew and she hated having to stay on the grounds, and she despised being told off by teachers for breaking such trivial rules.

Academically, she did well. She studied ahead for most of her classes and as a result was often at or near the top of her class for participation and in-class success...even if she wasn't necessarily doing it for the first time like everyone else. What mattered is that nobody knew that. She often chose flexible dates for homework, sometimes turning it in late, other times turning it early.

She was popular in school--maybe she wasn't the nicest person, but she was always ready to add music to any situation, and she was always down for a bit of light rulebreaking...and heavy drinking. She enjoyed the party atmosphere, the energy, and the carefree feeling of alcohol coursing through her system. She was thirteen when she first attended a party with alcohol, and despite the hangover she had the next day, she wanted that feeling again.

During the summers, she interned with her uncle--voluntarily now, as her parents had deemed her old enough to be home alone for extended periods. Lino paid her for her help and taught her the tricks of the trade. The summer before her fifth year, he began carefully introducing her to memory spells and the role they played in creating believable fake muggle identities for his clients.

Her uncle Lino noticed that his niece had developed a taste for alcohol, and rather than try to deter her, he tried his best to make sure she knew how to drink safely and responsibly--that is, how to enjoy herself without going overboard. 

While in school, her drinking was reasonable--perhaps a bit more than a teenager should be drinking, but she stayed shy of blackout drunk. She had coursework and friends to keep her busy and her mind occupied. When long breaks rolled around--Christmas, Easter, summer--and her friends went home to their families and her teachers decided not to give work, she had time to be depressed, and she had time to self-medicate as well.

In the summers after her sixth and seventh years, her parents, concerned about the amount of time she was spending with her uncle, started bringing her along on gigs, and after she stepped in for the guitarist when he was out with food poisoning, they realized she was...actually really good, and they let her join in sometimes.

She was careful about her drinking habits, careful to hide it when she was drinking alone and careful to hide with more drunk people if she was out. Not that she...felt there was anything really to hide. 

Now...don't get her wrong, Natália loved her parents. They cared for her, and when they were home they made time for her, but they didn't sacrifice any of their band time for her. As she got older, she started caring less--or pretending to. She stopped trying to get them to stay, she stopped seeing them off, and she stopped trying to impress them. When she was proud of something she'd done, she showed it to her uncle, unless her parents asked. They didn't really notice her, so she stopped noticing them. They separated unofficially during her second year, but kept up the façade of a happily married couple during the summers for their daughter's sake. They remained friends during their unofficial separation, but they didn't love together unless they were touring with the band, and if they felt like seeing other people, they did.

They didn't tell Natália until the end of the summer after she graduated, and she did not take it well. She felt betrayed, offended that they'd taken the time and effort to lie to her for five years instead of putting that care into being attentive parents. She packed her bags and moved in with her uncle that same day. That night, she went to the bar and she drank, and when someone starting talking shit, she started throwing fists, but she doesn't remember much from that time. She recalls waking up on her uncle's sofa, stomach churning and head pounding, Lino watching her with concern. He gave her a water and two advils and left her to her own devices.

She worked for her uncle for close to a year before he decided to move to Wales to be with his Welsh boyfriend. She still wasn't speaking with her parents, and she didn't feel close enough to anyone else to see about sleeping over, so she moved as well. Her uncle let up quite a bit on the more illegal aspects of his job because they "made his boyfriend uncomfortable" or something. Natália continued to live and work with him for six more years, budgeting carefully so she could get her own space. During that time, she familiarized herself with the muggles in this area of the world and started building a customer base and buying the supplies she would need to start her own under-the-radar forgery business. She reestablished contact with her parents as well, albeit reluctantly, and used her small following from her appearances with her parents to book a few local gigs of her own for some income.

She stopped drinking so much during the years she wasn't speaking to her parents, but once they reconnected all the old dirt rose back to the surface. Natália is able to acknowledge that she has an issue, but with a poor relationship with her parents, her uncle occupied with his now-husband, and no close friends, she doesn't have the support system to find a way to cope without alcohol, but she wants it, and she's either going to find or start an AA group to get it.

Model: Vicci Martinez
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Black and Blonde
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 126
Voice Type: Tenor
Distinguishing Marks:
More Images
Father: Calixto Del Bosque
She considers Lino Teixeira more a father
Mother: Isidora Teixeira
Full Siblings: None
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): N/A
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Other Relatives: N/A
Name Meaning:

Natália: Christmas Day
Sanchia: Saintly
Del Bosque: Of the Forest

Nicknames: Her American friend liked the sound of her name and tended to use...the entire thing. all the time.
Favourite Colour: Black
Favourite Movie: Stick It
Favourite Song: Moral of the Story, Watsky
Favourite Food: Chocolate Pavê
Favourite Drink: Key Lime Martini
Most Important People: Her uncle, Lino
Most Treasured Possessions: Her pet lizard
Custom Trivia:

Witchagram: @music_for_lizards
She's an Aquarius.

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