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Nikolya Venedikt
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To punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority myself.

–Albert Einstein

Kolya Venedikt
Kolya - Nikolya Venedikt
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My mother was a squib, the kind that hate magic, and want 'normal' lives. My father is the 2000 year old vampire 'normal' fell in love with.

Quick info[]







November 21st


Fir, Phoenix feather, 13"

Wand arm






Blood status



Early life[]

I was born just outside of Belarus on November 21st. The daughter of Kiska Matveï, one half of the ballet duo Tančící Matvej, and an entrepreneur father Antoniy Czrnobog. I learned very quickly from my бабушка (grandmother) Tatyanna Saveli, and Дед (grandfather) Venedikt Matveï that I was extraordinary. I am a witch, and part-vampire. My Дед, Venedikt, taught me most of the magic that I knew. I am adept at Healing magic, Potion brewing, Charm work, and Transfiguration. My бабушка Tatyanna is also part-vampire, she was able to teach me how to live as either a vampire or as a human if I desired to. Tatyanna taught me how to hunt, teaching me archery, knife skills and tracking.

There was very little interaction with mother or father. Antoniy did show up one day, I appeared to be in my late teens by this time, although still a baby vampire. Antoniy claimed to want to take responsibility for "his daughter", that he had known all along about me but wanted to give me the opportunity to accept who (or what) I am. Antoniy took me, Дед and бабушка knew that being a full vampire he would be able to teach me much more than they knew. Antoniy introduced me to my family. My older brothers Koldan, Dmitriy, and Vlad, and my older sisters Lena, and Ilona. Vlad, Dmitriy, Lena, and Ilona are full vampires like Antoniy, Koldan is only part like I am. He is also from the same part of Belarus, and born around the very same time.

Later life[]

Dmitriy, Vlad, Lena and Ilona were tasked with teaching both Koldan, and I what we would need to know to survive, being nearly as old as Antoniy they knew almost everything he did. Vlad, and Ilona tried to teach me how to lure humans so that I could feed. I saw this as lazy, бабушка taught me how to hunt, I didn't need to lure anyone nor did I want to. Illona, and Dmitriy taught me how to better control my agility. I could not leap or run anywhere near what Vlad and Lena were capable of. After some training I was much better, matching Lena, and gaining ground on Dmitiriy. Vlad, and Ilona found this amusing, the little half-ling, as they called me was surprising them on almost all fronts. This made Lena jealous, and she attacked.

I was never hurt, and neither was Lena in the feuds that followed. Antoniy stepped in forbidding any of them from attacking either myself or Koldan ever. The relationship between Lena, and myself never rose above rivals. I have never wanted to compete with Lena, but Lena is the youngest of the full vampire children. Lena has always felt the need to prove herself, to the others, and to Antoniy. Antoniy took over my training as it seemed the others took more to Koldan. Antoniy was uncaring, he would lure me deep into the forest, and attack. He would run past slicing my arms, and face, occasionally stabbing me. When I was finally angry enough I was able to leap, not in a single bound but a series of rapid movements to the top of a tree, and come back down landing on Antoniy.

Soon after this display I was free to roam on my own, Antoniy did as he had always done, and moved on. Dmitiriy, Ilona, Vlad, and Lena watched over Koldan, he accepted all of his vampirism much better than they felt that I ever did. I took this opportunity to travel, I left the castle in Hrodna. The first place I went was the Ukraine, then to Romania, from Romania, I made my way to Greece. Traveling to North Africa, and staying for over fifty years in Egypt. Collecting Phoenix feathers there, soon I found a wandmaker, Zalika. Apprenticing her before I was able to create my very own, Fir wood, Phoenix feather wand. I also learned the animagus transformation, becoming an Egyptian Tomb bat.

After my stay in Egypt I left for Libya, Algeria, and finally Morocco. The taste of the people in Morocco encouraged me to remain there for a significant amount of time, some twenty-five years. I grew bored with it, as I always do, even the desirable taste. Making my way to Portugal, Spain, and then France. I found some of the people of France, surprisingly tasted much better than the people of Morocco. When I had my fill of the French, I journeyed to Great Britain, and Scotland. I remain there to this day. I have made my home in Dufftown, I tend to stalk the wooded areas by Duff House, and The Orchard. I used to snack on the athletic, their blood has a rich taste. Similar to the deliciousness of Morocco, and somehow much better than France.


I am often wearing a black hooded cloak, and a blood red dress. Occasionally I wear a pendant, and a jeweled headpiece, or finely made hat. I have very pale skin, long wavy hair, something in between blonde and brown. My eyes are the color of cold steel. I have full lips a few shades darker than my pale skin, my nose is thin, it slopes at the bridge to small round bulb. Usually only when I am hunting do I have a smile on my face, also after a successful kill.


I am very quiet, only because I am taking in my surroundings, and sizing up every possible opponent. Playing out the scenario of their (or my) death if need be. I considers myself neutral on nobody's side but my own, however I have agreed to ally herself. Although I would like for all Muggle-kind to be gathered much like free range cattle, in a large open space ripe for the slaughter. I no longer dines on the blood of humans, and often feed on the blood of animals. In desperation, I find a way to 'procure' my choice in a meal or abstain completely.

Magical abilities and skills[]

Adept at Healing magic, Potion-making, Charms and Transfiguration. Taught how to hunt, learning archery, knife skills, and tracking. My blood lust has gotten much stronger with time, if I have not fed properly I am often able to hear, and smell a human's blood pumping through their body.

(Dueling - Hand-to-hand)

My travels had honed my once wild fighting style to something much more composed, yet still mysteriously unpredictable. I prides myself on the fact that I am often able to sense the action or reaction of an opponent depending on their mental state. If they are able to remain calm I must rely on my other skills, if they show fear or apprehension they will be bitten, at the least.

(Athletic - Endurance)

I am quick enough to dodge most attacks, and agile enough to defend myself. My combination of magic, hunting, knife, and archery skills make me a very fierce opponent. I am capable of showing no mercy when my life has been threatened, I can stalk an animal, and some humans, coming within a few feet before they are even aware of my presence. One should never make the mistake of underestimating a woman, we may appear as if we are not a threat. In terms of this woman, that is purely for show.


Nikolya or Kolya (Коля) meaning Victory Of The People a Russian diminutive form of Nikolai, a Russian and Bulgarian form of Nicholas, from the Greek name Νικολαος (Nikolaos) which meant "victory of the people" from Greek νικη (nike) "victory" and λαος (laos) "people".