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Birthday 2nd january
Age 18
Status alive
Pronunciation nuh-VAY-ah more
Family anna winters (mother)
pieter moore (father)
carl sanders (bio. father)
heaven winters (twin sister)
Handedness right
Gender female
Orientation pansexual
Relationship single
Nationality american
Speaks english; basic spanish
Species half-time nymph
Blood Status halfblood
Eye Color brown
Hair Color dark brown
Height 5'6"
Model kiana madeira

Nevaeh likes to pretend that she puts very little effort into her appearance. The impulse to do so comes from years of watching her sister, blonde and beautiful, spend hours dolling herself up for the benefit of others and crumble whenever it didn't achieve the desired response. Vanity is not an attractive trait, and thus Nev does the most to appear as minimal as she can. Aside from the nose ring (a drunken decision helped along by a very unconcerned piercer), there is little else about her which screams for attention. She's a natural beauty, with twinkling brown eyes that always look mischievous and a smile that only furthers it, and endless curls which she usually lets fall loose and frame her face. Her fashion sense favours comfort - denim jackets, mom jeans, t-shirts with graphics in the centre - but not to the point of appearing messy. Oh, and she never forgets her hoop earrings. She even sleeps wearing them so she doesn't accidentally leave them on her dressing table one day.
Nev wishes her life wasn't an almost beat-for-beat recreation of that movie where ginger Lindsay Lohan played twins, but what do you know. Imagine that mixed with CSI, and you've got the gist. Oh, and being a twin was never part of the plan either - in fact, every scan had somehow completely missed that Anna Moore was giving birth to two babies, so what was previously anticipated to be one baby girl called Heaven ended up coming with a spare part, Neveah, hence the backwards spelling. That seems quite a fitting beginning, in hindsight. The Moores were based in the heart of Chicago's South Side, not exactly living glamorous lives and completely devoid of magic, but both parents shared the unique occupation of being detectives. It certainly makes for fun dinner party stories - meeting your significant other after being assigned to the same homicide case. They were both very open about their jobs, too; while Nev's mother was a bit more candid about the seriousness of finding murder victims every other day, her father romanticised it, describing police tape and deer stalker hats and trench coats, and basically planting the seed for Nev's budding desire to become a detective herself. He'd create fake cases for her to solve, complete with the classic wall of pictures connected with red string, while Heaven was never particularly enthralled with the idea. That's something Nev has always kind of regretted - she never had that twin bond with her sister. It just never seemed to develop, and even if it had, the events of the next few years would destroy it anyway.

Things got weird when Nev was ten, and began teleporting. Yeah. It turns out time nymphs can do that. This was a problem for two reasons: one, neither of Nev's parents were wizards; two: neither of them were time nymphs. After some research, they chalked the magic up to her simply being Muggleborn, especially when Heaven began showing similar traits a few months later. Letters for Ilvermorny arrived on the girls' eleventh birthdays and away they went, utterly clueless to this incredible new school, learning everything on the fly and feeling totally out of place. The explanation for the time powers, though? That came later, when the girls were twelve, in the ugliest way possible. You see, it turns out that neither of twins are actually Muggleborn - that's far too simple an explanation. No, it was revealed very dramatically that Nev's father wasn't really her father and, oh, her mother had cheated with a fellow police officer who, surprise surprise, was a time nymph. Yeah. Not fun.

Despite trying to make it work for a year or so, Nev's parents eventually called it quits and divorced, and arguments over custody eventually ended with Nev's father moving to England and taking Nev with him while Heaven stayed in Chicago with her mother. It wasn't the most rational of solutions but at least it stopped the arguing for a bit, which Nev was extremely grateful for, and she'd always been far closer to her father. It wasn't until about three months in that she really began missing her mum. And Heaven, funnily enough. Something she never thought she'd say. The move to England required a transfer to Hogwarts, which went smoothly enough, and Nev is still there now. There's just the added complication of what happened with her NEWTs - she got stuck in some weird time loop? She isn't quite sure how it happened, but basically she ended up just skipping her exams entirely and failing them all - and being held back and all. Whatever. It's just a hiccup. Nothing is going to stop her from becoming an auror.
Time is of the essence for Nevaeh. It kind of comes with the whole nymph thing. Her life revolves around schedules; everything about her life is timetabled and optimised to avoid wasting a total second, be it study time or relaxation or sleeping. She's so extremely conscious of how much time she has - and how quickly it slips away - that it has become her main source of anxiety. Wandering off schedule is enough to send her into a panic, regardless of who she's with or what situation she's in, and Merlin forbid she gets lost somewhere and turns up late to an event. Her organisation levels are meticulous to the point of unsustainability; she isn't a neat freak or anything like that, she just always has to be on time. Late buses, botched Floo transportations and overenthusiastic professors are the absolute bane of her existence. Thus it's very difficult to distract her, or pull her off task - believe me, you don't want to be around her when things aren't going her way. It's the only situation where she'll ever be a hot mess.

When she is running on time, Nev is much more enjoyable to be around. Apparently her accent is incredibly inviting? Who'd have thought. But if her family taught her anything, it's that the gift of the gab can get you anywhere - and the ability to charm oneself out of a locked box is a necessary survival tactic. Nev has that - kind of. She knows how to push buttons extremely well, and prides herself on her ability to figure somebody out quite quickly after meeting them; between being aware of every psychological tactic and body language meaning in the book, and just generally having a knack for sociability, she can work people. It also comes with growing up in a close-knit neighbourhood (though things usually turned a bit sour once people realised she was related to the police) and the general Americanisms she boasts - man, she's so American. And she still doesn't understand why British people are so rude to one another. The stiff-upper-lip thing has never quite registered with her and she sure as hell hopes it never will. The day she can't strike up a conversation without getting a weird look is the day she's officially given up.

She's extremely sentimental, and it becomes wildly obvious very soon after meeting her. Aside from keeping all her parents' cases in newspaper clippings, Nev likes collecting everything she comes across, just as a reminder that she's here, and alive, and spent valuable time learning something or meeting somebody new. She also likes helping people, but despises making a big deal out of it - to be honest, she treats it more like a job. If you need help because you've misplaced something and she can turn back the clock to see where you put it, Nev will do it without a second thought, regardless of the physical stress it puts her through. If you need temporarily ageing up to buy booze, she'll happily oblige, and refuse any sort of thanks. It feels strange to be thanked for using her powers to help others - that's what they're there for, right? And what sort of detective would she be if she didn't use them as such?
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Boggart dying
Amortentia smog, copper, vanilla ice cream
Patronus ferret
Interests true crime, scrapbooking, psychology
Pet Peeve untidiness
Habits chewing the end of pens, accidentally time-skipping
MBTI estj
Star Sign capricorn
Dreams/Goals become a detective
Color purple
Song carry on wayward son
Show mindhunter
Movie se7en
Book the little friend
Food margherita pizza
Drink lemonade

- she collects every anecdotal object she comes across, be it teabags or pressed flowers or the cardboard sleeves around starbucks cups.
- she owns a book full of every newspaper clipping of cases that her parents have worked on.
- she failed her NEWTs the first time around because she got caught in a weird time loop and ended up skipping them somehow.
- true crime documentaries on netflix are her favourite thing to watch.
- she drinks herbal tea like it's going out of fashion.
- she's extremely good at board games, but never got the hang of chess. heaven always beat her at it.
- she has a couple tattoos, mostly gotten while underage but she managed to fool the age ring by artificially ageing herself up.
- she always knows the exact time, down to the second.
-she has the thickest chicago accent ever. it's painful.
- her dad has influenced her music taste massively, and her favourite genre is '70s prog rock.
- she's so american. her friends are always pointing out how she calls everyone "dude" all the time.
- she collects vinyl.
- her roller-skating skills are hilariously poor.
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