Name Pronunciation Guide
Osian osh-AN
Llewellyn hluu-ELL-yn
"My name is Oz, pronounced AHZ.
And you English can pronounce
Llewellyn loo-EL-un, it's fine,
I don't care."
Roleplayed by R.A.B.-Sig
Oz Llewellyn
Age 19
Occupation Hogwarts graduate
Osian Llŷr Llewellyn is a muggle-born wizard, a Slytherin graduate, and currently drifting.

Osian was born on January 2. His conception had been almost perfectly timed; his mother wanted him to be born into a new year. A clean slate and a fresh start. Their first child, Seren, has died five years before Osian was born.

Seren Llewellyn was born a beautiful, healthy little girl, much loved by her parents. That was that and all was well until she was 4, when she fell horribly sick. Seren survived, but her eyesight did not. But she was alive, and healthy. She went to a school for the blind a few years later when she was of primary school age. She did very well there. Outside school Seren did well to, and even started learning to play the piano, which she was quite gifted at for her age, and a little violin too. The Llewellyns' house was right across for a park, and Seren was allowed to go over there are play by herself. They always told her to listen for cars before crossing the street. But hybrids cars are so silent…

And then, five years later, when his parents thought they were "ready to have a kid again", Osian was born.

At first, his parents made an effort to try to let Osian be Osian, but it was no use. Take piano, for instance. Osian has been taking piano lessons for as long as he can remember. There's a piano at home. And on one end are the crooked letter that a 4-year-old scratched into the wood: S-E-R-E-N. Osian isn't bad at it, but he mother insisted that he's talented, when he's not particularly. In another life, he might ever have liked piano. But now he'll never be able to think of it as anything else than something his mother forced him to do for years because of his sister.

At school, things weren't much better. When he got mad, weird things would happen. This caused his classmates to fear him slightly, and pick on him more than slightly. He had people who he could hang around with at school, but none of them were exactly what you'd call friends.

And when he turned 11, a Ministry worker came, bearing a letter and explanation. Osian was ecstatic — not even so much about the magic, but the chance to get away from his parents and out from under the shadow of Seren.

At Hogwarts, he was thrown into a group with his new classmates, Kea, Niall, Ivy, Demetria, Kimberly, Carmen, Cloud, and Thomas. Then just as quickly sorted into their houses, Osian — or Oz, as he told everyone at Hogwarts his name was — was sorted into Slytherin, with Demetria.

After Oz left for Hogwarts, things back home changed. At first they got better, but then they got worse. And after years of almost nothing but work and sleep, Rhys woke up. He got his own apartment and moved out just before Osian came home for the summer between second and third year.

During the summer between second and third year, Osian lived with his grandmother Blodwen. Things were messy, and his parents were trying to work things out.

He stayed at Hogwarts for Christmas in third year. But by the time he went home for the summer between third and fourth year, they had stopped trying to work it out and they were divorced. Carys got weekdays with Osian, and Rhys got the weekends. Osian hated the weekdays. At best there's be ridged standoffs, and worst he'd throw fits and have magical explosions like he was 8 again. Blodwen stepped in again. She said that Carys and Rhys were both adjusting to the divorce and that neither of them in a position to a full-time parent to Osian. They fell into a pattern of Osian living with Blodwen and seeing each parent on alternating weekends.

Without a husband or child, the semblance of life as it had been when Seren was alive shattered, and Carys fell apart. She turned to alcohol, and the painkillers in the medicine cabinet. She kept a façade up for a bit, but it eventually fell and Rhys found out. He used this is open Osian's custody again, and this time got full custody.

When Osian came home for Christmas in fourth year, it was to his fathers apartment, home to Rhys, his new girlfriend Lowri, and a room set aside for Osian.

He was only home for Christmas for a few weeks. But the summer, the summer after his fourth year, was when everything really changed. Lowri — he refuses to call her anything but Lowri, but he likes her. And then there's her baby, Ffion, who was born that summer. Ffion isn't actually Osian's sister or half-sister, but he waited in the hospital all night when she was born. And he has to admin that she's really cute. And this father — Osian's father was always a blank in his life. Not a gap or hole, because he was there, but a blank, because he never did anything and they rarely spoke. But at age 15 Osian actually came to know his father.

After graduating Hogwarts, at the urging of his muggle father, Osian went on to university. He first had to take basic science classes, to make up for what he hadn't learned because he'd been at Hogwarts. Once he has a solid foundation, he will try for the Royal Veterinary College.

Nationality Welsh
Native Language English and Welsh
Languages Spoken English and Welsh
Accent Northern Welsh
Birthplace Conwy, Wales
Birthday January 2
Race Wizard
Blood Status Muggle-born
Virtues Observant, enduring
Vices Stubborn, prideful, sensitive
Wand Holly, and unicorn hair, 13 inches
Patronus Ostrich
Boggart Quitting
Amortentia Grass, bleach, tea

Oz has never liked rules. Stubborn and argumentative by nature, he is extremely prone to reverse psychology — defying people and pushing back just because.

He struggles with his own feeling of inadequacy, but that does not mean that anyone else ever allowed to imply that he is inadequate.

If you don't try, you don't really care, you can't really fail. He's been using this logic for as long as he can remember, to let himself off the hook. And now he's trying to stop. He's trying to try. He's trying to stop claiming he doesn't care. It's time; he has to. But that's not easy either.

When Oz was younger, he was tall for his age, but he stopped growing around 15, and since then has become of average height.

He has one scar across the back of his right wrist, starting at the end of his hand and trailing to the begining of his arm. He likes that scar — he likes the idea of having scarred hands from doing serious work. But he only has one, and it's faint at that.

Hair Brown
Skin Fair
Eyes Blue
Stature Average
Wand Arm Right
Dress Casual muggle clothes
Job Shop worker
Career Veterinarian
Interests Owls, randomness, camping, gossip more than he'd ever admit

Historically, Oz never had any particular interests or talents; he lingered with Metria in disinterest, partly feigned and partly real. But in the last few years, he has found a obsession, coming with all the love and hatred obsessions always do: strigine medicine. That is, being an owl vet. His own dear owl, Elbow, he's had since he was a first year, but for a long time he didn't take it any further than that. But once the idea did get implanted in his mind, it hasn't left him alone.

  • He has a surprisingly decent singing voice.
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