natasha kolupayeva

gryffindor, third year

- basics
RPer ildsjel
Age fourteen
Birthday 21 september 2027
Accent thick russian
Orientations unknown
Gender female (cis)
Location gryffindor dormitories or the happy house
Languages russian & english
- physical
Hair light brown
Eyes brown
Ethnicity caucasian
Model bridget rose satterlee
Height 5'4
- magical
Blood Status half-blood
Species witch
Wand Arm ambidextrous
- affiliation
Nationality russian
Schooling hogwarts
House gryffindor
Year third
Influenced ruslan, taras, síofra


There was a time where no man was feared more in modern-day muggle Russia than Taras Kolupayev. As a squib who had lucked out on his father's own criminal web in the magical counterpart of Russia, Taras' only focus was ensuring his family learned to regret cutting him off for a lack of magical gene. He was ruthless, and smart about it. His own network counted with over half a thousand killers and spies who did his bidding, killing senior officers in domestic and foreign governments, and later impersonating them to amass a greater wealth of knowledge for Kolupayev. He used it to his advantage, distributing information regarding defense systems and attack protocols to the highest bidders in countries all over the world - the same information he extracted from the United States and sold to Middle Eastern countries, he extracted from the Middle Eastern countries to sell to the United States. He was, in his own right, a terrorist everyone sough to make business with. He had forged an empire so massive, not one person, organization, or government could hope to bring all of it down successfully.

Before long, Taras began strategizing how to keep his empire alive, safe and sound for the next several decades. He soon realized the best way to do that would be to have a child of his own, one he could raise to become the perfect soldier. But, as he continued to plan the future of his empire, he came to have a big epiphany; there was no point in being so powerful in the muggle world, when he knew a magical counterpart existed and was currently controlled by his family. The very one that had disowned him and publicly humiliated him for lacking a quality that made the Kolupayevs so distinctly powerful: their magic. It was then that he became adamant his wife had to be a witch, in order to provide him with a magical son whose abilities he could use to his advantage. A child that would be malleable enough for him to manipulate, but not enough that he'd allow himself to be influenced by external forces. It was a risky plan, but one nonetheless, so he quickly set out to finding the ideal wife that would be submissive enough for him to force his legacy onto. It didn't take long for him to find her, in the form of Crina Radacanu.

Crina had longed for a happy marriage ever since she was a little girl. She planned to be a stay at home mother and raise her children with love, whilst providing her husband with everything he needed. So, meeting and subsequently marrying Taras was like a fairytale come true to her. The short time between meeting and being married - a short six weeks - didn't cause any red flags, and so she went into that relationship entirely unprepared for what it'd mean for her. With Taras, she suffered six miscarriages before she successfully carried their son Ruslan to term. She suffered all sorts of abuse at his hands. Sexual, domestic, psychological - being with Taras was killing her, and not even Ruslan was enough to keep her holding on, fighting every day to be able to raise her son. It was a tragic way, the way she died, in the middle of the night, all bruised and bloody after Taras had beat her until he'd passed out. Ruslan had, unfortunately, been witness to it all, and was cradling his mother's head the moment she drew her final breath. That was the moment that radically changed his life.

Ruslan had, for so long, been raised to fulfill his father's evil agenda, but when the time to begin his magical studies began, he grew apart from his father. He hated the man for what he'd done to his mother, and he wanted nothing to do with his terrorist organization. Thus, he focused heavily on his studies, not once coming back home over break. Weeks became months and months became years with no communication between Ruslan and his father. Taras initially feared him to be dead, and began planning the perfect plan to avenge his son, who he so fiercely believed had died at the hands of his family. But then he caught wind of a beautiful woman, someone whose plans for the muggle world rivaled his. Just like that, Ruslan was left in the wind, and was replaced by a son Taras believed was everything Ruslan wasn't. Where Ruslan was weak, second-born Leonid was strong, and where he was emotional, Leonid would think upon a base of logic. Ruslan was marked off as deceased, allowing him to live out his teen years in peace - until, of course, he caught wind of Leonid and Natasha's existence. He couldn't bear the idea that they might be living the same life as him, hence why, the second he turned 18, he made his return.

To Taras' credit, if it could be considered such for a man who'd gone beyond the point of redemption, he didn't hurt Leonid or Natasha (legally Natalia). Síofra MacTiernan was a force to be reckoned with; she was powerful enough that, if she stood head to head against Taras, she could and would come out victorious. This meant the other man couldn't do anything against her, least of all her own flesh and blood - her children. She was fiercely protective. There was a time where this bothered Taras, but the years had quelled him enough that he wasn't necessarily as bloodthirsty because of it. If anything, it was arousing, knowing there was a woman that could give him a run for his money. Nevertheless, between the two of them, Leonid and Natalia were raised the first few years of their lives to be unstoppable forces. There would come a time where they'd be known across all of Russia, and beyond the borders. Except things didn't go according to plan, for the first time since Taras began building his empire. It'd be years before Taras' mistakes proved to be mortal for his business, but until then, he focus primarily on keeping his business afloat while raising Natalia and Leonid with Síofra. While he focused heavily on Natalia, being so fond of his daughter and believing she had the potential to be as ruthless as he based simply on her sex and the advantages she'd have, his wife adopted a more active role in Leonid's development.

If there's anything worth mentioning, it's than Nat drew the shorter straw when it came to being raised by either of her parents. Taras had taken a particular notice in her, like Síofra did in Leonid, and he wanted to make sure his daughter turned into everything he wanted her to be. Taras saw potential in her sex. He wanted to teach her, in spite of being as young as she was, that her body was a temple and had been designed specifically for her to use for and against men. She was his secret weapon. Beyond that, Taras had secret doubts regarding his wife's capabilities. In the case she failed to raise his heir like he wanted, then he'd have a backup, and she'd be the perfect little thing for the job if her older brother wasn't. Thus began her training. Taras took no pity on her and had no qualms with beating his daughter half to death if she didn't keep up with him, despite the difference in age, size, and build. For everything she did wrong, she was taken advantage of. She was dehumanized and broken down to the point where she was on the verge of death twice in her life before she was five, and not even her first manifestation of magic was enough to salvage what was left of the poor girl. It was due to this she became so embittered as time progressed, withdrawn and preferring to remain private rather than rejoice in her parents' sudden determination to include her brother in all sessions and begin training them together. They were supposed to be unstoppable forces, but Natalia was struggling to survive, let alone thrive in such harsh environments. This put her on a coma for seven days, just in time for Ruslan's arrival. With him came the opportunity to breathe again. Ruslan had joined the Russian office as an auror, and had joined the operative intent on bringing down the entire Kolupayev dynasty - magical and muggle alike.

But in spite of his best efforts, he couldn't save his little sister. Their father had done some horrible damage, and there was a looming uncertainty of where or how she'd end up. It was a miracle she woke up seven days after the attack that had almost cost her her life, even if she had to start from zero - physical therapy in order to get her walking again, donated organs to replace her damaged ones, and an empty memory that carried promises of a new start, but, unfortunately, this meant she also had to learn how to communicate from zero. She had the opportunity to do so in English, to take advantage of the new start, but she preferred to stay close to her roots and thus began the journey to learn Russian. Even when they relocated to the United Kingdom, Natalia - or Natasha, as she now went by, to truly cement the new start - stayed true to her heritage. But for all her need to stay true to her heritage, she made no effort to regain her memory. From the looks of her older brothers, and from what she herself was enduring, it hadn't been an easy life, and she wasn't sure she ever wanted to remember again. Luckily for her, the doctors didn't think she ever would regain her memories. And if attending Koldovstoretz for two years and living in Russia didn't trigger anything, she certainly wouldn't at Hogwarts, where she was due to begin her studies for her third year at the behest of her brother Leonid.


+ objective, quick to adjust, calculating
- distrustful, lacks trust, emotionless

Previously, Natasha was someone whose persona had been marred by pain from years of abuse. She endured torment like no other and had consequently been seen as a demon to-be, much like the man that had taken it upon himself to build her into the perfect, emotionless bitch he wanted. Perhaps if he'd made lasting damage without damaging her brain, he might have succeeded. After all, the horrors she bore witness to were so extreme, nobody would be able to live through that and move on as well as she has. Losing her memory has provided her with an inner peace she otherwise might not have ever felt. But in the same breath, this new start doubles as a curse on her. She might have some peace with herself, but she's critical of letting herself grow so close to anyone ever again. She's developed horrible trust issues, and it'll take a lot of talking and a lot of learning for her to ever become the kind of person that can make friends on a whim - if ever, really. Don't get her wrong, she isn't a heartless bitch, but she still struggles to rely on others. Deep down, she knows it'd been engrained in her that she couldn't rely on anyone except herself for anything, and though she's blind to her past, she can feel it was very important to her to live by that. And so, in spite of everything, of all the therapy and counseling, it's still something she clings onto. Furthermore, she does have a lot of redeeming qualities. Natasha loves, and she loves fiercely. However long it takes for her to accept someone in her life, she makes up for it by giving that person everything she's got. She's a very affectionate person with those she trusts, even though she only gives into herself when she's in a private setting. Coming across as aloof, it's always Natasha's intention to remain objective, efficient, and as cunning as ever. She's an ambitious person, and she has to be able to rely on herself to achieve what she wants when she wants, no matter the price. Whatever it takes.

Natasha is equal parts smart and fearless. You might think her overconfident in her own abilities, or perhaps even foolhardy, but she always knows what she's doing and always assesses the situations she finds herself in before she decides on any adequate course of action. But she knows how to do it. She's fast on her feet and quick with her mind - two things she also retained in spite of her memory loss - and knows how to put the two together when she really has to. She always puts an effort to do and be the best, even if she's not necessarily so put off when/if she isn't successful in her endeavors. She knows how to accept loss and adjust accordingly. After all, having lived such a draining life, and losing it quickly after, Natasha has been forced to adjust accordingly to her environments. She makes the best of the situation at hand and always tries to remain optimistic, even though she's also always trying to remain in touch with reality. If she wanders too far, she'll lose herself, and if there's anything she doesn't want to risk, it's that. She's carefully constructed this identity, and she wouldn't want to lose it because of her own idiocy (or someone else's, for that matter). If there's anything else admirable about Natasha, it's how calm and collected she is. She never expresses emotions publicly, and even when she's at her worst, she makes sure she waits until she's in the privacy of her room to actually process these emotions. Natasha relies a lot on sarcastic humor on a day to day basis, and often hides behind it when she's faced with particularly challenging situations - or people, for that matter. But if you have the privilege of going beyond what lays in the surface, you'll realize Natasha truly is a tender person whose biggest wish is to protect people.



leonid kolupayev [ older brother ]

ruslan kolupayev [ older brother ]

anastasia petrova [ cousin ]

tatiana lukyanenko [ cousin ]






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