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Nuala McDermot
Birthdate August 29th 2015
Birth Place Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Hometown Ballinrobe, County Mayo, Ireland
Accent Irish
Heritage Irish/Nigerian
Bloodline Muggle-born
Family McDermot, Martins
Wand Arm Left
Wand Length 7⅓"
Wand Wood Dogwood
Wand Core Unicorn hair
Boggart Paralysis
Patronus Irish Hare
Amortentia Bread fried in bacon fat, Irish Seafood Chowder, Spiced Beef
Hecate Grimm

Nuala McDermot - Gryffindor Alumna
Send Me an Owl! - “The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.”
“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”

Vital Information

Nuala McDermot is a Muggle-born witch of Irish and Nigerian descent. She is the daughter of the late Ginika Martins and Turlough McDermot.

Full Name: Nuala Siobahn McDermot
Meaning of name: Nuala (NOO·la) — Diminutive form of Fionnuala, meaning "fair shoulder"
Siobahn (shiv·ON) — Feminine equivalent of John, meaning "God is gracious"
Nickname: Nunu (her siblings), Lala (random people who cannot pronounce Nuala)
Birthdate: August 29th
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Type of childhood: Depressing, but she managed to be happy
First memory: Realizing she was "technically" an orphan
Most important childhood event: Being kept out of an orphanage, and being raised by family
Why: Nuala has been in the care of siblings since she was born

Life Before Hogwarts

Do you really think I look like her?

– Nuala McDermot

You look the most like her. Even more when you smile.

– Sinead McDermot

Her sisters told her stories about their mother, and her brothers told her stories about their father. She does not remember her parents, she wants to have stories of her own. She can make believe all she wants, but it always feels like she is lying to herself. She thinks she has a few memories of each of parent, some of her mother's face, her eyes mostly, and a memory or two of the smell of her father's favorite cologne. Nothing she can remember is she sure is her own memory. Everything she knows is something she heard from one of her siblings. She knows that Lorcan likes to use a little bit of the same cologne, she has always known that smell, earthy woody, aromatic. It is a warm spicy smell that makes her feel sort of happy. She knows that she, and her sister's have her mother's eyes. She can see them staring back at her whenever she looks in the mirror.

It was not something she meant to do, at least that was what she told Sinead when she was asked. She was so overwhelmed with emotion trying to tell the difference between Sinead's face, Maeve's face and her own. How would she ever know if those eyes staring at her were her mother's? She was so frustrated, so annoyed and jealous. She balled her little fists and jumped down from the lid of toilet tired of staring at the face they all shared. The face of the mother she never got to know. She let out a grunt, as she landed she heard a crack. She looked up to see that mirror was broken. She never touched it, but it looked a lot like one of her little fists were the cause of the damage. Nuala looked down at her hands to make sure, and saw nothing. She slipped out of the bathroom hoping to ignore it, too bad for her Lorcan was not willing to do the same. It came as a great shock to them that Nuala was a witch. Not one of her siblings had magic, if they did they sure were not using it.

When they learned the truth about a lot of the unexplained incidents all connected to Nuala from an unexpected visitor it came as a great shock to them that Nuala was a witch. It would not change the fact that she was still their little sister, and they were going to whatever they had to do to support her. As far as she knew not one of her siblings had magic, and if they did they sure were not using it.

Gryffindor Crest (Gif)


Nuala was Sorted into Gryffindor house, she was over the moon, it is the same house one of her only friends at Hogwarts is in. She is not sure she belongs there yet, but she felt like she would be welcome with open arms. Nuala started at Hogwarts in her third year, her magic did not present itself until she was about thirteen. She was not around for the traditional first or second years of school. She missed out on the crucial introduction to magic because of which she often does not take it as seriously as she should. She has had to do a lot of hard work to make up for that lost time, and there at moments when she thinks magic is not something she will ever master. She is slow to learn, which is the opposite when it comes to dance. She gets the gist of most spells, but has trouble fully understanding the more complex jinxes, and hexes.

During her third year Nuala was lucky enough to attend the Yule Ball. She did not have a date, and she did not need one. She went with a friend. She should have gone home to spend the holidays with her brothers and sisters, it was tradition. After a few letters back and forth, the most important one coming from her oldest brother Lorcan, she was convinced to stay at Hogwarts.

Pleasantly surprised by an early Christmas gift from the family, they paid for a shopping spree in Hogsmeade before the ball. Together Nuala and her friend Nadira picked out matching sequin style gowns from Madame Malkin's. Nuala chose a glittery gold, while her friend Nadira chose a shiny sliver. They bought too many accessories, and more than one pair of shoes each at The Glass Slipper. After a long day treating themselves they had Butterbeer and Cauldron Cakes at The Three Broomsticks. The shopping trip was a little bit more fun than the ball. Nuala met the younger brother of her teammate Peter Summers when she was in Herbology. She was growing oddly shaped carrots. After class was over she offered one to him, he took it and they have been incredibly close ever since.

Another Christmas brought another surprise during her sixth year. Jarryd proposed to her, she said yes. Things were looking pretty good until a blonde girl came along and sort of shattered her world. As if being shot were not the worst thing to happen to her nearly having her fiancé stolen from her right in front of her face was pretty devastating. She even went so far as to punch Jarryd in the head to break the spell the girl had over him. She has not forgiven him for what happened and she probably never will. She has had a difficult time trusting him, but she still has not been able to let him go. She tried to break up with him but she could not actually get those words to come out of her mouth, it was too difficult to end something that meant so much to her over something that was partly her fault.


She earned a spot on the QGT as starting Chaser during her fourth year. She fell into a rhythm with her fellow Team Gryffindor chasers; Lydia Constantinou, and Arthur Attaway pretty quickly. She even developed a rapport with her teammate from the Reserve team; Peter Summers as well. Game One ended picture perfectly. Thanks to the team, their beaters Malia Sakellarios, and Mason Brown, and their chaser play combined she was able to score a whopping fifty points for Gryffindor in her first game ever. Not to mention how the team rallied together to take home the first win of the season.
Gryffindor™ Quidditch™ Badge
Mission: Squad Goals. Achievement Unlocked! Game Two did not end as well for the GQT. At least not anything like she would have ever imagined. She did score approximately forty points in the match, but she is sure no one cares since they lost to Hufflepuff. That, and the Captain lost control of his broom. He made contact with the ground below. Game Three was a $#^%storm. The GQT were in poor form. She knew everyone was going to blame Peter for his foul on the Head Boy at the time Owen Connor, but, that was not his fault. Peter earned the opening points of the game, he set the tone, a standard for that final game that the rest of Team Gryffindor failed to live up to. The loss made the dismal thirty points she scored that match meaningless.

Gryffindor received barely any points towards the Cup after the final. They came in 3rd beating out Hufflepuff in 4th by over one hundred and thirty points Not only did they lose to Ravenclaw, they fell behind Slytherin by a measly forty points. Except for Jarryd, fourth year was a bust.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ; Gryffindor
Higher education: O.W.L. Results
Charms — E
Transfiguration — A
Herbology — O
Defense Against the Dark Arts — E
Potions — O
Care of Magical Creatures — A
Astronomy — E
History of Magic — A
Muggle Studies — O
N.E.W.T. Results
Charms — E
Transfiguration — E
Herbology — O
Defense Against the Dark Arts — E
Potions — O
Care of Magical Creatures — A
Astronomy — A
History of Magic — A
Apparition — E

Talents (hidden or not): Potions
Extremely skilled at: Herbology
Extremely unskilled at: Defensive Magic
Good characteristics: Perky, Loving
Character flaws: Insomnia - She tries not to sleep constantly afraid something terrible will happen while she does

Color: Bright colors, neon yellow, blue, and pink
Food: Boiled pigs' feet, Nettle Soup, Potato Oat Cakes
Music: All styles
Clothing style/Outfit: She likes to standout
Literature: Romance, Metafiction
Expressions: “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.”
Quote: “Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid.”

Recent developments: Nuala and Jarryd were shot by a crazed madman at Borgin and Burkes the summer following their fourth year.


Exuberant - Devoted, Prudent, Neurotic, Overwrought

Nuala is playful, she loves nothing more (her family excluded) than she loves to have fun. She is disturbingly affectionate, and frustratingly kind. She likes to laugh, and she is always smiling. Nuala is a dancer, she finds rhythm in everything, she loves to keep on m o v i n g, and she hates to be still. She is constantly worried something terrible will happen to one of her siblings, or her friends. She tries not to let darkness take her down. She does not pretend that she has not experienced irreplaceable loss, she knows that now she can see the bright spots a little brighter, and the dark spots a little darker because of it.

Mannerisms: Smiles a lot, talks with her hands
Peculiarities: Hypnophobia - Fear of Sleep (or of being hypnotized)
Worst bad habit: She can break almost anything "by accident"
Quirks: Is an incessant fidgeter and is always touching her face or head
Pet Peeves: She hates to be given nicknames based on her height ; Pint-size, Pipsqueak, Short-stack, Small Fry, Tiny


Misty Colepland

Nuala has a round shaped face beautiful rich creamy skin, and a light milky complexion. She has long, dark hair, and big brown eyes. She has a cute, tiny, nose, a little bit wide it sits adorably proportionate to the size of her lips. Nuala takes after her mother, but she does share a few select features with her father as well.


Family Member Relationship with them
Mother Ginika was Nuala's mother. Nuala does not remember much about her. All that she knows is that she looks the most like her.
Father Turlough was Nuala's father. He did not look much like her, but for some reason she thinks she can remember him more than her mother.
Eldest Brother Lorcan has become like a second father to her since he and Sinead became legal guardians.
Eldest Sister Sinead has become like a second mother to her since she and Lorcan became legal guardians.
Older Sister Maeve had a different relationship with Nuala before their parents died, she has been distant ever since.
Older Brother Ronan has been much closer to Nuala since their parents died, almost smothering her with attention.

Extended family:

Kellan Martins
Imani Martins née Savage
Sorley McDermot
Brenda McDermot née Rafferty
Arthur Tierney
Nichelle Tierney née Martins
Taileflaith Cahill née McDermot
Euan Cahill

Friend Relationship with them
Jarryd Summers Jarryd is the gorgeous younger brother of Peter, he and Nuala met in Herbology class (after Christmas) while growing vegetables. Following a successful first attempt, Nuala offered to share her carrots with Jarryd. Both found the magical edibles to be surprisingly carrot like, despite the fresh taste of dirt they also had to them. It was the beginning of the first romantic relationship for the both of them after admitting to the mutual crush they were harboring for on another.
Peter Summers Peter is the gorgeous older brother of Jarryd, he and Nuala met at the Gamekeeper's Hut. Having both gone there with similar intentions they left together to work on his beater skills. Both being a part of team Gryffindor she was happy to help, despite not knowing much about the Beater position. Needless to say, it was a learning experience for them both.
Millie Green Millie is a super smart, super sweet Hufflepuff Nuala was lucky enough to meet by the One-Eyed Witch statue. She might still be there if Millie had not been there too. Nuala adores Millie, and not just because she always wanted a little sister, she gets an infectious inspiration from Millie. To Nuala it is a secret power that no one else seems to have.
Nadira Shafiq Nadira is a girl Nuala's age from Slytherin. They met in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Nuala has a minuscule amount of knowledge in the subject but Nadira on the other hand absorbs it. Nuala is a little intimidated by Nadira, but she loves to hangout with her, she thinks they will be friends forever. (Sisters if they both marry one of the Mertens twins.)
Finn Mertens Finn is a boy Nuala's age from Beauxbâtons she met, danced with, and talked to all night long at the Yule Ball. Nuala thinks Finn is disgustingly cute, and it frustrated her that she could not talk about him without smiling. She can easily tell him apart from his twin brother, she sees them as two completely different people.
Honey Stevenson Honey is an older girl Nuala met while shopping in Hogsmeade with her brothers and sisters. Nuala thinks Honey is cool, she has a cool name and she likes a lot of the same things as Nuala. She was lucky enough to be in the same house as her when she started going to Hogwarts.


Most prized possession: Her mother's wedding earrings
Why: It is the only thing she has left to remember her parents by
Familiar/Pet: Arion (Persian cat)
Wand: Dogwood Unicorn hair


Spell Effect
First Year Spells
Expelliarmus Disarming Charm
Incendio Produces fire
Lumos Creates a small light on the wand's tip
Nox Counterspell to Lumos
Trip Jinx Causes the target to trip
Petrificus Totalus Bind the target's body in straight position
Inflatus Inflates objects
Herbifors A spell that makes flowers sprout out of the victim's head
Periculum Causes red sparks/flares to shoot from the user's wand
Locomotor Morits Locks Legs together
Second Year Spells
Flame-Freezing Charm Causes fire to become harmless
Herbivicus Makes non-magical flowers and plants bloom in an instant
Fumos Produces a cloud of dark grey smoke
Aguamenti Conjures water
Reparo Fixes broken things
Arania Exumai Knocks over or throws back animals
Lumos Solem Creates a bright light and hurts things which don't like sunlight
Third Year Spells
Accio Summons an item
Concealment Charm Conceals an object from the naked eye
Obliviate Removes memories
Bombarda Causes a small explosion
Salvio Hexia Provides protection against hexes
Rennervate Makes target conscious
Switching Spell Causes two objects to be swapped for one other
Fourth Year Spells
Horn-Growing Hex Makes the victim grow horns
Hair Loss Curse Causes the target to lose their hair
Supersensory Charm Heightens the target's senses
Reducto Reduces solid objects to smaller pieces
Lacarnum inflamari Sets clothing on fire
Arrow-shooting spell Fires arrows from the caster's wand
Ferula Creates a bandage or splint
Fifth Year Spells
Finger-removing Jinx Hexes a finger off
Disillusionment Charm Causes the target to become nearly invisible
Oblitus Targets and removes one memory, hiding its absence
Silencio Silences the target
Protego Horribilis Provides a shield against dark magic
Declino alica Absorbs spells. Similar to a Shield Charm, but the spell doesn't rebound
Expecto Patronum Creates a Patronus
Sixth Year Spells
Homorphus Charm Causes and animagus to assume its normal shape
Anti-Disapparation Jinx Cannot Apparate or Disapparate in area
Partis Temporus Creates a temporary gap through protective magical barriers
Undetectable Extension Charm Causes a container's interior capacity to be increased
Duro Makes the object hard as stone
Conjuctivitus Curse Causes great pain to the victim's eyes and vision
Protego Maxima Powerful shield charm against Dark magic
Seventh Year Spells