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Niele, or Nielė, is a Lithuanian girls' name meaning spring flower.
Rozalija is the Lithuanian form of a late Latin girls' name derived from rosa, or rose.
The meaning of Jusmaite, or Jusmaitė, is unknown, but it is the unmarried feminine form of the Lithuanian surname Jusmas.
Rivers is a habitational name from any of various places in northern France called Rivières, from the plural form of Old French rivière river (originally meaning riverbank, from Latin riparia).
The surname Scott was originally given to a person from Scotland or a person who spoke Scottish Gaelic.


When she was a few days old, Niele Rozalija Jusmaite and her three-year-old sister, Viltaute, were left on a street corner in the poverty-stricken outskirts of Kaunas, one of Lithuania's major cities. They were eventually picked up and taken to one of the many underfunded orphanages by one of the ten-year-olds that lived there, who had had a similar start to life - it wasn't particularly uncommon for the poor to abandon children that they couldn't afford.

The owner of the orphanage - who could read - later found a note wrapped up with the baby in the (rather good-quality) blanket, which read:

Nielė Rozalija Jusmaitė, gimė vasaris 14, 2010, Kaunas, ir Viltautė Tatjana Jusmaitė, gimė birželis 26, 2007, Kaunas.

Growing up, the orphanage was more a place to eat and sleep to the sisters than anything else - they quickly learnt the ways of the Lithuanian street kids, as well as the names of those on top. But when Niele was seven and Vilte ten, a British witch who worked in the Department of Magical Education witnessed Niele's first sign of magic. And chose to approach her, upon which she was told which orphanage the girl lived in. So she went to the orphanage, arranged with a magical one in London to transfer the girl there, (for her own safety - you can't have magical children running wild in the streets without knowing they're magic. And using their powers. They might unknowingly break the international statute of secrecy.) and Niele never saw her again.

Upon arriving at the new orphanage in the new city in the new country, Niele picked up the language quickly - immersion is the best way to learn. It was fairly easy to her, since Lithuanian and Russian (the two languages the matron at the old orphanage would speak with them) both borrowed words from English quite a lot. She was then taught to read and write, which she loved. Just let all the kids back in Kaunas see her now!

At the age of eight, she was transferred once again, this time to a magical orphanage in Hogsmeade, Lil Bundles. Aged nine, she was adopted by Finnick Belmont and later discovered her air-nymph heritage and an internalized love for Quidditch and the kingfishers that lived on the lake beside the Belmont Cottage.

In the summer before a muggle child would start Year Seven, Niele received her Hogwarts letter. Upon arriving there, she was sorted into Slytherin, and is now in her fifth year.

Throughout her fourth year, Niele attended Durmstrang and was reunited with her sister there. Vilte had been adopted by a rich family from Vilnius shortly after Niele had been moved to Britain, and since then had flourished within the circle of old money families. Now that Vilte has graduated, however, Niele has transferred back into her old Hogwarts class for her last three years.

Halfway through her fifth year, Niele's adoptive father Finnick was killed in action. She was sent back to Lil Bundles until she was adopted by Avery Rivers and Ciara Scott, two Puddlemere United players she already knew. At the end of her fifth year, Niele dropped out and was offered a place on Puddlemere as seeker. She now plays Quidditch professionally.


Niele is dramatic and has a tendency to daydream, due to her nymph heritage. Despite this, she's still intelligent, though far from the most intelligent in her age group - leave that to Faith Bagman. She isn't often upset or angry, and has an air of optimism and open-mindedness. Niele is an extrovert, but still manipulative if she or one of her friends needs something, and can be mean by accident. Any insults will be taken in stride, often with a sassy retort. In her third year she began to realize that she can flirt, and relatively well, if she does say so herself. Her MBTI is ENFP - extroverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving.


Viltaute Ingersleben half-sister
Finnick Belmont adoptive father
Avery Rivers adoptive mother

Ciara Scott adoptive mother

Flynn Matthews
Oscar Mortley
Winston Wolf
Raven Briar
Marina Rin Chambers

Faith Bagman

Beau Smith
Roxane Oduba
EQ Evans
Twyla Griffin

Booker Mulder

Aubree Dane
Wolfram Beilschmidt

Andrew Paxton


today i will be happier than a bird with a french fry.

Niele Rozalija Rivers-Scott
RPer Kibeth
Age 16
Birthday February 18
Nationality British
Ethnicity British
Species Witch
Blood Half-Blood (half witch, half air nymph)
Orientations Pansexual; Panromantic
Gender Female (cis)
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blonde
Faceclaim Taylor Swift
Height 5'10"
Schooling Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (slytherin)
Year Dropout
Occupation Professional Seeker (puddlemere united)
Wand Willow, Unicorn Hair, 8 1/2"
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Kingfisher
Boggart Rejection
Affiliation(s) Slytherin; Part-Nymphs; Rivers-Scott family; Aevitas; Puddlemere United
Location The Rivers-Scott Home
Most influenced by Avery Rivers and Ciara Scott
Languages English; Lithuanian; Russian


Model: Taylor Swift

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