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Gryffindor 6th Year
Owned by: Manolo
Gryffindor Crest (Gif)
Personal Information
Full Name: Lyang Namkyu
Born: August 23rd, 2015
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard/Metamorphmagus
Nationality: U.S., England
Ethnicity: Korean
Sexual Orientation: ???
Romantic Orientation: ????
Relationship Status: single
Accent: Californian Accent
Birthplace: San Francisco, California
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English, Korean
Magical Information
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Wand Wood: TBD
Wand Core: TBD
Wand Length: TBD
Wand Arm: left
Exotic?: yes, metamorphmagus

Despite living in San Francisco, Nick is your typical south California surfer dude, minues the surfing. He has an optimistic attitude (for the most part) and can be laid back, almost never in a mood. He's a sucker for memes, although who isn't. He's kind of free spirited, and maybe the height ashbury scene really loosened his terms for try everything, free love, etcetera. Is he promiscuous? Not really, although he's all about open relationships. In all fairness, anytime he did have serious feelings for people, they died or went away. Deep down, he's trying to protect his heart.

Nick is witty, ready to wise crack anyone. Authority doesn't faze him, and he's all about standing up to the man. He's good with handling troll-like people, and can sometimes come off as arrogant, although that would be an incorrect descriptor for him. Something many people wouldn't instantly assume about him is he's very apathetic. While he does come off as care free, he literally has a hard time caring about other people and their problems. He's seen so much that it's become duller to him. While it does scare him, he at least tries to appear or act compasionate.

Nick has above average intelligence, and is considerably clever. If it weren't for his cleverness, he wouldn't be alive. He's doesn't consider himself a secretive person, although he never speaks about what happened to him the year he disappeared. Not even his mom knows. Sometimes he reveals things about his past when he goes to sleep, but for these reasons, and avoiding the nightmares, Nick tries to sleep as little as possible.


Lyang Namkyu, the boy who thought he'd amount to nothing having never finished schooling at Mahoutokoro. Lyang Namkyu, the metamorphmagus who owned a bar and changed his appearance every day in order to hook up with girls. Lyang Namkyu, the 18 year old with a crush on a girl so taboo he'd never attain her. That Lyang Namkyu would never have guessed he'd knock up his first love, nor that she loved him back, nor that he could, in fact, amount to something as a father. He would never have guessed he would be so proud of his name, his son in turn would inherit it in its entirety. When little Namkyu turned one, he too proved he inherited his father's metamorphmagus gene.

The imperfect three moved from South Korea to San Francisco, looking for a fresh start, where society wouldn't judge their means of birth, or that Namkyu had married his teacher, who was much his senior. There, their child adopted the american name of Nick, and he was raised hardly knowing his culture, besides writing and speaking. His mother decided to stay in the Wizarding world, working in the Magical Congress. His father, however, opened up a bar, where Nick spent much of his time. To add to this fact, it was in the height ashbury district, which is still full of crime and burn outs. To say Nick met many different types of people would be an understatement. Just from this, Nick learned to be kind and tolerant, really accepting of many people.

When Nick was seven, he had his magical occurence. He'd gone skateboarding on the golden gate bridge, his father first stopping to get some coffee. Being the impatient boy he was, he sped off without his dad, going in the pedestrian lane of the sidewalk. Namkyu chased after Nick, which only made him go faster, at one point knocking into a muggle, sending him reeling over to the side, falling off the bridge. Nick screamed, and the man stopped midair, floating back onto the bridge. The distance hadn't been so great, but it was obvious the muggle was freaked out. That day, he saved the man he almost killed.

When Nick was 11 he got a letter from Ilvermorny, telling him he's been accepted to the school. Naturally, he attended, upon which he was sorted into Thunderbird, or the adventurers house. Considering he was easy going and peppy, he made quite a few friends. He crossed bully's various times, but being with his dad at the bar taught him to handle all kinds of people, so in truth, bullies had little affect on him. One bully never lost his jealousy of him, and in fact, as the years went on his hatred toward Nick only grew. Nick never hated anyone, so he couldn't have guessed the future malice to befall him.

At the end of Nick's fourth year, the rival told him to let bygones be bygones, having seemed to imrpove throughout the scholastic year. Nick agreed, and the rival gave him a present of forgiveness- a broom. Despite it being old and cracked, Nick took it as a peace offering, never assuming it's true nature. While at home, he rid around on it to test it out, and at 9:00PM, he vanished. His parents didn't know he was missing until morning time, but because he's an early riser and wanders a lot, they figured that is what had happened. When nightfall fell again, and he still hadn't come home, they started panicking, calling everyone they knew to see if maybe they had seen Nick.

What everyone failed to realize is Nick's new broom was a portkey. His rival had worked on it all year, perfecting the enchantment. Of course, he never knew when Nick would be holding it, so he managed to find an enchantment to send off whomever decided to ride it. Nick ended up in Shanghai, in one of the sketchier areas of the city. He tried to contact someone, but alas, he had left his wand, and knew no Mandarin or Shanghainese. It was just his luck to witnessing a murder unfold before him. He tried to run away but the men who commited the act caught him. They tortured him to near death, trying to find out who he worked for. Using his quick thinking, when they left the room, he morphed himself into a smaller person, escaping his bonds. Nick hid, taking a metal bar with him. When one man crossed before him, he knocked him out cold, hiding him and taking his appearance. From there, he made his escape, heading back to where he last saw the broom. While he didn't trust it, the broom was his only means of escape.

The broom took him far, by now muggle sitings gaining him some attention in the wizarding world. Occasionally he would stop to steal food and take rests. His metamorphmagus ability helped him with all of that. Finally, his broom couldn't take anymore and broke while flying over the ocean. He nearly died, but some unintentional wandless magic slowed his decent. He gave himself gils and attempted to swim to the nearest bit of land, growing tired and hungry half way through. A boat was passing through, more of a luxury boat for the rich, from where he was at, and noticed the tired human, deciding to help him. To his surprise, most of the people had basic english down, and quite a few were fluent. They asked all sorts of questions, such as why he was alive, but of course, he had no real answers for them. They decided to head back to the island they were taking vacation at, feeding him and giving him a place to rest on the boat. Naturally, on their way, they came across a pirates, who took them all hostage for ransom. Apperently the owner of the boat was a wealthy business man from Taiwan, who was worth lots of money. Nick had reached his limit, and could truly do nothing about it. He needed rest before he did anything. Being held hostage with the Business man and his daughter, he got to know them, and told them he could possibly help them escape. Their time on the mothership, Nick schemed of ways of escaping, taking not of any speed boats and the amount of crew on board. He wanted to save everyone, but knew he couldn't. Finally, he devised a plan to cause a distraction, turn into one of the crew, steal some guns, and escape the boat. It was risky, with highly improbable chances of survival. Despite this they made it, managing to escape the boat. Of course, they were still on open water and the speeder could only go so far. At first Nick thought the business man was in shock of his abilities, but then he realized he'd gotten shot in the process of escaping, and was slowly dying. There was nothing they could do. His daughter held on to him, trying to stop the wound from bleeding. Before they reached the nearest island, he died.

The girl just wanted to morn her loss, but Nick warned her that if they found them, they'd die. He hid the boat, doing his best to cover their tracks. First they built a shelter. The girl knew he had special abilities, so he promised he'd use them to protect her and make sure they stayed alive. He left her at the shelter, searching the island for traces of human life. he found none. Knowing he crashed somewhere around Thailand and Cambodia, he figured he hadn't traveled enough to leave the area, so assumably the island would be around there. They survived for two months, both going feral, but trying to keep their humanity. The loneliness made them close, and Nick found himself in love. Finally, muggles found them, the taiwanese business man being important enough to search for extensively. They were flown to the girls home in Taiwan, where her mother greeted her with open arms. Nick made the girl promise not to tell anyone about his abilities, so no one found out about his wizard/metamorphmagus status. Because he was a minor, his face didn't spread across the globe, his personal request to stay anonymous blocking this. Her mother did a background check on Nick, finding he wasn't in any kind of muggle system. It was as if he had appeared from thin air. For saving her daughters life, she didn't ask many questions, but the story they told was suspicious. She didn't trust him as far as she could throw him. Nick only asked to be brought back to San Francisco. Thus, the flight was set, and maybe he would've only been missing for three months, had word of his abilities not slipped. The untrusting mother had read the diary the girl wrote of the trip, where she did mention his ability. She thought her daughter was hallucinating, until she spied on the two fooling around one day before departure, where Nick, stupidly, shifted his face to make her laugh and be happier. Instead of being flown to San Francisco, he was flown to New Zealand, to be tested on to see what exactly he was, and what sort of scientific break through he could provide. The lab was one of the underground, unrestricted types that only the rich and the government know about, where all thought of civil liberties are thrown out. For five months, he was a test subject, put through painful tests in order to discover his secrets. At first they knew near nothing, but as time passed they started gaining real information. The only issue? None of it had scientific backing. Now, he wasn't the only magical being in captivity. There was a vampire and a werewolf also trapped, the latter having been there for quite some time, the former not much time at all. All the lab seemed to be able to prove is that magical creatures do exist. They never planned on getting attacked by a clan of vampires, but they were. In the massive jailbreak, the lab was burnt down, and the vampires and werewolf managed to kill just about everyone in the lab. Nick was almost left behind to burn alive, but the werewolf saved him. In the mountains of New Zealand, the werewolf treated him until he got better. Having been in there so long, the two had formed an inseperatable bond, one that dabbled in romance and friendship. Nick wanted to go home, but he feared the world was conspiring to never allow him to. The werewolf offered his home to rest and recover his mind, so Nick accepted.

For five months, Nick lived amongst the wild community of New Zealand, that didn't involve muggles and wizards. He fought off the dispair with optimisism, regaining a sense of self and who he once was. He spent time hunting, hiking, playing music, and learning. If there was an elysium, it would be this. While there were skirmishes, it was nothing compared to what he'd faced from humans before. He couldn't stay there forever. He was a wizard, and he had a family. He and the werewolf sought out the New Zealand wizard community, where he made his plea to come back to his family. The werewolf went off his own way, and one of the community took him home. Only his mother was there to greet him. His dad had died from heartbreak, giving up on the idea his son was alive. The memories held in San Francisco were too painful, so they collectively decided to move away. This time, they moved to Ireland, a quiet area with little people, as Nick had come to appreciate and love. The sent a letter to the headmaster, who agreed that while he would be a 6th year, given the circumstances, it would be better if he started hogwarts a 5th year.

Model: Koo Junhoe, from Ikon
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: White
Height: 5'10
Weight: 140lb
Voice Type: Baritone
Blood Type: {{{Blood Type}}}
Distinguishing Marks: Some scars from his journey
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Father: Lyang Namkyu
Mother: Yoo Jakyung
Full Siblings:
Half Siblings:
Guardian(s): Yoo Jakyung
Spouse: nah
Children: nah
Other Relatives:
Name Meaning:
Nicknames: Nick, Nicky
Favourite Colour: xanadu
Favourite Movie: Are We There Yet
Favourite Song: Uneasy, 2PM
Favourite Food: satlines
Favourite Drink: green tea
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First Love: {{{First Love}}}
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Most Important People: His siblings
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