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Nina Khaos Notaras
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This character is role played by Queen Nikeria.

Nina Notaras is a mentally ill but extremely spirited nineteen year old girl with a taste for destruction and well, as her middle name states, chaos. She has an uncanny obsession with the colors pink and blue and spent some time on the seventh floor of Mungo's.


Model: Margot Robbie

Yvonne thrived in one most crime ridden parts of Athens, having learned to pit pocket the many unsuspecting tourists that flocked to some of the greatest temples. When distracted with looking at maps or snapping photos of their adventures in Greece, Yvonne would snatch up their wallets and cash. For many years she had a lived this way, stealing and thieving from everyone who got in front of her until she stumbled upon a man whose beauty nearly knocked the wind from her lungs.

His name, she soon learned, was Victor and he had come from the country in which she was born and raised; Russia. They connected immediately, sharing stories of their lives before Greece. He was a very professional man and she was nothing but a woman living in a small shack in the slums of Athens. It was too good to be true.

Yvonne came face-to-face with one of the most insane secrets he had kept from her one night. He was a hitman, trained and paid to do nothing more than kill the un-favored. She had been one of his targets after a wealthy man had caught her stealing from him. However, he explained that he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Yvonne was absolutely destroyed, finding it increasingly hard to trust the man that once was paid to kill her. She forced him out of her home and life, not wanting any ties and connection with such a person. Months later, she discovered that she was caring his child. She tried her best to keep it a secret, not wanting him to discover the truth. She had manipulated her own mind to assume that he would kill her child if he knew.

She took it as far as refusing to go the hospital when she gave birth, instead inviting a girl who had delivered children before into the darkness of the little nook that she called home. However, there had been complicated during the birth that resulted in the death of Yvonne. Unable to do anything else, the nurse called the authorities and left them to handle the situation.

After some research, they discovered that her next of kin was a man named James who lived In England. The process of sending the infant to him would take some time to finalize, as the kid was born in Greece and without a mother. She received no name in the time that it took for her to been sent to England. Three years old and full of spirit, the pale child of Yvonne finally arrived.

James, a man who was absolutely insane, named her Nina Khoas. Nina was the name of Yvonne’s mother and Khaos was to signify her entrance into the world. With a middle name like that, James raised her to fulfill her namesake. She grew up to be just as quirky and insane as her uncle and showered her abilities to wield magic by the age of ten.

James was thrilled and surprised, due to the fact that her mother had been born a squib. Instead of allowing her to join Hogwarts, he instead had a man come to their home and educate her that way as he had zero trust for the schooling system and people at Hogwarts.

At the age of thirteen, Nina refused to study any longer unless she was put into Hogwarts. Unwillingly, James allowed it and Nina started school off on a rough start. She would constantly break rules and cost anyone around her their freedom. She spent most of her time in detention and lost any chance of making friends in the few short years she had attended. In sixth year, Nina dropped out of school and never returned.

After dropping out, she attempted had attempted to take her own life and was admitted to Mungo’s until they diagnosed her as a person with severe mental illness. She was kept as a patient on the floor for nearly four years until they released her when she finally had a proper and rigid schedule of medications, potions to calm her nerves and ideas to find a proper job so that she could be reintroduced back into society.

Now nineteen and just as chaotic and destructive as before, she has been set free and has begun to steal and fight in the streets of England, unable to be stopped by anyone and living for free with her elderly uncle, James with zero intention to take any medication or potions.

Nina is a spirited but severely ill minded individual. She is completely insane and has little aim in life other than to make it hell for everyone else around her. She loves destruction and lives for watching things go badly. She finds everything far too amusing and always cracks jokes at inappropriate times. Nina refuses to ever feel sadness and replaces this with an upbeat facade that she always keeps in place for protection.


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