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Orion Tulen
Anastasia Tulen† (mother)
Johnathan Tulen (father)
Blood Status


Orion has grown into a tall lean man, with piercing blue eyes. He has dark, wavy hair, that seems to grow where it wants. He often wears dark clothing items, usually dark reds and blues, to complement the blacks.

Orion Tulen was born in England to Anastasia and Johnathan Tulen on July 24th, 2004. He grew up surrounded by magic, often playing around with minor spells, with his parents' permission. They often took him places; his father taking Orion to the Quidditch pitch a lot, as he was a seeker on the England National Quidditch team. His mother, on the other hand, taught him gardening and horseback riding skills, while his father was away.

Orion has always been mischievous, but not always out going. He received his Hogwarts letter the summer of 2015, and on that September, was sorted into Gryffindor house. Orion was not surrounded by other kids growing up, so he lacked social skills. He was mischievous however, often getting into trouble, and almost getting killed during an adventure on the grounds once. He eventually made a few friends, which he has since lost contact with.

In 2018, Orion's mother was murdered and father abandoned him. The loss of both of his parents in a short time frame made him depressed, as well as unpredictable and dangerous. During the 2018-2019 school year, he accidentally killed a peer in a fit of rage. He ran from the Ministry, forcing them to put a halt on his trial.

He ran away from England, wandering Europe for 2 years. After much thought, he decided to return to England, and was accepted back into Hogwarts. During his remaining years, he kept to himself and graduated. He decided to wander around again, due to people not wanting to hire a "child murderer". On his occasional visits back to England, he always headed to Diagon Alley, but left soon after.

Orion eventually landed a job at the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic as a Dark Wizard Consultant, after much deliberation from the Ministry's part. During this time, he researched, in depth, the psychology and technique of centuries of serial killers, as well as known dark wizards. He experimented with a new technique, or spell, on a specially selected victim, once every six months, as to not receive any attention. After eight years of work experience, he decided it was time for a change of scenery, and return to England permanently.

Orion is often quiet, analyzing behaviors and processes in his own head. He is attracted to dangerous situations, and is known to throw himself into action, not being the kind of person to sit behind a desk. During crisis situations, he is unusually calm. Orion also has a quick grasp of details, allowing him to make quick and effective decisions. However, when he is alone, he is able to sort through his thoughts more fluidly. Orion is also not a fan of societal norms, preferring his own personal guidelines, but he puts on a show of normalcy when around other human beings.


friends, acquaintances and enemies


Wand: 7" Elder, Phoenix Feather

Patronus: Bear

Handedness Right
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Heterosexual
Relationship Status Single
Pets None
Favourite Songs Control by Halsey
Favourite Colours Crimson Red
Favourite Sweet
Most Treasured Possession
Where to Find Them


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