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novita sriyata
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Status Alive
Handedness Left
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual
Relationship Single
Nationality Indonesian
Speaks English
Species Light nymph Dhampir
Blood Status Half-nymph
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'4"
Model Niki Zefanya

Being 5'4", you can often find Nova in heels that probably don't follow the Hogwarts school dress code, not like she cares. She has long dark hair, her favorite thing about her appearance, and her face seems to be set in a permanent scowl, like she's stuck in a perpetual state of annoyance. She's very particular about what she wears and wouldn't be caught dead in something "unfashionable". She's very skilled at applying make-up, and prides herself on being able to perfectly wing her eyeliner without fail every single time.
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Nova was born to a light nymph mother and a wizard father. She was the middle in a family of five children, but never quite suffered from middle child syndrome considering she was an absolute prodigy growing up. Her first sign of magic came as early as four-years-old, as her entire body used to glow whenever she needed something from her parents. This pleased her mother, Annisa, immensely. Obsessed with the idea of having such a powerful daughter, Annisa began training her immediately and neglected her other children. Nova was the obvious favorite and she always got what she wanted; it was continuously drilled into her head that she was the best and that she had powerful abilities like no other before her.

Things kind of got to her head and she started abusing these powers. She had fun "torturing" her siblings by doing small things like temporarily blinding them or using her light nymph powers to set off small explosions or give them slight burns. Her father was concerned about this behavior, but her mother only encouraged it, reasoning that Nova needed an outlet for her talents and that everything was only being done for fun anyway. This resulted in a rift between Nova and the rest of her siblings, not that she cared very much. As long as she was mama's favorite, nothing else mattered.

At the age of eleven, she received her Hogwarts letter and began her education there. She was sorted into ______ and quickly established herself as one of the it-girls in her year. As a light nymph, she loved the attention. As time went on, she ended up joining her house's Quidditch team as seeker, drawing energy from the sun every game – she was unbeatable and this only added to her stellar reputation. She'd use her light nymph powers to her advantage as well in her classes, maintaining above average grades. However, as time progressed this popularity got to her head and she ended up becoming rather mean to her fellow students. She wanted to make it clear that nobody could cross her, that she was too powerful for them to even try.

While Nova had many 'friends' at Hogwarts, she only had a few that she considered real ones. There was Az Cagan in the year below her, a little brother figure she grew attached to after playing on the team together. The other was Bunny Copeland, a girl in her year who was her go-to partner for everything. However, she suffered a huge falling out with the latter at fifteen. Bunny started having feelings for this girl who Nova found... less than worthy of her affection. Jealous and unwilling to share her best friend with someone who Nova was sure wasn't good for her, Nova jumped at the chance to get her out of the possible relationship when Bunny's extremely conservative parents asked her if she knew anything about Bunny's relationship with the girl. Nova, convinced she was doing the right thing, ended up outing Bunny in the process. The two of them haven't talked since.

Nova returned to Hogwarts for her sixth year with an even more sour attitude, having lost a best friend and unwilling to take shit from anyone. She dove into Quidditch and into her training as a light nymph, and eventually her arrogance was her downfall. Over Christmas break of sixth year, her parents asked her to go with them to pick up something in Knockturn Alley. Feeling overconfident, she decided to venture there by herself and was attacked by a vampire in a dark passageway. She was able to use the last bit of her powers to prevent the full transition process – she was injected with the vampire's venom but didn't drink any vampire blood. She was left for dead in the alley for nine hours before finally being found by some aurors on patrol, and was brought to St. Mungo's. However, the venom had spread and her transition to dhampir was complete.

She lost all her light nymph powers in the process. Deeply ashamed, she refused to return to Hogwarts and isolated herself at home. She was no longer the favorite and her siblings, after years of ridicule, all ganged up on her as they celebrated her downfall. It doesn't help that dhampirs don't mix well with light, either. She lost her passion for Quidditch even if it was her dream to play pro because being out in the sun was bothersome, and she spent her days obsessing over how to reverse the transition to no avail. Her mother eventually found a new favorite in her younger sister, Mentari, and Nova got so jealous at the feeling of being replaced that every night she would sneak into Mentari's room and bite her wrist until the fourteen-year-old developed an addiction to vampire venom. She kept this up for a month before stopping completely, and her sister underwent withdrawal symptoms that put her training on pause. Her family doesn't know to this day.

Nova never returned for the rest of her sixth year, but eventually completed what was left of the syllabus over the summer with the help of Kwikspell tutoring. Now, she's returning to Hogwarts for her seventh year, unsure of how she's going to navigate her last year at Hogwarts with her new condition.
Nova must always be the center of attention, or she will die from the lack of praise. Ever since she was younger, she never coped well with having to share the spotlight. She's a total show-off; when it was someone else's turn to receive praise she'd butt in and do something more impressive. Her entire personality growing up revolved around being the favorite child, and this carried over to her time in Hogwarts. Despite this popularity, Nova has the tendency to be rather mean, and often finds fun in terrorizing other students (mostly just to show off her powers) or talking about people behind their backs.

The fact that the attention she seeks is always given to her has done nothing to help her ego, either. Nova is extremely arrogant and never backs down from a challenge at the risk of having to admit she can't do something. Her pride is her ultimate downfall – she is too headstrong and stubborn, and it is hard to convince her out of something once her mind is set. She will obsess over something until she has managed to best it because she will never let something get the better of her.

As of late though, Nova's fiery spirit has been a bit... dulled. After her transition to a dhampir, she has found herself at a bit of an impasse where everything she was once passionate about are now things she can no longer do. Her dream was to do professional Quidditch but she can no longer be in the sun without irritating consequences, she used to love showing off her light nymph powers but they've all been lost... This had led her to become reckless and hedonistic in her actions. She's extremely unmotivated nowadays and doesn't quite see the point in trying anything anymore.

Despite this onslaught of negative traits, it can be said though that one thing admirable about Nova is her fighting spirit. She is brave and daring and would sooner die than be called a coward.
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Boggart The vampire that turned her
Amortentia Fresh air
Patronus Can't cast one; doesn't have any happy memories or a wand
Wand Can't have one
Interests Quidditch, duelling, ?????
Pet Peeve People who are irrationally nice
Habits Smoking
Star Sign Scorpio
Dreams/Goals Reverse the vampirism
Color Neon Purple
Song Nicki's verse in Monster
Show The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Movie Friday the 13th or Clueless
Book American Gods
Food Steak
Drink ...blood?

*Nova was vegan before she was turned so she finds the process of feeding disgusting.
*She used to be seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team.
*Her first boyfriend was Chad Schloenfield.
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