Olivia Fawley
Fifth Year Slytherin
Owned by: Lyss

Full Name: Olivia Michelle Fawley
Born: October 22, 2022
Age: 15
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: British

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: British
Birthplace: London, England
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English

Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Wand Wood: Hazel
Wand Core: Phoenix Feather
Wand Length: 10 ¾ inches
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Unknown
Boggart: Unknown

Schooling: Hogwarts
House: Slytherin
Year: Fifth
Year Joined: First

Johnathon came from the well known, Pure-blood Fawley family and Melinda came from an even more well known, Pure-Blood family, the Malfoys. The two families introduced these two to each other as very young children, fully with the intent that they would eventually get married. While the act of arranged marriages had become less prominent, these two families still had desire to try and keep their lineage pure, not really out of hate and prejudice, but just for the reputation. So, John and Melinda started to get to know each other the best they could. They didn't get along all the time, but, overall, the pairing worked out to be a pretty decent match. The two moved through life as friends, then eventually, truly fell in love with each other. About a year after graduating from Hogwarts, the two were wed in rather large ceremony at the Malfoy's manor. Another year later and they were ready to welcome their first child into the world.

On October 22, the Fawley's brought home their first child, Olivia. She took on the physical traits of her mother's family, born with a head full of blonde hair and bright, blue-green eyes. From the moment her parents walked through the door with her, she was treated like a princess. She could never do wrong in the eyes of her parents and was showered with more gifts than most people would get in a lifetime. She grew to expect to praised and handed whatever she wanted. Unfortunately, just after her third birthday, she encountered a roadblock in her quest of riches. A baby brother.

At three years old, the last thing Olivia wanted was something that would take her parents attention away from her. However, her father believed that he needed a son in order to carry on the Fawley name, so her parents started trying for another child. Luckily for Olivia, they got pregnant with a son on the first try, so she only had to share the attention with one other child. On December 7, 2025, Olivia met her little brother, Alexander. At first, she despised him. She begged her mother to take him back, but that didn't work out well for her. After what seemed like years of pouting and ignoring her brother, she eventually started to warm up to him. She still got most everything she wanted, bar her parents' undivided attention, so this little party crasher couldn't be so bad. After awhile, she saw him as an opportunity to work their parents for even more. If there were two people asking for something, it was much more likely to happen. So, the two formed an adorable, yet dangerous team and started to become much more close.

Olivia's first sign of magic came just before she turned seven. The family nanny had been watching her and Alexander, like she did most days while the Fawley parents were busy. The nanny wasn't always has keen to give the kids everything they wanted, nor did she always have the means. On this day, Olivia had gotten it into her mind that she wanted a pony. When the nanny told her it wasn't possible at the moment, Olivia spiraled into a rather large fit for a six year old. As she screamed, the windows in their manor's entry way shattered one by one. As the fit continued, more and more objects began to break. Thankfully, Jonathan and Melinda came home in time to calm their daughter from her first magical fit and kindly paid the nanny a little extra for her trouble.

As she grew older, Olivia's more bratty side started to fade. She become much more tolerable person that didn't throw fits when every single thing didn't go her way. Though, she still, very often, could act very entitled and had no problem through her family's name around in order to try to prove her worth.

After she turned eleven, she was off to Hogwarts, along with several of her cousins. Her family did what they could to make a presence while at school so they were usually noticed when they walked into a room. Now in her fifth year, Olivia has found her place in the school and has made it a habit of jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend. She has high goals fer her next few years at school and aims to make her family proud.

Growing up the way she did, Olivia has developed a very entitled nature. She thinks she deserves whatever she wants and shouldn't really have to work for it. She expects boys to fall for her, both because she knows she's pretty, but also just because of her family's status in the world. She puts minimal effort into her schoolwork, generally thinking it's beneath her and that she should just be given decent grades regardless.

born Again, because of how she was raised, she can very often be quite an airhead. She has the full capabilities to be a smart girl, but she's never really had a need to. When you're given everything you want without effort, there's really no need to think much. Because of this, she can be easily confused and can quite frustrated in any sort of intelligent conversation.

Though she is most often an entitled, airhead, once she decides she likes you, she can actually be a decent person to be around. She treats her friends well and will be kind to those she likes. If she doesn't like you or doesn't think someone meets her standards, she will either fully ignore them, or treat them like garbage.

Model: AnnaSophia Robb
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 5'2
Weight: 90 lbs


Father: Johnathon Fawley
Mother: Melinda Fawley
Siblings: Alexander Fawley
Spouse: None
Children: None

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