Genessa Ollivander
November 1st, 2024
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Nessa Ollivander is a Ravenclaw 6th year, and a kleptomaniac, as well as an aspiring Dark Witch

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Camren Bicondova

Brooklyn, New York
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Garen and Talwyn were adults when they met. They were adults when they fell in love, and got married, and eventually, gave birth to a girl. They had met at work, really. They had seen each other in the halls for years, but it wasn't until Talwyn broke up with an ex, and Garen finally asked her out, did sparks cause the fire for them. After Nessa was born was when their life came together. Genessa Stefana Ollivander, lovingly called Nessa, was born on November 1st of 2024, with a little sister, Rosie, following her a year after. Her father, Garen Ollivander, a cousin of the great wandmaker of Ollivander's in Hogsmeade. His family being one of the Sacred 28, though widely ignoring the blood purity. Garen was a half-blood, and Talwyn, of an olden Shamanistic family of Finland, known to have been the ancestors of Giants and spellweavers, Vinunen. Least to say, Nessa heard some interesting stories.

The family made shop in Brooklyn, and the family spent time in both the Muggle and the Magical world. Nessa, though, had some interesting friends in both of the worlds. In the magical world, she was almost perfect to her parents, whom she loved dearly. She watched her father make wands, and she watched her mother test spells. It was one of her favorite things to do when she wasn't getting in trouble. In Brooklyn, she had gotten into some petty crime, but only barely managed to never get in trouble. Possibly due to her young age, and officers never taking her presence seriously. At a young age, it occurred to her to use this to her advantage. So, she used her cuteness to keep herself out of trouble - until one day when she was nine, it didn't work.

She had 'bumped into' somebody, and had taken their wallet so that she could buy some candy, or something stupid like that. But she was caught, and she was grabbed. the whole thing was a scene, and at the end of it, Nessa was angry. It showed, too. She didn't back down without a fight after all, and it ended with the man being set on fire. Just, bursting. Combusted. Nessa was honestly, so confused... But she knew her opportunities. So, she bolted, and ran right home to tell her parents what happened (nix all of the stuff about thievery.)

Nessa was told that it was to be expected, which frankly, she knew . She was also told that a new life would be awaiting her, and to expect a letter from 'Ilvermorny', whatever that was. She didn't quite understand at the time, but soon, she had gotten that letter, and off to Ilvermorny she was. Of course, when she finally joined the school, and settled into her new life after telling all her old friends that she was being sent to a boarding school (Which she technically was), she thrived. Nessa was picked by the Thunderbird, and she hung out with people like her - People who used other people for their own benefit.

It was the summer between her 3rd year and 4th year that things switched up. After multiple warnings, and almost being expelled, the Ollivander family consider it a good idea for them to change things up. So, they decided to move to England, to reconnect with family in Hogsmeade. Nessa began her fourth year in Hogwarts, none too happy to be there at all.

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Nessa Ollivander is smart, sophisticated, manipulative, and self-centered. Not to the point where she thinks more of her own feelings than others, but in a case where she could save herself, or another person, even someone she loved, she would always, always, choose herself. Nessa is smarter than the average bear, though, knowing that being a good con artist means being charismatic, and nice to other people. So, she is really an outgoing person, but she uses it all to her own advantage. Really, she's a careful girl with bad habits. She sees something she wants, and it's hard for her not to just grab it. Some may call it kleptomaniacism. She would not disagree. Despite the stealing, and the scheming, and overall bad behavior, she is not a bad girl. She's a good listener, and a decent friend to people who really, really know her. Nessa is nice, when she doesn't have an ulterior motive. Nessa is nothing if not a schemer. Everything she does is calculated and considered,is it in her best interest? What would she gain from it? If not, then what's the point of doing it? She bases things of importance off as if it's something she's interested in. This, of course, means that she often has interests that can last days, or interests that can last forever. She gets little obsessions about things, like cooking. Due to a stint in Ilvermorny one time where she got interested in baking, she can bake any cookie from scratch! Doesn't mean she's going to now, but she can. It was something she lost interest in a month after she gained interest in it. These little obsessions often end with slight annoyance in herself. It is, after all, the reason she has difficulty getting any sort of hobby that isn't thievery.

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Nessa Ollivander - Unemployed -Regina Mortem - Aspiring Dark Witch
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Nessa is a born trickster, and very often likes to bet on things she knows she'll win. Gambling isn't quite the right word, because she typically plays the game, and knows when to stop pushing her luck.

Due to her mother's heritage, and her own growing up, Nessa has a knack for charms, and tends to play around with magic. Charms and hexes specifically. Her mother is, after all, from a lineage of spellweavers.




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